iPhone: Who's the real manufacturer? (It isn't Apple)

Who makes the iPhone? If you answered 'Apple', you're wrong. The iPhone is a global effort. Tens of thousands of people at more than 30 companies on 3 continents work together to make Apple's first phone possible.

Apple, of course, designs the product, and also created the single most important 'component' – the software that gives the iPhone its unique personality.

iPhone launch But, while Apple gets the credit, behind the scenes there are a host of other players, each of which has to build and deliver complex parts on schedule to make the iPhone possible.

Some of them are well known names, like US-based Intel, which supplies the NOR flash chips which hold the iPhone's updatable system software; and Korea's Samsung, which makes the video processor IC. Two famous names from consumer electronics, Japan's Sharp and Sanyo Epson, are among the suppliers of the phone's bright 3.5-inch display.

Unknown suppliers

Then there are the unknowns, each of which plays a small but vital role. Ever heard of Balda AG? Chinese factories owned by this German firm make the touch sensitive modules which are fixed onto the iPhone's LCD to make its innovative multi-touch control possible. It's also Balda's technology which allowed Apple to switch to a tough scratch-resistant glass screen, to avoid the complaints over scratching that tainted the iPod Nano launch.

Another low profile firm, the UK's Cambridge Silicon Radio (CSR), is the creator of the iPhone's Bluetooth module, in a deal that reportedly earns the integrated circuit design house $1.20 for each iPhone made.

You might have heard of the companies behind a few of the other iPhone chips – if you've ever wrestled with network driver installation on a PC. Marvell designs the WiFi chip, for example. Broadcom, best known for its networking chips, is the company behind the specialized interface chip that interprets the movement of your fingers on the multitouch screen.

While these chips are designed in Europe or the US, most of them aren't made there. Instead they are rolling off production lines in Asia, from companies like Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co (TSMC), undoubtedly the world's biggest unknown chip maker, or its slightly smaller rival, United Microelectronic Corp (UMC) – both companies are based in Taiwan.

The distinctive aluminum and stainless steel iPhone case is also made by a Taiwanese firm, Catcher Technology, according to analysts in Taiwan.

Final assembly mystery

No matter where the iPhone's myriad components are made, they all end up in one place: the factories of a lead contractor whose identity is now something of a mystery. Apple's iPod manufacturing partner, Taiwan's Foxconn, was long rumored to be the company that assembled the hundreds of components into a sleek iPhone. However, Foxconn's CEO recently surprised investors by telling them that these reports were incorrect, according to Reuters. Another likely Taiwanese candidate, Quanta, is rumored to be working on the iPhone, but only on the next generation, so-called 'iPhone 2.0'.

Analysts in Foxconn's home base of Taipei however, still confidently list Foxconn International Holdings as the iPhone's assembler, despite the company CEO's apparent denial. Whoever the assembler is, it is there that the chips are planted onto printed circuit boards supplied by Taiwan's Unimicron Technology Corp. Then all the components are fitted into the metal and plastic case to make a completed iPhone, ready for shipment to the US.

A second 3G iPhone?

During recent months, sources at a few of the component manufacturers named in this article have told regional media that Apple appears to be working on two different iPhone designs. The key feature attributed to 'iPhone 2.0' is 3G, as well as the GSM standard supported by the original iPhone. At least one of the smaller components suppliers has reportedly already delivered parts for this forthcoming product.

iPhone Primary Contractors  - a partial list
Software and design Apple USA
Assembly Foxconn?, Quanta, Unknown Taiwan
TFT-LCD Screen Sanyo Epson, Sharp, TMD Japan
Video processor chip Samsung Korea
Touch screen overlay Balda Germany
Bluetooth chip Cambridge Silicon Radio UK
Chip manufacture TSMC, UMC Taiwan
Baseband IC Infineon Technology Germany
WIFI Chip  Marvell USA
Touch screen control chip Broadcom USA
CMOS chip Micron USA
NOR Flash ICs Intel, SST USA
Display Driver chip National Semi, Novatek US, TW
Case, Mechanical parts Catcher, Foxconn Tech Taiwan
Camera lens Largan Precision Taiwan
Camera module Altus-Tech, Primax, Lite On Taiwan
Battery Charger Delta Electronics Taiwan
Timing Crystal TXC Taiwan
Passive components Cyntec Taiwan
Connector and cables Cheng Uei, Entery Taiwan

Note: This article is based on information supplied by KGI Securities, CLSA Asia-Pacific, published media reports, and other sources in Asia.

Update June 30: Some of the first iPhones sold have been dismantled, and more information about components is emerging. For example, iFixit identifies Samsung as the manufacturer of the main NAND flash chips, and SkyWorks as the designer of the mobile radio amplifier. Think Secret has also carried out an iPhone teardown - in the linked photo the large chip at the bottom of the shot is the Samsung flash chip.

Apples specialised brand of

Apples specialised brand of marketing BS FTW
That's what makes the real money

You realize that this

You realize that this article is probably not intended to make Apple look like it's lying by saying it's just Apple... because then it would be something like the Apple-Sharp-Samsung ect... iPhone. And of coarse I hope you don't get the idea that Apple is the only manufacturer who builds their products out of other companies chips, Because dell does it, IBM does it, heck, my Dodge has something near the motor that says Ford on it????

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Sorry, but that isn't

Sorry, but that isn't possible!! (Assembled in China, it says on the package)

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Hello, I recently bought 2 brand new authentic apple iphones(8gb&16gb 3GS) from the above website, eventhough both were advertised in the "Used apple iphones" section I found them brand new just open box so by law they can't sell it as new. Both sellers(local) delivered them to my door and I was really amazed how new(unused and perfectly kept) they were!! one locked and the other even unlocked.

So here are some iphone buying tips if buying from Craigslist:-

1-Craigslist is the BEST place to buy and resell(just make sure that it's your local CL section so that you will save with shopping.

 -Always call sellers on their cell phones(if provided)

-Don't worry about sellers ads saying they won't deliver, most of them DO deliver they just want to make sure you are a genuine buyer(Best way is to give him/her a phone call) always go person to person= best trust.

-When you ask if they can deliver always offer an alternative(e.g. ...if you are not comfortable with comming to my house can you please mention any public place that we can meet?..) he/she may offer to come to you since now he can trust you as a safe person to do biz with).

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Apple Iphones / Texyt.com

I read your posting on texyt.com . I would like
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Dear Nawal, Can you please

Dear Nawal,
Can you please send the site which you ordered the iphone.

Bader Al-Lawati :)

Hi, from which seller you


from which seller you bought it?

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Please introduce yourselves

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If you paid with paypal u can get your money with in 30 days, i had that done to me too...

Putian,fujian,China is in

Putian,fujian,China is in south china and is known for scam and poor quality products

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Hi, are you still supplying

Hi, are you still supplying iphone4?

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hi can i have ur email i want to buy iphone 4's and a price


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RE: Send Me Information

RE: Send Me Information about your company.

I have big buyers.

The question is: Are you real supplier or just another wanna fraudulent supplier?

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I need 1000 Ipod Touch 4th gen 8gb. What price can you offer me?
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What do you consider bulk?

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Apple Ipads 3G WIFI 32GB & 64GB

Hi are you local in the Phoenix area? I see by your phone #..Not sure what do to but I have been just a buyer on Ebay for a few years. Made a huge mistake last week spent over 1K buying apple Ipads through a china supplier paid over 2K through western union and was a victim of scam, I put 4 ad's on Ebay for 4 32GB 3G WIfi on Ebay cause I thought I was going to get these in the mail but ended up being a fraud. Then I found a guy on Ioffer.com named feidi1921 I purchased 4 of them so I can get these buyers from Ebay there items and he did accept Paypal, now it has been a week he wont contact me nor answer any of my emails so I filed a Paypal dispute but now I have these 4 buyers on Ebay who all paid me but since I was a victim of fraud I am out of money and cannot refund them back...any suggestions. I am so upset. I wonder if I should go to the local authorities. anyway contact me and let me know what you sell...Ginnyninaz@gmail.com

I offer bigg scamm and western union

ioffer.com is biggest scammers website ever i did same thing as u did had buyer
as well i had to file a charge back with my bank get payment back
and using western union is scamm to because u never get it back
lot of people say they have the iphones in stock no proofs of it even good friend of mine went to ebay got scammed as well he got fake iphone and ladies shows he order 2 units


This is not the place to be sourcing for anything. Do your research and beware of scammers. Make sure they have a long track record and use escrow whenever you make a large purchase. Always use escrows.

Iphone 4 16gb and 32gb

Can you please confirm availabilty of iphone 4, I require bulk order of 1000 16gb and 1000 32gb units.

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hilda. please call me. I

hilda. please call me. I am a seriously agressive buyer. If you are legit I would love to talk to you. call me. 818-437-3729

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saw your comment re bulk quantities of phones, please e-mail me your details to miked@networkm.co.uk

Hilda is a scammer. Google

Hilda is a scammer. Google her and you'll see she's full of shit. Hell, anyone offering 5k units weekly is full of shit.

Are they the orginal

Are they the orginal version? if so contact me on bunmi8939@hotmail.com

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I am also interested in

I am also interested in buying some iphones, can you please contact me?

I am interested in your

I am interested in your products, please contact me at jessefriedlander95@yahoo.com

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Hi I am after factory unlocked iPhone 4 either in 16or 32g capacities. I would like to purchase 10 pieces first then if all is successful and if you can give me a good price I I'll order larger quantities.

I have some questions for you in that case, I am a uk seller therefore need the phones to be fully functional. They need to be unlocked and also I prefer pay pal as my method of payment as I feel it's more secure also are they boxed pieces, original none of the china fake models.

Please get back to me asap, hopefully we can do business together.

Kind regards,


i am interested in supplying

i am interested in supplying a couple of dist. with iPhones & Blackberry. Please give me your contact info for i have many questions.


who are you can you do a uk

who are you

can you do a uk plug

how much per unit

need a supplier

I have been looking for a supplier that will work with me and that has reasonable prices. can you contact me please. I do a lot of international selling. I need a honest person that will work with me. Someone that is not greedy I just want to make a living and help people. thank you


Is the phone is orignal and unlocked give me the price for iphone4 16 and 32 gb?

Interested in purchasing iPhone 3gs


I saw your thread and am interested in purchasing only authentic iPhones on a regular basis. If you can please contact me with a price list and delivery times, I would appreciate it. My name is Bryan, and I'm located in NYC, NY.

Thank you,

Bryan Pierre

I phone 3GS 32 GB

Hi , am going to buy one used 3GS 32GB, ï phone from someone , but its made in singapore , so could you pls reply that is it genuine or not ??





Iphone inquiry

i am Arif, from Karachi, how many unit u have, and what is the lowest rate of iphone 3gs 16gb, 32gb, iphone 4, ipad, minium 30 unit per week i want. my cell number 00923212324342, or email address marif21@yahoo.com.

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APple phone

Hi! I need apple iphone 4 series.I will buy about 40 unit. Maybe you can write how much cost each model or together?Thank you for answer

Did you find a supplier? im

Did you find a supplier? im also looking

email bobbysokhi@hotmail.co.uk

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i want i phone 3g 16gb...3g 32gb...4g 16gb...4g 32gb quantity 10 pcs per model i am from india and pelease reply

i have a i phone 4 for sale

i have a i phone 4 for sale locked or unlocked

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Hi luc, i can provide you

Hi luc, i can provide you with the iphone 4 in small number.
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Total Dvd <owner.totaldvd@yahoo.com

TotalDvd is a scammer, everyone watch out for him. I can vouch for that ya'll can leave messages and email and I can prove it also.

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hi please contact me im interested in buying above small to start then more and more must be genuine and unlocked sim free please email me if any one can help

Thelo na agoraso to kenourgio iphone 4

pos mporo na katalabo oti in original



You can write me at awpm_mobile@yahoo.com. I can supply you iPhone 4, iPad with PayPal Payment.

Thank you

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did you manage to find a

did you manage to find a supplier?

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i want to buy the iphones

i want to buy the iphones but shud be new and 100 percent original apple guarantee and ......i m located in bangkok...where are u from.... can pay u thru paypal only..reply me via email

Apple i-phone 4g 32gb and Apple 4g 16gb are available for sale


Want to buy I phone 4

My name is Nishit Shah. I am from India. I am looking to sell I phone 4G 16 and 32 GB phones in India. My first order will be just one I-Phone 4 and upon successful dealing i will buy 100. Please quote me the wholesale price and all other particulars. I will deal in cash so please quote the prices accordingly.

1) Please also inform me about yourself in detail so i know with whom am i dealing.
2) Alternate contact details.
3) Any other details you would like us to know.
4) Your preferred mode of payment.
5) Warranties etc (Full detail)

Hope for a good business relation thank you.

Nishit Shah.
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Real suppliers for Iphone 4


I would like to know if any of you guys found a real supplier for Iphones 4g. I have to help my parents now that they need it I am am looking to start a business and the let them take the packages to the post offie.

Please help me because I do not want to loose my money and I have to help them. Feel free to contact me :yaixar@gmail.com


Apple Iphone Available

NOTE : Minimum Order : 5 unit and get 1 free
Shipping fees : free Shipping : FedEx, DHL or UPS
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Product List:


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Apple iPad Tablet PC 64GB Wifi + 3G: $350.00 USD
Apple iPad 3G Wi-Fi 16GB: $300.00 USD
Apple iPad with Wi-Fi + 3G - 32GB: $320.00 USD


BlackBerry Torch 9800 $300
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Blackberry Javelin $270
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warning Scammer he does not

warning Scammer he does not deliver

Its called Ebay dude works

Its called Ebay dude works every time. DUH!!!!


Hilda Lugo and her husband from H&M wholesale LLC, they are another scam artists and now she is run away with my 1500$! beware of those !

your info

I am so glad I saw your information. I am in contact with this woman as well. I did not send her money yet because I am a truck driver and every time I wanted to buy she was not there.
Is this really a scam? What exactly happened to you? Are we talking about the same Person? She told me she is in Phoenix AZ.
I would be really greatful if you would answer, please use my email: Jedwards768@aol.com.
Thanks you so much,



wow you dare to bullshit

wow you dare to bullshit people after you scammed US??
I'll find you and KILL YOu , you bitch!

Thanks for the info. I

Thanks for the info. I totally believed they scammed you or they would not have responded so defensely. There are allot of scams out there. I have not to find one supplier who claims to have the phones who do not accept creditcards. Think about sending wiretransfers is like sendin cash in the mail. Don't belive shit people from China is selling you or the people from Aficia (sorry to say being a Africian American) those people will rip the shit out of you. I have read horrible ripoff reports from both Countries. Especialy watch out for the Chinese people, they will clone your ass if they thought they could profit from it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


who sends someone you don't know $1500 !?!?

BUGOK, just admit that Apple

BUGOK, just admit that Apple is not a US made alone, they are just using others and get a credit for themselves,and just admit that US is not that smart but ASEANS.

Cell Phone

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apple Iphone

Hello there,

If you are interesed in Iphones 3gs or other Hi-end mobile phones like nokia, sony ericsson and others Please feel free to contact me By email: edgarsgrigorovs@hotmail.com or Phone: +37125999420 . MOQ for Iphones 3gs from 20 units. Inquirys for orders up to 10 000 units welcome. Payment methods: Escrow, L/C, Credit card, Paypal(small quantantys). Please don't Inquiry if you think that you can get brand new iphones for some 100 or 200 USD per unit.

Thanks For your time,
Yours Sincerely.
Edgars Grigorovs.
Email: edgarsgrigorovs@hotmail.com
Phone: +37125999420

apple iphones 3gs 32gb


We are UK company looking to sell the Apple i phone3gs 32gb. We are looking for a supplier of this product. They must be brand new sealed, unlocked.Please can you advise a price for ten units including delivery, packaging, and method of payment.

kindest regards


Apple i phone 3GS 32 GB


The phones are brand new,100% UNLOCKED. Made By Apple California. Has complete accessories with one year manufacturer warranty.
1X Apple iPhone 3GS 32GB.
1X 2 Apple sticker
1 X User Guide/ Manual
1 X SIM Tray Eject Tool/ Key
1 X Cleaning Cloth
1 Battery
1 Charger
1 Data Cable
1 Stereo Handsfree

We ship and deliver to you within 4 days of purchase through
Fedex courier services. Payment can be made by paypal, Western Union money transfer
and online bank transfer. Price for 10 units will be US $ 2,300.

20 units required

Hi i need 20 units black 32gb , can pay by paypal or bank transfer please let me know cost inc post and packaging.

C S Gill

Cell Phones

I can supply you with Iphones & Blackberry all models

Please email me with you requirements.
Large Volume is not a problem


Wholesale Cellular
Houston, TX


I Live in sweden and i'm intersted buying Iphones. Can you send me a pricelist to my email. Is it possible to send them to Sweden? does the Iphones have swedish language?

Best Regards



yes we can deliver to you in your country
Delivery time 4-7 days
contact Us so that we can send you our price list

Malaysian head office
Floor 4-5 ampang plaza jaya,
51000 kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: +60149680817

want to buy iphone 4

hello, i want to buy original apple iphone 4 and 100% unused in the form of wholesale , i live in Iran and i want the iphones to be shipped to my city. i would be glad to see your price list

Re: Want to Buy

Please contact me at the e-mail address below, we have Factory Unlocked Genuine Apple iPhones 3GS for sale.
robert.b (at) u2wireless DOT com
Thank you.


Apple Iphone 3GS

Dear Sir/Madam,

We are a distributor in E.U./Greece and we are interesting in Apple Iphones 3GS 16GB and 32GB. I would like you to send me a pricelist in Wholesale and your terms about how we could make a deal together.

I am waiting for your prompt reply,
Thank you very much.

Refurbish iPhones for sale

We are a refurbishing company from Los Angeles ca please contact me at atiyayuval@gmail.com if you Re interested in more info about refurbished iPhones.

All the best

i phones

how much are your iphones in GBP. aRE THEY BRAND NEW BOXED, AND WHERE ARE YOU BASED.



hi i have read you post on textyt and i would be really interersted in i phones.
i am in need of someone who can suply me with iphones THIS IS NOT A SCAM
i would need 200 of the new iphones 4. how much would the cost be for 200 phones
please call me @
cell: 941-587-4717
home: 860-619-8150
if you can't reach me on my cell than please call my home phone.

thank you

200 iphone 4 would be

200 iphone 4 would be $115,000....16gigs..

iphone 4g unlocked

hi i would like to know are you selling iphpne unlocked if can you send for me your price list ,thanks.

3gs 32gb

Need prices in bulk orders of 100-1000 per month.



The phones are brand new,100% UNLOCKED. Made By Apple California. Has complete accessories

with one year manufacturer warranty.
1X Apple iPhone 3GS 32GB.
1X 2 Apple sticker
1 X User Guide/ Manual
1 X SIM Tray Eject Tool/ Key
1 X Cleaning Cloth
1 Battery
1 Charger
1 Data Cable
1 Stereo Handsfree

We ship and deliver to you within 4-7 days of purchase through
Fedex courier services. Payment can be made by paypal, Western Union money transfer
and online bank transfer.We offer 20% discount on every 20unit purchase


please give me the price for the i phones you are sell

Interested in Purchasing Wholesale Lots of Genuine Apple iPhones

Can you please email me with more details on the phones you have for sale including a wholesale price list for your Apple iPhones? Also, could you please send me your company info? I am extremely careful with my suppliers until after the first successful transaction and will not be scammed. I also need verification that these are 100% Genuine BRAND NEW Apple iPhones? Thank you in advance for your time. I'm looking for a LONG-TERM RELIABLE IPHONE SUPPLIER and if that is you please contact me at your earliest convenience.

Interested in buying wholesale lot of iPhones

Can you please email me with more details on the phones you have for sale including a wholesale price list for your Apple iPhones? Also, could you please send me your company info? I am extremely careful with my suppliers until after the first successful transaction and will not be scammed. I also need verification that these are 100% Genuine BRAND NEW Apple iPhones? Thank you in advance for your time. I'm looking for a LONG-TERM RELIABLE IPHONE SUPPLIER and if that is you please contact me at your earliest convenience.

My email address is: e.alexine@ymail.com

Interested, where can I call you?

Interested, how can I call you?


Interested in buying iphone in bulks that is compatible with both the States and China. Contact me at Dai_lo69@yahoo.com.

Hello, I saw your listing on


I saw your listing on www.texyt.com.
Are you still selling Apple iphones?
If yes, please provide the following info:
1) Are they original authentic Apple iphones, just like Apple or AT&T sell directly, and Brand New in original boxes with all accessories?
2) What models do you offer and your best prices?
3) Payment terms. Must accept Paypal. Minimum quantity?
4) Where are you located?

Looking forward to receiving this info from you and hopefully working with you.



In response to the following

In response to the following post on Sat, 09/25/2010 - 07:04 as stated below. May I have quotation of 20 Genuine Iphone 3G S 32GB, brand new, unopened, 100% unlocked and sim free. It would also be very helpful if you could send me your contact details. You can contact me at jimboyers@live.com.

Kind regards

Iphone buyer


The phones are brand new,100% UNLOCKED. Made By Apple California. Has complete accessories

with one year manufacturer warranty.
1X Apple iPhone 3GS 32GB.
1X 2 Apple sticker
1 X User Guide/ Manual
1 X SIM Tray Eject Tool/ Key
1 X Cleaning Cloth
1 Battery
1 Charger
1 Data Cable
1 Stereo Handsfree

We ship and deliver to you within 4-7 days of purchase through
Fedex courier services. Payment can be made by paypal, Western Union money transfer
and online bank transfer.We offer 20% discount on every 20unit purchase

Hello. I can supply. dan

Hello. I can supply.

contact me at

contact me at fourknobs@gmail. I can supply you with prices on iPhone 4g and ipads shipped to you door. we accept Credit card, or letter of credit on large orders.

Looking for legitimate Apple iphone & ipad supplier

Can you offer me a price for the following :

50 units ipad2 - 16gb+wifi
50 units ipad2 - 64gb+wifi

100 units iphone 5 any gb - unlocked version

Need best price and availability.. Do you have a PHONE NUMBER so that I
can call you to discuss further.


What is your prices on the

What is your prices on the iphone4 16gb

majpr purchase of Iphones on a monthly basis

Can you give me your best delivered price for 1000 and 5000 32gig
3gand 4g unbranded ,unlocked ,
Top quality authentic iphones both wifi and or tv .If you can satisfy
these demands ,we will request samples.We are reviewing several
manufactures and will accept your quote if we can receive this quote
within 36 hours. We are serious competitive business people that
operate Globally. You can begin to qualfy to do business with us by
responding promptly to our request. Thanking you in advance for your
prompt and professional response

what about if you we send

what about if you we send you our quote within 36.5 hours ? you'll consider it DUD? SHAME ON YOU

can supply iphone 4g...Brand

can supply iphone 4g...Brand new factory unlocked..5000 plus units..


Hi I do supply Iphones I am from the philippines our iphone is Factory unlocked. It is not software nor jailbreak our prices for the 32gb is $550 us dollars and 15gb for $500 U.s dollars. I can assure you that it is authentic and not fake. And i can assure you as well that it is not scam. For further questions please e-mail me at maria_chovski@yahoo.com. Thank you

inquire iphone 4 16 and 32gb!!

hello is it possible for you to send a sample COD????
please let me know, regards fernando.

still want iphone?

we have Apple iPhone 3G S, built-in 3 Megapixel Camera and digital compass, let you do everything on iPhone 3G S is up to 2x faster and more responsive than iPhone 3G. Shoot and edit a mini-masterpiece right on iPhone 3G S. Record high-quality video, trim it to the perfect length, and share it any way you want with 3G connection.

it's Brand New and unlocked, Original i phone not copy or clone..It is sealed in box and comes with 12months international warranty, its unlocked and will work with anynetwork of your choice.if you are still interested pls contact s via email..mobilephones_supermarket@hotmail.com awaiting your responds

parts for iphone

Dear sir/madarm,
Good day !
We are pleased to get to konw that you are presently on the market for iphone parts and as a specialized manufacturer and exporer for these products in China,we sincerely hope to establish business relations with your esteemed corporation.
Lead time:within 7 weeking days after receive payment.
Any information from you will be highly appreciated.
Payment:by T/T or western union in advance
Best regards,
Add:1002b caiyue building MingZhi Village Longhua Town, shenzhen,P.R.China
Tel: 0086-755-36812068
Fax: 0086-755-36812069
MSN: dowell002@hotmail.com
website:it is making

Iphone parts

Hi laula

I just read you email on the site and understand you can supply iphone parts.
i am about to start fixing , refurbing iphones and was wondering if you could supply me with a parts/price list for the iphone parts you could supply.
I am looking for a company to buy parts of directly.

Thanks Chris R

Need iphones

I am in Houston I would like to buy iphone. I hate be scammed so if we can meet in person to conduct purchase and sell transaction would be great. Conditions would be to make sure that the iphones are original and payment would be in cash. If you are legit and wish to conduct business please email me or call me at 832 620 4949.



patrick G Hello I am a broker i buy and sell iphone I am dealing with a supplier who can supply over 4000 iphone per week,the price is high if you really want an original iphone you will not get it cheap, so if you are interesting, pleas free to contact me 416 824 7203 the name is Patrick; these are tearm and condition of sales.we now have apple iphone 4, 32gb and 16gb i will only give you the price of 32gb apple iphone4 and 3gs 32gb, if you require price list for other phone let me know.

iPhone and iPad Deal
Below are the instructions for iPhone and iPad fly and buy deal initiated by us that’ll take place in London TWICE A WEEK, United Kingdom.

iPhone 3GS 32GB : $640.00 – 5,600 units available every week
iPhone 4 32GB : $810.00 – 4,000 units available every week
iPad 3G+Wifi 64GB : $790.00 – 5,000 units available every week

The above pricing is for a single order of 100 units to 500 units. If you need more units, you get more discount. For 500-1000 units you get $5 off and for 1000+ you get $10 off.

We accept Letter of Credit, Bank Wire, Fly and Buy and Credit Card.

Letter Of Credit:
To pay via Letter Of Credit(LoC), You will have to submit a PO to us. We’ll give you the details needed to start a LoC. Once our bank verifies the LoC, we’ll ship the iPhones to a local bonded warehouse anywhere in the world. You inspect the phones and release the LoC. Once funds clear, you can pickup the iPhones

Bank Wire:
To pay via Bank Wire, You will have to submit a PO to us. We’ll give you the details needed to deposit funds. Once funds are there in the bank, we’ll shipout your iPhones in 3 days via DHL Cargo.

Fly and Buy:
To fly and buy, you need to submit a PO and Proof Of Funds. Once we have that, we will be needing the contact details of the person who’ll be going and inspecting. Once we have all that, we’ll send you an invitation for inspection. You (or your representative) can come and inspect all the units. Once inspection is done, pay us via bank wire and pickup the phones. We conduct 2 fly and buy every week.

Credit Card:
To pay via credit card, you have to give us your credt card details and we’ll charge you the sum plus credit card fees. It may take upto 3 days for the credit card transfer to take place. Once its done, items will be shipped within 3-5 days via DHL Cargo.

Below are the mode of payment that we DO NOT accept

- Escrow.com / Attorney Escrow / COD
- Check / Cashier’s Check / Travellers Check
- PayPal , AlertPay, MoneyBookers, Google Checkout
- Western Union / Moneygram

Inspection Agencies:
Below are the inspection agencies that we allow

- Buyer himself or Buyer’s authorized representative
- SGS ( www.sgs.com )
- Any reputed freight forwarder

Broker Terms:

- We accept brokers and we are ready to accept payment from broker’s behalf. Once we have the funds, we can mail a check to the broker anywhere in the world.
- At no point we’ll reveal the actual cost of merchandise with the buyer. If the buyer wants to negotiate for later and larger order, we’ll direct them to the broker who brought him to us.
- If the buyer lives in any country where, when we supply, we need to pay VAT then the same percentage of VAT will be deducted from broker’s commission as well.
- For every deal, we’ll be paying brokerage to the broker who bought the buyer to us only after we gets funds cleared in our bank.
- If two brokers bring same buyer to us, then first preference/loyality will go to the broker who submitted the PO first.


Q 1: Can you ship the iPhones to XYZ country and once we check the phones, we’ll pay?
A: No, we will not ship phones to anywhere in the world unless you pay us 100% advance or L/C.

Q 2: I want to buy 10,000 – 10,000,000 units, what’ll be the “best price”?
A: First buy at least 500 units and show us that you can pay, after that we can discuss pricing.

Q 3: Is shipping free?
A: Shipping is $5 extra per unit. For overnight or priority shipping, mention that in PO and we’ll do that for $7 per unit.

Q 4: I want to get the iPhones within 48 hours from now. Do you actually have the stock?
A: We do fly and buy twice a week so you can easily pickup iPhones in 48 hours or less. Just submit a PO and we’ll send you an invitation.

Q 5: Can you do 50 units?
A: Yes, Via credit card or bank wire.

Q 6: Are these iPhones genuine and sim free versions?
A: Yes, All the iPhones are New, Genuine Sim Free (Factory Unlocked), UK Spec and Brand New In Sealed Box.

Q 7: How many iPhones can you possibly supply?
A: Maximum 5000 units weekly.

Q 8: There are a lot of bogus Singapore/Hong Kong/ Thailand deal on net, how is yours different?
A: Pickup as soon as you submit PO. No need to wait. Your POs will be addressed within 6 hours and you’ll get an inspection invitation in 48 hours. No need to wait. Moreover, nobody till now got any products from those Singapore or Thailand deal. When the deal was going on, Apple didn’t even release iPhone 4 in any of those countries.

Q 9: [Broker] If we give your details to our buyer then they can bypass all of us and contact you directly. How are we protected?
A: We will NOT deal with any buyer directly until or unless he comes to us with some reference. Also, we’re ready to sign any form of NDNC(Non-Disclosure Non-Compete) Agreement.

Q 10: [Broker] Can you wire us our commissions rather than sending us a check?
A: Yes. We can.

Q 11: I can not go to London to inspect phones. What should I do?
A: There are a lot of companies who can do inspection for you. One of world’s best agency is SGS. Also, you can hire a freight forwarder in London who’ll inspect and then pickup all the iPhones from our warehouse and deliver it to you. For example, Hellmans, Pilot etc.

Q 12: [Broker] Can I markup the price by $50 - $100 per unit?
A: Yes, You can but it is HIGHLY advisable NOT to add more than $25 per phone so that your price can be competitive and you get a lot of buyers.

Q 13: Do you sell 16GB iPhones and Blackberrys?
A: Yes, We do sell. We will be giving you the pricing on our next email to you.

Q 14: Is there any country which you do not accept?
A: We accept all the countries.

Q 15: My shipping address is different than the one registered with my credit card. Can you ship at a different address?
A: No. We ship only to the address which is on the Credit Card.

Q 16: What’s your “best price”? A guy in Nigeria who needs payment via western union/PayPal is giving us the same iPhone for $550 and the Thailand guy is giving us the same thing for $650?
A: Same as Q 2. Additionally, you can consult with most of the brokers/suppliers/buyers that none of these deals ever went through. Nobody can guarantee pickup as quick as we do.

Q 17: [Broker] I have a buyer who wanted proof of stock, once I submitted that, he then needed reference, and after I gave him that, he now wants iPhones to be shipped at his local hellman’s warehouse for inspection.
A: As per our experience, none of these “buyers” ever buy. So, tell them to inspect and pickup in 48 hours. We do not waste time with people like this.

Q 18: I need a sample of 10-15 units first.
A: We can give you sample but at retail rates. At most we can give you 5-10% discount on retail rate. Pay via Credit Card or COD anywhere in USA or pickup at Chicago O’hare and Midway Airports.

If you have any other question then do contact me.

Patrick 416 824 7203

IPhone 4

I'm looking for IPhone4 16GB & 32GB as well , i need to start with order 50 units each , and i need to know the best price you can offer for this quantity , also i know that quantity are too small ,but this only becasue of the first deal , also are you able to ship for Suadi (KSA) and if you have already customers thier can you forward me thier contact so i can buy from them direct please advice .

Hi interested in you post

I want to buy original Apple iPhone 4G 16gb cell phones (unlocked, no clones or
imitations or fake). I am planning to buy in unit at a wholesale price! im
hoping the more amount i buy you will consider a cheaper price. also i am very
fast profess every is how i expected i will purchase and hope that you process
ASAP. also due to my recent scam please consider credit card Accept, That the only payment i learn and know its the safest. ThankYou

Apple 4g 16 or 32Gb

I have a supplier where I get Iphone 3g in 8,16, an 32 gb memory. I also can get Iphone 4g in 16gb and 32gb. All are factory sealed and unlocked. I deal with a company out side in china. I do not deal with clones, because they are crappy. Please contact me at dreaminofphp@hushmail.com and we can exchange contact information from there if you are still interested. Thanks.

i phone/i touch

I need more info

please responce



Hello patrik. I was wondering if you are still able to sell large amounts of iPhones. I need 30,000 units. Please let me know

Iphone 4

Prices listed on your blog appears to be the same price phones can be purchased at the Apple store in the US. Is your company in USA? Are the prices posted in USD?

Iphone 4g, 3gs


I am looking for Iphone 4G supplyers.
I am from Lithuania.
I would like to know the prices of Iphone 3GS, 4G + shipping with DHL.
Can you write me a proforma invoice?
Can you write me about you company. Do you have same webpage?
How you can prove me that these phones are original?
Can I order one unit like a sample for the first time?

Thank you very much.
Waiting for your response.
Vaidas Surblys

iphone4 urgent research

Hello I am looking for part of 1000 iphone quick response thank you
my mail solutiondestock@gmail.com


hello i am from london and would like to arrange a fly buy but is there anyway i can do this over email as i think it will be to expensive for me to ring.

also where do you meet for a fly buy if you could contact me buy my email address please louileach@msn.com.


Looking for reliable supplier Iphone

Can you help me?


Hi there .
I got your email address off texyt.com. Just wondering if you ever found a legitamate iphone seller.
would be good to hear from you. (I am looking for a genuine seller as there is so many scammers out there).



Hi,I am interested in

Hi,I am interested in purchasing a yet unknown quantity of iphone 3gs 16/32 GB.I am trying to find a good seller that has fair prices in the United States.I would appreciate all the detailed information on your product.I only deal with someone who is willing to use paypal/escrow or direct personal payment. MIKE

iPhone issue.


Please contact me at : 626-789-0636. If you still need iphone.

Thank you

Dear Sir i'm from morrocco

Dear Sir

i'm from morrocco and i'm interesting to buy iphone original brand apple , if you have in stock please you send me their price

waiting your reply

Best Regards/Mouhcin

i have dual sim maket - CDMA\GSM

can you produce an iphone or black berry mobile phones, Dual SIM, CDMA\GSM. This a good business for us if you have quality and speed. keep this mail private

i can supply dual sim all phones..

i can supply for good rates all dual Sim phones if interested mail me.. please quote dual Sim in subject line while mailing me... schandra_divi@yahoo.com

i am looking into selling

i am looking into selling iphones and i am serious, i have had BAAAAD experiences with overseas suppliers and i am looking for a supplier that is verified and legit. any information you can give to help with this is MUCH appreciated!

- charles

stay away from TRADE KEY

stay away from TRADE KEY full of scammers, I even think Trade Key them selves are in on the scams


Hello, I was somehow sent websites and emails from 2 businesses(scams) and I lost $164.00 to lowermall.com - a Charles Chen. The other was Tsell-buy I think, was the name - her name was Selina. She took $193.00. All for Apple iphones 4 32GB. So I'm here to find an honest business person that works with Escrow - paypal to get a deal done. Tired of losing money. I need money, close to losing my home, so I thought IF I can find a legit business - that sells iphones - life would be good! But so far - not going like planned! Any body having any good news about iphones? Thank you for your time and listening. BEWARE out there!

Iphone 4 32gb/16gb

I keep a small inventory of iphone 4's! All phones are brand and only been opened to be unlocked. All originals. Prices are 32gb-$825 and 16gb-$725, only black available. Shipping is Fedex Express and takes 2-5 days depending on location.

Why are you more expensive

Why are you more expensive than the apple store

apple iphone

please send your price/product/payment method to me. thank you pahoja


Please send me a pricelist and payment types that your company uses! Email Free_skiing@yahoo.com
Thank You

Please email us at

Please email us at order@starmobileshop.com or visit our website at www.starmobileshop.com if you searching for Authentic Apple iphone. Thanks

apple iphone 3gs 16 or 32 gb

I am looking to buy good quality mobile phones will be looking at taking a 1 piece sample first of a 3gs apple iphone 16 are 32gb then after seeing that and quality and price being right i will be taking 10-20 piece orders for the same week for the first month then orders will increase if u could let me kno your prices with shipping cost asap thanks luke.

apple i phones 3.1.3 firmware

Hey i seen that your looking for a supplier i can get around 20 a month but i only have 10 on me right now there firmware 3.1.3 five 16gb 3gs and 32gb 3gs let me know if you need pics or anything and we can start with one phone if youd like let me know

how many IPhones can you get?

I am looking for a large volume -
what is the largest order?



Urgent supply of phones

Pse let me have your full contact details in the US., so we may converse. We are looking for all brands of phones, but must be new, unlocked., i.e, sim free and 100% genuine product.

We would purchase 100 phones per week to start with on Apple alone, but if you have Blackberry, Samsung, Nokia etc., we would also be interested in those. Therefore if you have a price list, pse email back to me urgently.

If we can set this up, 2 of our directors will visit you and set the deals up.

Kind regards

Bontex Holdings Ltd.,
+357 25633272


We have numerous products but this is in regard to the phones. All phones are factory unlocked and sealed. Available in both black & white. Prices are as follows: iphone 4 32gb $875.00 usd and iphone 4 16gb $820.00. Moq is 100.
Payments accepted:

1)Fly and Buy
For this option we need for you or your company to submit a PO. After we receive that order we also, need a proof of funds (i.e Attorney's Escrow). Send us the complete detailed information of who will be attending. Once we have that we will send you an invitation. Parties will meet and inspect the devices. After inspection, funds are to be released to us via bank wire.

2) Credit Card
With credit card purchases it may take up to 3 days for transfer to take place. Once its complete, items will be shipped out in 3-5 days via DHL Cargo.

3) Bank Wire
You will have to submit a PO to us. Once we have that we will give you the details needed to transfer the funds. Once funds are in the bank we will ship out iphones in 3 days via DHL Cargo.

4)Letter of Credit
We'll give you the details needed to start a (LOC)

Need an iphone

I wish to buy an apple iphone would you please furnish me the cost and other to my mail.


large quantity apple iphone 3gs

Hey, I am very interested in buying 10 Apple Iphones unlocked.... What are your prices for 10? and can you send pictures and more information about your back. I would definitely like to try a sample first though. And how can i be assured this will be a safe and reliable transaction, hopefully with many more to come if the price is right



Iphones 3gs 32gb

i can supply you phones let me know details contact my mail schandra_divi@yahoo.com

Looking to buy 2 Apple Iphones please

I am looking to buy 2 phones black, 32GB, and I would pay through paypal, Please contact me if you are able to supply them,

Looking to buy 2 Apple Iphones please

I can supply from my distributor. please contact me

Best Regards,



I am located in Indianapolis Indiana united states. I can provide 100% authentic apple iphones/us and euro spec 16gb and 32gb. Please advise what you need and how many.

moq 20 pcs max 1000 pcs

payment- 100% bankwire in advance of shipment

shipping-3-4 days after payment and contract are done. There will ne VAT tax phones will come from europe

proof of stock- I can provide serial numbers/imei numbers to eah and every phone

You are welcome to get a lawyer not a problem I am open to all contracts

I can provide references with 5 years in the business I have many customers.

16gb $440
32gb $500

Brand new sealed authentic iphones.

Brandon Carlyle

Hey, I am very intressted of


I am very intressted of buying phones from you. I need 3-6 phones right away and i would also like to buy Monthly. I live in Stockholm, Sweden. I want the 32gb.
Please contact me!

Br, Christian

Iphone 3Gs Bulk sales Only Pay Via (PayPal)

Contact us via email: buryphoneshop@yahoo.com

For further details on Iphone 3Gs.


buryphoneshop is a scam, i typed it in on google and the website is blocked de to scams!


Hello Christian,
We have the iPhones for seller right now. You can contact us back to trade.mar77@hotmail.com

iPhones 3GS 32GB new

can you supply up to 50 units monthly? Please advise.

Be careful!

If any seller is related to any of the following numbers it is most likely they are out to scam you. Be careful when you deal with the following phone numbers: +2348028105550 and +447035926239. These are nigerian scammers posing as legit businesses supplying iphones at chockingly low prices. There are many more businesses that have the same numbers. Trust when I say this, be careful. Even though they offer you paypal which is a safe payment processor, do not fall for it.

Iphone Scams

Hey, I just wanted to ask you if you know of any other scammers out there that I need to watch out for? Also wanted to know if you know of anyone who is legit on selling original iPhone 3Gs? Please get back to me and let me know.
Thanks for your time!


Hello, I was reading your request on the forum and I saw that you said that you needed phones, I'm sure that by now, you must have gotten someone to help you with what you need but if not, please contact me because I can definetly help.


Watch out for 574




alibaba has many

alibaba has many scammers
madeinchina.com is a scam
made-in-china.com is legit website, with scammers slowly infiltrating the system
beware of professional looking websites


Still new at this, but one thing I do know for sure....There are no real iPhones out of China. The photos are real but not the iPhones...but that doesn't matter, they will not send the phones anyway, just keep the money....never pay in advance to anyone!

I've been scam

I've been scammed by those +44 number claiming to be in United Kingdom. I believe they are Nigerian too. We need to warn people not to fall for any scam that has those numbers. And DO NOT use Western Union to wire them any money. First of all, if any of these Scammers don't have a legit web-site, accept pay pal, contact information,and a number to contact them, do not fall for the scam. If you can't call the phone number to verify who these scammers are, don't send them any money. There are a lot of scammers out there. Please be careful and do a lot of research before you send them money.

Can get you phones

Email me if you are still interested in weekly phones supply. srt.usa.inc@gmail.com

We supply Factory unlocked I Phones

We supply more than that monthly, comtact me globalelectronics@yahoo.com for price list and orders

Delivery Time 5-7 days.

Thank you
Lin Koh

Global Electronics SDN BHD
3-4th Floor Bukit Bintang
51000 Kuala Lumpur

Apple I-Phones

Hello Christian,

If you don't have a supplier, I would be happy to get you whatever you need 16GB, 32GB the 4GS Apple Phones with new Compass,all the bells and whistles...all your purchases can be secure with PayPal

email me or even call if you want @ 405-881-5349

Jimmy Thompson
Thompson Enterprises

ipads / iphones

could you send your price list including shipping to vancouver canada on the iphone 4 also the ipads thank you. email me @ girarddarren@hotmail.com

I'm interested in your product

i WANT BUY 3GS OR 4 REPLY mariam_qais2006@yahoo.com

Brand New, Unlocked Apple iphone 3gs 32gb ( White Colour)

Dear Brandon,

We are a Singapore based company & would like to order about 100-500 sets per month, Brand New, Unlocked Apple iphone 3gs 32GB (WHITE COLOUR) for distribution in the Singapore market.

However, we would like to arrange for 1 sample set to be sent for us to study the quality & authenticity of the iphone and check/ confirm market acceptance; for which we will be making payment via Paypal for this 1 Sample set.

Thereafter, if the 1 Sample set is satisfactory, we plan to proceed to order 100-500 sets per month using T/T or Letter of Credit ( L/C).

Kindly quote us your best price for 100-500 sets per month & best delivery time upon order confirmation.

Also, please advise the price for the 1 Sample Set.

Kindly also include your company name, contact details & payment details for future long-term business.

Best Regards,
Sunny Sultan
Business Development Manager
Eminent Trading Company
51 Goldhill Plaza,
Tower Block #08-10,
Singapore 308900.
Office: (+65) 68736658 Mobile: (+65) 91166407

Authentic Apple Iphone US based Supplier

As an established seller, We are offering AUTHENTIC IPhones, factory unlocked 3GS Euro/US spec 16gb or 32gb in bulk with Low MOQ. Briefly, these come with Apple Warranty. They works with ITunes , GPS , latest Firmware, etc. (as you see on www.apple.com)
We have over 100 customer contracts around the world. Our Apple product is NOT a china version. You have nothing to worry about. Our purpose is just to create the long term business relationship with serious customers. The prices are 450-550$ but depending on the amount ordered every time. We understand that security is the most concern. Therefore, we offer variety forms of secure payment like Attorney Escrow, CC, fly and buy and CUF fly and buy or Bank Transfer.
If you are interested to make a long term deal with reliable supplier, we are happy to answer all the inquiries you may have. Please feel free to contact us at ann_ross111@yahoo.com.
We will be in touch with you as soon as we can. Thank you.

I'm looking to buy TODAY 5-10 UNLOCKED, NEW BLACK iPhones 32GB 3

Hi Ann

Where are you based?

I'm looking to buy TODAY 5-10 UNLOCKED, NEW BLACK iPhones 32GB 3G S today.

I'm in Miami.

I'm not intersted in fakes, clones, damaged units or scams!

I am based in Miami Florida and will inspect the iphones before purchasing.

This will the start of ongoing business.

Please call Dominc - 786 371 1895

3GS 32GB iPhones White

can you supply the above apple product in new condition? I am interested in buying up to 50 units monthly. Please advise.


Hello, We are a company from Oman in Gulf;owned by U.S & Gulf citizens,with interests in Mobile phone, electonics and computer business. We are regular buyers from U.S based wholesalers and B2B companies. We are vey interested in the whole range of Apple iPhones and iPods. Ofcourse,we do agree with you about the pricing of authentic iPhones; but would you elaborate as to the origin of iPhones supplied by you when you say " Our Apple product is NOT a china version " do you mean they are MADE IN U.S.A or are they ONLY "ASSEMBLED" in China, Taiwan, Malaysia, singapore etc with ORIGNAL components? Please do let us know if you have any client references or bankers refeences. This is just an introductory mail and would, most certainly, deal with you; should we get a positive response from you, The trial orders would not be more than 1 piece to verify the authenticity of the set sent and we hope you do appreciate taht.
Look forward to hearing from you soon,
 Moosa.( Mr )

3 Gs 32GB

Mr. Moosa,

Please contact me at chuck_anna2005@yahoo.com to discuss business.





TXT JAMES AT 214-952-2512

Ann is a SCAM

Ann is a SCAM

To Buryphone... I know that

To Buryphone...

I know that this not a nice post is from you. I have been doing as a legit broker and a buyer in the same time and never afraid of saying that. Needless to say, only people who have connection with me know how honest I am. The question is why would I know that this mean post was from BURYPHONESHOP ? The post was on March 8,2010. The incident was finished on March 5, 2010. Plus, I have zero business enemy.

I forgave him from what he had done to me already. However, this post is not true and intend to destroy me with no prove. If you have prove, please share on this board and show people who you are, not anonymous name. So, here I am , telling you all about this guy, his lie and his scam tricks. Please read it through. It would be your benefit.

The website claimed that he has branches in chicago and england.I firstly tried to call him by the number in chicago but that number was not working. So, I called him in england. I knew for the fact by his accent that he is not english but I could not figured it out what that was because english is not my mother tongue. He told me that he is peruvian who relocated in england. And that was fine to me. Mr.Bury presented himself to me on the phone and in the emails that his name is Bury Phil. However, I asked my partner to call him and see that if he said the same thing to different customers. My partner could tell that Mr. Bury has nigerian accent. Also, in the email between Mr. Bury and my partner , he told him that his name is DANIEL!

Anyway, some of the information and info that he provided were pretty convincing. Like , tracking number from previous order. However, something smelled fishy such as the weight of shipping, day and location that shipped out from. It was not making much sense. Eventhough, I have a few legit suppliers in my hands. But as a business person, I keep seeking for more suppliers who can offer the better price. And his offer was good enough for me to take risk by ordering 10 sampler iphones. He said he would send me invoice thru paypal. And he did sent it. The paypal invoice that sent me was from " MelisaGreen". At that point, I felt a lot more secure and relieved. Because, at least paypal can protect me at some certain point and plus I would pay by credit card also. Suddenly, when I was about to send him money. Then he cancelled the invoice and turned around asked me to send him the money instead without him resend me new invoice .I felt something went a little sour there. So, I told them that I was not much familiar with paypal. Please send me the new invoice. Instead of sending it, he tried to convince me that it is easy to do, just go to send option. But I still insisted that I don't know how. This had been back and forth for a couple of time by email. Finally, I told him that I gave up if he could not resend it. Guess what ? He suddenly emailed me right away and come up with the very good make up reasons. He told me to send the money thru WESTERN UNION or MONEY ORDER to his boss 's sister in NY. Just because these payment are VERY SAFE for me and quicker to have the shipment. By the way, before that he mentioned that he has no one in USA and he was looking for the agent( what about the branch in chicago!? and now it happened that he has boss 's sister in NY??!) That was my wake up call. Everybody knows that what is gonna happened when you sent your money thru western union. You kiss your money goodbye. I was lucky enough not become one of his victims.

So, I called paypal and sent them all the corespondent emails. Paypal agent even told me that this trick has been using by a lot of scammers all the time. After investigation, paypal had blocked their account. And there is no surprise that So called legit bury phone shop was very mad at me and bothered me by nasty emails for a couple of days. I just did the right thing to protect other legit buyers from them as well.

You can see that he has a lot of posted here in the different times by named buryphone. Don't have to believe what I said but see for yourself here http://buryphoneshop.at.ua/

I am finished what I have been through with him. And I do not have time to response, neither interested in following what he would try to excuse next. I am just writing this to warn you all and tell what he is capable of. One thing, Before you make any purchase with anyone. Do not hurry and fall into scammers tricks. Good luck to you all.


Bury Phil, Daniel or whatever his name is?!

This guy is a complete fraud. Whatch out for this guy, everything points to the fact that he is nigerian, his accent, the phone number which is a widely used forwarded number by these scam artists. I have been through hell with this guy, dont even bother dealing with him. He will find excuses after the next. You have been warned stay away from him and his network.

apple iphones

well i was wondering, i need to find a legit supplier for apple iphones. wondering if you knew any


I can supply you with Apple iPhones

I can offer you Apple iPhones right now. We carry the Euro and U.S. Version of the 3GS Apple iPhones in Black or White and in 16GB or 32GB. Our minimum order is 20 pieces. We are in the United States, and sell a lot of phones every month. We can supply you with up to 2,000 per month, or whatever amount under that which fits your needs. We do not send sample phones, nor can we provide samples even if you want to buy one. My distributor's minimum order is 20 pieces, as is mine.

Shipping is 4-7 business days, and is free. We accept credit cards only for U.S. customers, or we accept wire transfers from anywhere except Africa. There are too many scams out there, most of them coming from Nigeria. Please let me know if we can help you somehow with your iPhone needs. Please feel free to check out our website as well at www.gotiphones.com

Euro Apple iPhones - 16GB 3GS Factory Unlocked $550/ea.
32GB 3GS Factory Unlocked $650/ea.
U.S. Apple iPhones - 16GB 3GS Locked $550/ea.
32GB 3GS Locked $650/ea.
Chris - www.gotiphones.com

Hey Ann, Thanks for the

Hey Ann,

Thanks for the information. I have been in contact with Frank smith (mobilestoreelectronicsltd@live.com)regarding phones but I feel his a scam. I'm sick and tired of scams and I want to find a reliable supplier for phones.

I'm a Sri lankan businessman and I usually visit malaysia/singapore to buy phones and electronics. The cost of travel is a bit expensive and time consuming and I want to find a reliable source for phones and electronics so i could get it delivered.

Can you please recommend me ? I'd be much appreciated.



Lathiff Jaleel



i am from singapore...

and selling nokia and iphone as well others brand..

pls e mail me originalmobile@live.com



Dear Ann,
Thanks for the comments you made. I was scammed before and now am leary about purchasing. Since you know a legitimate supplier can you provide me with some information. please email me at the address listed. Thank you.



hi, i have been scammed in the past but if you say you are a real supplier i would like to purchase some from you.

thanks for the warning!

I am an entrepreneur in the philippines, my iphone supplier was good at first 2 deliveries after that, he ran out with my money. maybe you can help me with giving me some new and legit suppliers of iphone. i dont pay though through western union, i always always ask or COD evesince that incident happened.

email me when u see this quadaslia@gmail.com

interested in original authentic unlocked apple iphones

hello there: i would like to know where are you located, do you have this phones on stock or are you a droppshipper, also what guaranty do you give for 100% satysfaction, also what it's the minimun order quantity, and do take pay-pal because i will only do pay-pal no disrespect but i already have a bad experience with a china manufacture send me a couple of fakes worth of sh.. if you know what i mean, thank you you can contact me at Carango117@yahoo.com

Ann, Sorry I did not know


Sorry I did not know you were a supplier. Can you please send me your company details
and registration.

I'm a Sri lankan businessman mainly in hardware materials but I would like to supply phones and electronics to the market. I'm looking for a very reliable supplier.


So therefore please send me complete details about your company including registration, location and contact numbers.

You can email on latiffj253254@yahoo.com



Lathiff Jaleel

Hi I am looking for an


I am looking for an iphone supplier. The phones must be original.
Please send details along with your company details and prices

iphone wholesale supply

hello ,my name is richard gray and i would like to ask you if you can tell me your prices for the apple iphone wholesale supply to me here in the uk and i would like you if you will to also tell me your prices for all the other products and phones that you deal with .
please could you tell me also if you have a moq ok.
richard gray
the unlocked phone shop.

Hello, contact with me to

Hello, contact with me to jmga89@hotmail.com for to do you an order. Thanks.

I Phone supply

Dear Sunny,

I read your comments and am in exactly the same position as you. I am looking to source a regular quantity of I Phone 32GB 3GS for the UAE. However i have found alot of crooks on the internet. Can you recommend any one reliable?

Please let me know,

Zahid Mirza @ zahid@allianzholdings.com

Supplies for IPHONES.

Hello there. I am currently opening an online shopping website and would love to sell those IPHONES on my site. However, i prefer IPHONES without cappings as my customer would not need to wait for such a long time. Please mail me your supply rates. Thank you. I DO NOT WANT SCAMS.

You will never receive any

You will never receive any goods trying to buy from someone who claims they will provide you with $300, $400 and most of the time even $500 phones with the exception of Locked 3GS iPhones. They are scammers and out for your money. Don't be naive. If you want someone who can actually sell you and has the supply to provide you and your clients with legitimate iPhone's then get at me. I also can supply the ipod, ipod touch and game systems.

**Payment is by escrow 20% down with my reputable lawyer here in Dallas, TX the remainder 80% due after accepatance of goods. Turn around time is approximately 7 days.

Jonathan Tekle
Universal Mobile Distributors

More Info

I am in Houston and often visit Dallas. How much would you charge for Original iphone 3GS 32GB factory unlocked and also 16GB? I can pay cash and pick them up from your office. As you there are many scams going on in the market and I will feel safe if we can meet and do business in person for the first time and than no problem by working with you via phone.

iphones from Jonathan Tekle

I saw the post from Jonathan Tekle and then you question, and i was going to see if you had any luck on buying phones?

Iphone Purchase

Hi Jonathan

I would like to enquire about your ditribution service could you please email me a price list. We are after iphone 4g 32gb and 3gs 32gb. Do you or can you supply Australian stock unolocked. We would be requireing approx 50 units per month.


supply of unlocked phones

hi i am contacting you with regards to you suppying me with various phones ,especially the apples and all your other products .
please supply me with your products list and price ok .i would also like to know if you will ship to the uk .
thank you
richard gray


Brandon can you supply to the Uk??? and do you have an email address or skype number



yes i can supply to uk. email me at dropsales1@aol.com

I would like to purchase the

I would like to purchase the Iphones, so i would request you to please send me the detials about your company (if you have) or the website. Also send me the required documents that could prove your authenticity.
I am interested in purchases of very large quantities, but before that would take few samples from your side.
Please give me a detailed price list of the cost, in case of bulk purchases.


Please contact me regarding

Please contact me regarding the Iphones. I am looking to purchase. I too live in Indiana.

I Phones

We are looking for 400 I phones 3 GS 32gb in the beginning and than 200 a month.

Can you get in touch with me via mail?

Thanks and regards



Hello, I can supply you with all of the iphones that you need. Please email me at "cocotaso01@hotmail.co.uk" and I can give you all of the information that you need to continue on.

i phones

i was wondering do you ship to europe i.e. UK & FINLAND. do you have a website and any proof that everything is legit, iv had really bad experience with some sellers from china and other places.



Dear Sir,

I am interesting in apple iphone 3gs 32gb. I would like to buy 20 units. Please inform me about the price and the methods of payment that you accept.
Please contact me via email: aeroxol1986@hotmail.com

Thank you.


we are based in uk retailers and have wholesale set up aswell as used buying and selling bussiness in pakistan plz let us know the procedure how can we order you and the other terms and conditions i am keen to see the sample and if i need i can come down to states, for rest of the deal , willing to pay you by paypal at the moment for one piece give me the price inc shipping too.Many thanx ,

these phones r unlocked, brand new

looking for 3gs-16gb--orignal.??????.no scam i promise. these phones r unlocked,brand new. contact me at mmmyasin@hot mail dot com. i am working with supplier from overseas. this is not scam.


Hi there,
You posted that you can supply iPhones, i am wondering if you can tell me more about that pease ?!! How much are they ? Are they proper Apple iPhones ? Are they unlocked ? Do you do samples ? If you could let me know as much as possible that would be great.
Kind Regards

Ps: You can contact me at wickeddevil_1@yahoo.com

iphone 3 gs 32 gb

i need cooperation with you
i need about 100 pieces every month IPHONE 3 gs 32 gb
i need factory unlocked, original
at first part i will buy about 10-20 iphones
what will be your price?
Do you accept payment by PAYPAl?
give me your contacts pls

Vyshenskiy Vladimir
Kazakhstan, Almaty
skype russian013
zip code 050000
adress micro Orbita-1, house 21, apartment 30
mobile phone +7 700 41 666 11

Purchase 32gb iPhone with 3.1.2 firmware.

I would be interested in 10 units and would want references and shipping cost. Iam a resident of ohio. I have a customer waiting to purchase.
Carol O'Brien

iphone 3gs 32gb


I look for iphone 3gs 32gb again with faktory unlocked. do you have such?

When you make me a good price included shipping i buy 10 iphones.

Yours sincerely

Hello, do you still have

Hello, do you still have phones? Please contact me!

i need 50

I would like to order 50 iphones 3gs consisting of 25 16gb and 25 32gb. How much would this cost? Also do you give discounts for large orders? please give me a call if you have any questions.
thank you


this guy is a complete and total scam!! lost 10k. yes i said 10k i dont want anyone else to lose money to this fu**ing scammer.

if you would like to know more please feel free to email me at prominentmobilegroup@yahoo.com

if you have been scammed by this dirtbag please email me i would like to hear how you handled it...etc


Fighting scams

If you have been scammed by someone in the US you need to do the following:
1. File a police report with your local law enforcement.
2. File a police report with law enforcement in the location of where you sent payment.
3. File a report with the FBI.

I have been contacted twice once by the FBI and another time by the Secret Service regarding well known wholesale phone scammers that we have posted about at our site. Hopefully these individuals are brought to justice.

Got scammed

Thank you for the above information on what needs to be done when you have
been scammed. It has happened to me twice from people located in Indianapolis,
Indiana. I will follow your suggestion and file these reports.

Thank You

i Phones 3 GS


I am interested in buying genuine i Phones 3GS 16G 32G (unlocked) Has to be genuine and looking for a long term business partnership

Pl let me have a brief



iphones need for SOuth Africa

Hi Brandon
I am looking for a supplier that is able to supply me with iPhones and iPads or either or
Are you able to help
I am tired of people trying to scam me

So i truly hope you are authentic?

Also after you get this response please reply to me on a business email etc

I am in need of 16Gb and 32GB 3GS units as well as 8GB and 16GB 3G units and if possible 8GB 2G units

The initial order will be for a logistic test after that we will either order 200 units a week growing to about 500 or 1000 units a week

Dependent on pricing

Look forward to your response

Hugh Muller

Hi Brandon Im looking for a

Hi Brandon

Im looking for a supplier for Iphones and others, can you email me up to date price list, prices would need to include delivery to my customers in UK.

Please email me sokhiltd@hotmail.com







Dear Brandon Carlyle.

I am interested in 10.000PCS OF Iphone 3Gs 16/32gb , Iphone 4 16/32GB

If you are able to supply me,contact me : boterworks@hotmail.com


Chris - Anastasios Kostouros
P.C 30200 Mesolonghi , Greece
Tel . 00306977057915


please call me. I have been trying to call the number you have posted. I am in serious need of the phones soon. please call me so we can discuss the shipping and payment terms.


iphone4 delivery

Dear Brandon,

Is it possible to by iPhone4 from you, and send it to Russia?

Thank you in advance, Andrei

Hi I wanted to know if you

Hi I wanted to know if you have new original iphone 4g I am a merchant and buy only the original let me know.
Regards Luigi Bernardini



i wonder if you supply, iphone 4 16/32 GB and if so, can you send me the pricelist.

If you don´t supply these, do you know any one else who does ?



Hi dear
could you send me details.
my contact number is 07886876772

iPhone 4

If you still need iPhone 4, I can supply you any quantity that you need. Please read detail below:


iPhone 4 16GB or 32GB UK spec sim free (Part number: MC603B/A and MC605B/A)


675USD for 16GB and 775USD for 32GB


250 units to 500 units weekly (IMEI number will add in the invoice for customer to verify)


Credit Card, Bank Wire, PayPal (100 units only)


4-5 days up on payment confirm via FedEx (Ship from California)

I look forwards to hear from you.


Peter Kim
Tel: (562)608-8537
Fax: (562)608-8538
Email: authenticmobiles@yahoo.com

Hello,Can you please give me

Hello,Can you please give me your prices for 3gs 16gb, 3gs 32gb and Apple Iphone 4 - 16gb.
Will the Iphone work in the UK in English language on any network?
I am looking for all brands of phones, but must be new, unlocked., i.e, sim free and 100% genuine product.

Please reply to baps1000@hotmail.co.uk


wholesale iphone4

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I would like to buy large numbers of I phone 4 and interested to build long term business with your company and for other products as well.

I need all Iphones 4 for use in Middleast and all over the worlds so they all must be Quad Band and Euro Spec and work with all Sim cards.

I want to make sure that they are all Original from apple ,Factory unlocked and original sealed and as I mentioned before Quad Band.

Can you please specify in how many days I will receive the items in Dubai (United Arab Emirates) ?

I need to order 50 Iphone 4 ( 16G & 32G) but if we have a good deal I would like to buy 200 Iphones every months or more.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards,

iIPhone 4S

Hi Brandon.
Come on man! 100% payment up front! Have you been taking lessons from the China suppliers. Give me a tracking # and send me a box of rocks! No Thanks!



We Can Supply!!

Please contact ASAP, Large Volumes of 3GS iPhones in Stock!!!

apple iphones.

Can you please tell me the minimum order that is required and send me details of the phones and prices you have in stock. Thanks.

supply of iphones

im looking for a supplier to the UK or in the UK. Can you supply genuine iphone and at what cost?

Apple iPhones


we want offer you for Apple iPhones bellow :

- Apple iPhone 3G S Black/White 16 GB : USD$459
- Apple iPhone 3G S Black/white 32 GB : USD$485

Units is original , Brand new in box , Factory Unlocked come with 1 year waranty

Term of order :
- Minimum order quantity 5 unit
- FOB price
- Payment Methode Paypal, T/T,

Feel free to contact us if you interested to order aviatelcellular@yahoo.com

Sir, I m interested in some

I m interested in some iphones, I m going to start a business of electronics communication and audio visual devices.
if u mail me price and model wise rate list of iphone it will be good for me to take decision. also guide me how can i get them in india without so much taxes.?thnx.


Hi aviatel,

I want buy your iphone 3gs 32g, can you mail me marrykwok@yahoo.com.sg

Scam Warning.


Please don't buy any phone from this fucking supplier. He is a fucking Cheater or a fucking scammer. I lost 3005USD with him.

Aviatelcellular is not a reak company. It is fake. They present themself as Tony, Anas, and Andis.

I have proved and I already report to police.

Thank you

Hi I am interested in buying

I am interested in buying iphones in bulk.

Please mail me your contact detials with complete address, and also the name of your company with the website( if any).


Long term business Iphone

Hi I am serious want to do business with you. can i first to buy your iphone in person and if everything ok like you said it gonna be ok to deal by phone.

I've been experiencing many scammers so i would like first fly to meet you in person and with my attorney. it gonna be a long term business.

do you have your own office? can you provide me your address and phone number.

looking forward to hearing from you


order iphone

where you locate???? can i pay a cash?????

import and export

We have Apple i Phone 3gs 16gb and 32gb fly and buy please contact me If You want prices range from 700to 900usd they Are physical stock if you sell phone fly and buy no deposits Or anything contact me i will need 5000asap Ok in USA or uk london heathrow airport hellmans FOR inspection then a payment for THE phones will be made email me phones.4sale@live.com i need fly and buy and pos

i need iphones

i need fly and buy phones my target for 32GB 3GS is 625$ if you can do that please reply me with full details



Regarding the Apple iphone

Email asap if you are still interested in the iphone


Accept Paypal and Bank Wire.


Do you need 20 units of 3GS. Please contact me, we accept paypal. My email is: seanelectronic@ymail.com

Thank you.


Re: I want to buy a 10pc lot of iphone 32gb 3gs


I was wondering if you so kindly can give me a qoute on a 10 piece Iphone 32gb 3gs lot shipped to 28630,USA?


Apple Iphone 3gs

Hey what's up? Are you still looking to buy the apple iphone 3gs? If so which model and how many? Plz contact me @ maicoliptico@yahoo.com thanx and I hope to hear from you soon.

apple iphone 3gs

i can provide you with 100% genuine apple iphones at reasonable prices, if interested plz contact me @ maicoliptico@yahoo.com for prices and/or details, thanx and i look forward to speaking to you.


Mr Gill,your website is not even responding.
Are you still interested in purchasing Apple I Phones, our company can deliver with one year guarantee for every Apple I phone we sell out, we have in stock new and used I Phones, feel free to contact us for further negotiations.
Delivery time 4-7 days

Malaysian head office
Floor 4-5 Ampang plaza Jaya,
51000 kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: +60149680817

Doing Business

Dear: Sir/Madam,

I am a director of Khmer System Solution. I want to do business with selling original Iphone product. Please contact with yahoo: kss.info68@yahoo.com or skype: sopolinung.

Sopolin Ung
Director of Khmer System Solution
Tel: +85516730303

Apple Iphones

Pse let me have your full contact details in the US., so we may converse. We are looking for all brands of phones, but must be new, unlocked., i.e, sim free and 100% genuine product.

We would purchase 100 phones per week to start with on Apple alone, but if you have Blackberry, Samsung, Nokia etc., we would also be interested in those. Therefore if you have a price list, pse email back to me urgently.

If we can set this up, 2 of our directors will visit you and set the deals up.

Kind regards

Bontex Holdings Ltd.,
+357 25633272


hi read your email saying u need apple iphones can supply them

285 gbp 32gb 3gs apple warranty ORIGINAL

minimum order quantity is 50 pieces can do discount for more

payment via paypal only

delivery included in price


apple iphone 3gs and other phones available for wholesale

hey what's up? I can supply you with the Apple Iphone 3gs 16gb and 32gb us specs and euro specs, for the 16gb us specs its 599.00 and for the 32gb its 635.00, right now there is a sale going on wit the euro specs and they're going for 599/piece 32gb, please contact me asap if interested. Thanks. Maicoliptico@yahoo.com


wanted iphohes 3gs 32 gb

i would like to buy iphones 3gs 32gb.
please contact by email if you are a genuine supplier.


re: Apple 32gs

dear sir,

i.m looking for a distrubutor for apple, nokia, samsung mobiles at competitive prices. not cloned or copies of phones, for the european market.

pls send me ur contact details as ur companies details (homepage).
if possible ur stocklist with bulk prices minimum 20 pieces of each models




Apple iPhone - UK Seller

I currently have a lot of 50 Apple iPhone 3GS (16GB) in white.
No timewasters please.. I can provide serial numbers to confirm that the phones are genuine, and will be posted out from the UK.

220 GBP each - please contact me for more details,

Kind regards

iphone supplies

can you provide details of your company and what is your minimum quantity orders?


iPhone issue.

Hi.. Please don't go with this f**king supplier. She is a f**king scammer. I lost 400USD with her. Her name Debbies. I have record.... Thank you

Apple iphone

Hello, I am a very serious buyer. I would like for you to contact me with some quantity and prices for your 3gs 16gb as well as your 32gb,and with proof of authenticity and stock ect. Thank you best regards MIKE MCPHERSON

we can supply you.

we can supply you. harbinenterprises@hotmail.com

Apple iphones

Hey freind
i am looking to buy some iphones ,
can you tell me about this smth

i phones ??

Hi I would like to buy original i phones 3gs 32g factory locked in batches of 10 ??

How much for 10 to the UK delivered.


Need stock

Okay, I need stock, first order will be for 20 units. Lets get started

KL Barry

iphone 3GS 32GB


I am interested in purchasing the iphone 3GS 32GB phones. I have seen your advert on the net, and was wondering, are these phones original and genuine iphone? and how much are they for 1 and multiples of 5 per time, including postage to west midlands, UK.

I only pay by paypal no other means. If you are interested, please let me know.
Kind Regards


+44 7957 526633


hi. how are you there.
i was wondering if you have found a trust able seller who sells i phones. can you please share some information with us. thank you very much

The Apple iPhone 3GS 32 GB to purchase

Hi I am looking to purchase a minimum of 10 units per week and maximum of 30 to re-sell in to the Australian market.
Can you please advice me how I can purchase these from you and the cost of very fast shipping would be appreciated.

Many thanks

Kate Scott

Iphones 3gs 32gb

Hi is it original from apple with warrenty? send me details to mail schandra_divi@yahoo.com

Hi Vijay, Please give me

Hi Vijay,

Please give me more info about this Iphone. Thank you.

can you give me more in fo

can you give me more in fo on 3gs 32 gb to purchase in bulk thanks


HI friend i'm seriously interested in your iphones...if you can help me to buy real iphone original please contact me on msn gabriellux@hotmail.it or the same adress for email...i'm from italy...please send me also prices...i need your info company...bye bye contact me for long business ;)

Apple iphone 3GS 32 GB

How can I place an order for 10-20 units?

i saw your offer to sell

i saw your offer to sell apple iphones. can you send me more infomation? can you prove these are real? thanks