$250,000-a-day Minecraft strikes indie game gold

The famous Minecraft chicken duckUPDATED: Sales of one man indie game hit, Minecraft, have now reached $350,000 in a single day.

According to data provided by developer, Mojang, one copy of the €9.95 ($13) game is currently being purchased every 3 seconds, representing sales of $15,000 per hour.

The world-building game has been in development for more than one year. It is largely a one man project of experienced Swedish game maker, Markus Persson (full credits here).

Minecraft drops the player into a vast, pristine, and hostile world in which they must build tools and find resources in order to survive. The focus is on gameplay, and graphics are deliberately crude. Both single player and multiplayer versions exist. In the multiplayer version, players are free to either collaborate or compete.

Minecraft had been selling more than 4,000 copies a day for several weeks, but sales spiked to new highs after a server meltdown prompted Mojang to offer the game for free over the weekend. Many of those who tried the game, which has been dubbed 'Minecrack' for its addictive quality, obviously liked it so much that they purchased it as soon as the servers came back online on Wednesday.

Indeed, Mojang has quite a habit of finding triumph in adversity: an earlier bump in sales was apparently triggered by publicity surrounding Paypal's decision to temporarily lock Persson's account because the amount of money flooding in was deemed 'suspicious'. Sales grew to over 6,000 a day during this period.

"It all feels unreal. I thought I could make a living from the game, but I did not expect to become rich", Persson said in an interview with IDG. Persson was courted by major games companies, including Valve and Bungie, during a recent visit to the US, but said he was not interested in job offers.

peaceful minecraft screen The game relies on open source sound and graphics code, notably the Lightweight Java Game Library (LWJGL). Persson's use of the Java programming language has made the game easily portable. Versions of Minecraft are available for PCs, Macs and Linux. It is playable on relatively low-powered systems such as netbooks, although graphics can be jerky on such machines.

Perrson cites games such as Dwarf Fortress, Dungeon Keeper and Inifiniminer among key influences on Minecraft's anything-goes nature and blocky 8-bit style.

While it is obviously popular, Minecraft is far from complete, Persson says. The game is still in heavy development, with the current version labeled an 'alpha', and a 'beta' version planned for the near future. Persson plans to double the price to €19.95 when the game is finished, but a purchase of the current version includes all future versions.

More info:
Minecraft Website
July 2010 PC Gamer interview with Markus ‘Notch’ Persson

minecraft landscapeCorrection: This article originally gave the price of the game as $10. The actual price is €9.95 Euros (about $13.30)

Update: This site has archived recent sales data for the game. Sales for September 22 reached almost 26000 copies, representing revenue of almost $350,000 for that 24 hour period.

Update: Persson plans to release the beta version of Minecraft by the end of the year, at which time the price will be increased to €14.95.

Update Sept 29: Since reaching a peak of almost $350,000 in one 24 hour period, on September 22, Minecraft has been selling well over $100,000 every day, despite server outages that have sometimes prevented sales or registrations. Note that because Persson resides in Sweden, these impressive revenue numbers are obviously going to be subject to Swedish taxes to some extent (very approximately 25% for business income, and almost 60% for personal income at the highest rate).

It's more like $300,000

It's more like $300,000 because the game is 9.95€~$12.94...

its actually 9.95 euros so

its actually 9.95 euros so its closer to 14 dollars per sale.

The price is 10EURO. Not

The price is 10EURO. Not 10Dollars.


The price is €9.95, not USD($). It's about $13.32 per copy. So, at the time I checked this 24557 people bought the game in a 24 hour period. $327152.52 in one day!

k your a f**king retard...

k your a f**king retard... who the f**k cares about the price. I wanns split hairs, I want the last word! F**king children you are

Don't be THAT guy, the one

Don't be THAT guy, the one who says people are retards but is closer to one than anybody that he's ever insulted before.

i luv minecraft

i luv minecraft

The spike in sales isn't

The spike in sales isn't solely for the reasons you listed. Reddit.com had a hand to play. It's popularity spread like wildfire in the week before the servers went down.

also, a big name gaming

also, a big name gaming youtuber (seananners) with several hundred thousand subscribers started doing a "lets play" and got ALOT of people interested. its probably one of his most popular series now.

The two comics done by the

The two comics done by the guys over at Penny Arcade certainly didn't harm sales either.

and of course lets not

and of course lets not forget the countless blogs and videos out there that lured me and 2 friends in

And lets not forget

And lets not forget BlueXephos

and lets not forget about

and lets not forget about the tattoo on my d*ck.

It's crashed, and it won't

It's crashed, and it won't boot up!

Minecraft is Amazing.

I been playing Minecraft for a while even run one the biggest SMP servers out there http://godcraft.com

I would say Minecraft has easily won me over as my ultimate fun game of all time.

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rules 1&2 dont count

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The only rule

Is rule 34

god grow up kids

god grow up kids

Wtf 4chan???

Lol 4chan is fucking retarded. funnyjunk is so much better.

Not sure if trolling

or just retarded

Trolls be trolling

Trolls be trolling

Fad in action.

This is the perfect example of a fad in action. Hope someone writes a paper about this some day. It would be really interesting to read how this came about.


must've been from all that time he spent on the graphics engine, I was blown away!!! Honestly, I don't see what is so great about this game, and I for one, am not going to buy it. Maybe if this came out 15 years ago, I'd be impressed, but I just can't simply be caught playing this because I'd look like some kind of pedophile/hermit.


yeah all the people playing or buying Minecraft must be idiots or blind

alas people like you have

alas people like you have forgotten how games were meant to be


not just flashy graphics

if all you care about is graphics, go play flower



wow. idiot.

The game's graphics aren't THAT bad. Face it, not everyone can make every game perfect. But look at the way the game is put together. Like crafting, killing, surviving, playing with others, mine through the earthliness ground, create almost ANYTHING, and best of all, the flow of day and night. Face it, you just cant bag on the game without looking at these facts.

Texture Packs..

There are Texture Packs which improves the graphics. .. But the graphic are not important.. The FUN is: Crafting, killing, surviving, playing with others, mine through the earthliness ground, create almost ANYTHING, and best of all, the flow of day and night. And there are also Mods which adds new features, items & blocks.

you sucking

you suck

shoo troll, shoo

shoo troll, shoo

Sorry, did you say something

Sorry, did you say something about graphics?

I was having too much fun building my own castle to notice the graphics.

(It makes me wonder why more of the studios that have the manpower to do high-end graphics-heavy games don't dabble in this kind of construction sandbox gameplay. Games like Minecraft clearly demonstrate a demand for these mechanics; why don't we get a company like Gearbox or Rare making this?)

Because they charge 49,95

Because they charge 49,95

The price is in pounds, not

The price is in pounds, not dollars

No, it is in Euros, not

No, it is in Euros, not Pounds.

I will give thee my 2

I will give thee my 2 largest oxen in exchange for a copy of Minecraft.

I stopped reading here

I stopped reading here because the only way from here is down.

MineCraft is Bullsh*t

Lmfao.. largest oxen...

Anyways, Minecraft has the sh*ttiest. And I repeat. Sh*ttiest graphics of any game I've ever seen... I've played it for a few hours recently and it was exciting at first. But, after much time it became extremely boring. The game has no goal, no desire to make you want to go on and play it. Personally, to me Minecraft is just a game to waste time when there is nothing for you to do at the moment... When comparing Minecraft to other games such as Runescape, I would give it a 3/10.

P.S. Minecraft is a game for hermits and pedos.

Minecraft Review.

Minecraft is a wonderful game everyone should buy. The game may have 8-bit 3D graphics, but dont let that fool you over the EPIC gameplay. You can craft and shape the world as you like. And hopefully the creator will get survival mode for multiplayer soon.

Euro, not Dollars

It's even more impressive. It's 10 Euro, not $10, so it's closer to $350,000

That would be in Euro's not

That would be in Euro's not USD

Actually its 10 Euros, which

Actually its 10 Euros, which is approximately 13 USD

"It is playable on

"It is playable on relatively low-powered systems" is debatable. I've certainly had it come to a stop and turn a new Macbook Pro into a sluggish griddle. Then it picks up and gets going again.

My suspicion is JVM's GC, since it seems to be periodic pauses, not related much to actvity.

I know, it's alpha.

I had the same problem until

I had the same problem until I reduced the draw distance to "normal." my MBP runs the game perfectly now.

How does your Macbook Pro

How does your Macbook Pro perform in general with Java applications?

I've been off the Mac platform for awhile, but the last time I tried it, the Mac implementation of the JVM felt extremely lacking in performance.

From what I've seen, Mac

From what I've seen, Mac users are better off running Minecraft under Windows in Boot Camp (if that option is available to them).

My Mac is a bit older, but I don't recall ever seeing acceptable performance out of OS X's JVM implementation. When I bought it in 2002 I found that Java stuff ran better on my vintage 1999 Pentium III Windows 2000 box. I'm not sure how the new Macs perform, but it doesn't seem like things have changed very much.

my macbook pro 17" runs it

my macbook pro 17" runs it fine.

The price is 10 Euro, not US

The price is 10 Euro, not US Dollars. At the current rate that translates to $13.38 USD. So he actually makes a good bit more.


The graphics are horrible! You can buy games from steampowered.com for $10 or less with far better graphics and networkign abilities. Lucas Games had a sale last week for a bunch of $5 games.


Because graphics != game play. The graphics SUCK, but the gameplay is what it's all about. Minecraft is simple, yet has depth. It's a perfect example of how gameplay trumps graphics. If all you care about is the pretty, then this is clearly not for you.

The graphics are

The graphics are intentionally lo-fi. It's part of the game's charm.


It's sort of like the difference between watching a movie with amazing special effects and no storyline Vs watching a movie with an amazing storyline and character development, but with pretty ordinary (if any) special effects.

I don't know about you, but I'd prefer the movie that doesn't rely on looking pretty to keep me coming back for more.


If you think the graphics are awful, you should avoid Dwarf Fortress in that case. A game so many people like that uses ascii graphics as the only way of seeing what you're doing.

It's comments like yours

It's comments like yours "KieranMullen" that show how ignorant some people are. That's really all people care about these days is graphics. I've played many games where the main focus was just graphics and the game itself sucked balls. I mean have you even played the game? The gameplay is so addicting that I don't even care what it looks like.

Are you serious you idiot?

Are you serious you idiot? The graphics within Minecraft are intentionally 8 bit in style. Thats where the original influence is from: old games. You're a retard man, if you really care about graphics that much, you're missing out, considering some of the games with amazing graphics these days have TERRIBLE gameplay. Retard.


That's a lot of money per day. Congrats to Mojang, a true indie success story!

Incorrect Currency for the Game

It is currently 10 euros, not Canadian, Australian, Namibian dollar, Rhodesian or American dollars.


god i wish i thought of that fisrt. The guys a freaking genius!

Available for PCs, PCs, and

Available for PCs, PCs, and PCs? And Linuxes? Are linux and OS X hardware now?

have you learned about JAVA?

Java is avaiable on *lots* of operating systems… including most unix flavors…

I just wanted everyone to be

I just wanted everyone to be really really sure that it was euros not dollars. Just in case anyone didn't see the first 50 people say it.

ahah good one :P

ahah good one :P

Not sure

Hey Interwebs,

I'm not sure if anyone mentioned this but the cost per unit is not in dollars, but candian loonies so it's more like $69 a day.

I know this was a joke, but

I know this was a joke, but last I heard the exchange rate for the US dollar to Canadian dollar was essentially 1:1

Make love not Minecraft

I'm quite surprised nobody's mentioned it yet, but I just want you all to know that the price for Minecraft is in Zimbabwean Shekels, not dollars.

If you don't have any shekels, they will also accept a barter deal of a basket of fresh zucchinis, a gallon of kool-aid, or the rear hub caps from a 1997 Toyota Camry.

That's just silly, hubcaps

That's just silly, hubcaps are universal, nobody could possibly know if you got them off the front or back.

Obviously, you would have to

Obviously, you would have to enclose pictures of your Camry showing the front hub caps still in place. Duh!

Minecraft hubcap exchange scam!

It's child's play to switch the rear hubcaps to the front, and then take the photo. That's how I got my copy of Minecraft. Muhaha... take that, Notch!

You are my hero

You are my hero

Wouldn't he be earning like

Wouldn't he be earning like $90,000 US a day not $300,000 if sales PEAKED at 6000 per day?

Also if he was selling a copy every 3 seconds then that would be 28,800 copies per day not 6000... which would mean he's earning $432,000 per day.

This article was right about one thing, that mine craft is as addictive as crack.

reread the article. Sales

reread the article. Sales peaked at 6000 per HOUR, not day.

this isnt even funny

this isnt even funny trolling its just lame.

awesome, he has probably

awesome, he has probably made enough money buy now, he should just make it free.

He should just make it free?

He should just make it free? Why? People don't seem to mind paying money for it. You go make a game, and then make it free. This game is one in a million as far as the money it's making. You just don't give away once in a lifetime chances.

Calling it a game is a

Calling it a game is a long-shot. It isn't fun.. At all.

This "game" has only become popular because the people on Reddit/Digg are so high on drugs these days, that you can tell them "fun game is fun", and they will explode with anticipation.

I agree... I don't

I agree...

I don't understand it either. It was my understanding that if you didn't want to push the technological envelope, you had to be really really REALLY innovative. What the hell is so innovative about minecraft?

People will seriously play ANYTHING... while they wait for Diablo 3... the founder of digital crack imo.

speaking as the designer of Diablo 1 and 2

I freakin' love minecraft!

Um yeah you don't understand

Um yeah you don't understand it, cause its obviously not your type of genre. I on the other hand love being able to contruct things, and shape the world how I want. And who said anything about innovation, minecraft is just fun in its simplicity, yet it still has a lot of depth to it.

Minecraft is virtual

Minecraft is virtual legos... I'd rather have real legos where I get to show people in real life what I accomplished building...

Yea, LEGOs are so stupid.

Yea, LEGOs are so stupid. They just sit there and I'm all like, "What? I have to use my imagination and put them together to make something of my own? Screw that! MOAR HALO PLZ."

Books are stupid too

Man, sometimes people tell me that I should check out a certain book. So I tell my parents to buy it, and when they give it to me, it doesn't even do anything. So I'm all like "What is this, I actually have to try to imagine what is happening and then try to understand the story as a whole? This book sucks. I'm going to watch the movie version and use plot summaries so that I can sound smarter."

I'd think with all this great video technology, they'd just turn all books into movie screens, rather than keep those boring paper things.

open source

Got to feel for the guy who made Infiniminer open source in the first place [!] , which then became Minecraft. Not only is Notch making mad cash but half the people on the internet thinks Zach is copying him as well; when that guy should be the one being lauded methinks ..

-- Chuan

"Update: This site has

"Update: This site has archived recent sales data for the game. Sales for September 25 reached almost 26000 copies, representing revenue of almost $350,000 for that 24 hour period."

-Its not even the 25th yet... I think you mean the 23rd


LOVE MINECRAFT. I dont give a shit if the graphics are bad. The gameplay is so addicting, plus its not even done yet. I hope there is a reason for saving my eggs.


Hey how much is the price?

Minecraft vs Infiniminer

While it's true that Minecraft is inspired by Infiniminer, Minecraft was NOT made from the Infiniminer source code.

Jesus christ, who gives a

Jesus christ, who gives a flying fuck if the figures or currency is wrong!!!!

Noooo its in pounds, noooo its in dollar...and then someone asks the price!!!!


I street fighter II

ryu can do fireballs. Doesthis g

I heart your advice.

Someone please give me your advice:
I like games that build things. But do you have to go out & find materials? Or can you just click from a materials-menu and start building. I want to avoid time-sinking grinds. Thanks!

if you go for the classic

if you go for the classic free version you dont have to collect any materials, and can just build away. same goes for the free multiplayer. you will be missing out on animals, weapons, boats, doors and the like, and be restricted to blocks only.

that doesn't really make it any less fun tbh. i love classic, and played around for hours. and even though the paid version requires some mining (sometimes a lot) it makes more then up for it by supplying you with all these interactive elements.

also its hardly grinding if you decide to make your shelter in a cave (you are gonna want to do that) or a hole, and youll be digging and hacking most of your shelter anyway.

The money isn't isn't right.

Just so everyone knows it's actually 9 Yearos not Dollars so it's more like 13 bucks. AMIDOINITRITE???


Some crazy numbers that many strive for and it shows you that you don't need next-gen type graphics on your browser-based games to compete with the big time players like Zynga.

Just to clarify...

The price is in bead necklace currency, used in New Orleans on Fat Tuesday. The game retails for about three necklaces or six breasts.

hey i just thought id liked

hey i just thought id liked to be the 1489751897589th person to mention the price is in Euros, not USD. Think we get the point yet?

Minecraft sucks and is for

Minecraft sucks and is for autistics.

HOW CAN IT SUCK if people

HOW CAN IT SUCK if people like it?

it's fun, the controls are solid, and it's fun to build stuff, and it's cheap/free to play.

He's making the price of a nice home every single day O.o

This was probably said a

This was probably said a long time ago but I hope you die a horrible painful death. Moron.

The Price is the main reason it is popular.

10 Euro price is one of the main reasons it is so popular. Watch him double the cost and then sales drop significantly. Hopefully he won't get too greedy.


I love reading pre-teens going on about how they think the graphics are so bad. Wow, I still think Morrowind is pretty. I'm not even that old but are there even any real gamers left who play games for the immersion and storytelling? Or is the gaming community now filled with 15-second-attention-span ADHD kids who just like bright, photo-realistic graphics? Good lord, Arena's graphics look like sandpaper but it's still damn immersive and creepy. Grow up, guys. I think Minecraft is very pretty.


I LOVE ARENA!! Very immersive and addictive.


i want so bad or ill go crazy

I prefer every block type in

I prefer every block type in my inv. just so it's easier to build stuff.

This game sucks time up so I almost never play it anymore (even though I JUST got the Alpha).

As someone said above, it

As someone said above, it does seem like these days gamers are mostely imiture 10 year olds, good to see not all gamers are. Minecraft is addictive ive been playing it for around 6 days strait, can't wait untill adventure mode is made, as well as multiplayer survival support.

on another note, I too hope to be a games developer and wish Notch good luck with later projects.

rate my base !

i am a 43 year old casual gamer . most all the new games do NOTHING for me , last great game was ZERO HOUR , with mods imho . minecraft has brought back the desire to enjoy pcvg for me . i have been playing for 2 weeks , rate my base , please !


oh wow

this game is incredible, i tried the game during the 'free weekend' as he called it, and its amazing. the reason this game is selling is because it can (and is) loved by casual and hardcore gamers alike. if you want to try it for yourself, play minecraft classic on his website. its free, and works the smae way as the new minecraft, except it can only allow you to build and destroy. its also not survival, so you can build and dig in clear daylight. the game is only called minecraft because you mine for ores, the basics needed to survive (light torches, build better tools, etc.). the game is bigger than that, like hunting for food, farm, making clothing, building a shelter and gathering wood during the day, and at night you can improve stuff inside your shelter, continue mining, smelt ores, and so much more. this is only the alpha! imagine when its done...

Sick of these wow clones...

Sick of these wow clones...

Its nothing like wow. If

Its nothing like wow. If anything it's more like garrys mod with more gameplay oppurtunities. If I get this I will not get any sleep for a week

Dude needs to lrn2retire. He

Dude needs to lrn2retire.

He should just spend a few hundred grand on a ridiculous server set up, pay some kid to maintain it, and then sit back in his chair on a beach in Mexico and watch the dough roll in.

I agree, Minecraft is

I agree, Minecraft is addictive as crack. Makes me wonder though. Tetris, an other game at least as much addictive in its time. A game based on squares/cubes...like Minecraft. Does it mean cubes are the secret ingredient to gameplay addiction??? o.O


It is funny that when people troll you guys. You get all super defensive. You know the game is bad. Played the free version it was teh worste. If I wanted to build something I would go down to Lowe's or hardware store and buy wood and build a freakin castle in the back yard. This game is for the lord of the ring homo's that think that movie is awesome and it is in fact a bunch of walking. So keep rubbing each other's precious' and the game is 10 bucks, euros, quid, sheckels, bread necklaces whatever who cares. QQ about it. If you dont have that much money you mine as well be a hobo begging for change. Moving on. Guy made a catchy little game and made money off of it. Not for me at all i think it is about as dumb as Ultima Online. But then again I GO OUTSIDE. Sun light doesnt burn me into a room to build castles and hugging dragons from the rear end under the tail trying to catch a whiff of what it had for lunch last week. This game would be the most awesome game ever if MAG didnt exist or any other game didnt exist. If this was the only game in on a browser left to play. I think i would quit gaming all together. Yes it is that terrible. This game is about as good as Katy Perrys i kissed a girl. Catchy lyrics because you want to see that going on. WALL OF TEXT HITS YOU FOR OVER 9000!!!!!

To the person above, your're

To the person above, your're an idiot, especially since you mentioned mag in your post. This isnt even remotely in the same genre. I play FPS's, RTS's, RPG's, everything, and I still find time to serve the United States Air Force. Sunlight doesnt burn me, I play for Alconbury(soccer) in England. Weird huh. I play video games and I play sports and am in the Service? People like you are beyond help when it comes to stereotyping. Go away. This game is perfect. I can spend as little or as much time as I want on it, and just think about all the crazy stuff I can build later.

hello. I see you watch

hello. I see you watch Dragon Ball Z. Allow me to point out how utterly pitiful that show really is. Now,you stated you played the free version. Have you wondered why its free? because its obviously not as good as the pay version. Dragons also don't exist in Minecraft Alpha.MAG is a first person shooter. This is more like a role playing game. I kissed a girl is a horrid SONG. See the difference between a nice piece of software,and a horrible SONG about lesbianism? go back to playing your world of warcraft. Come back when you get a girlfriend.

The price is in Euros not dollars!


The price is in Euros not dollars!

has anyone mentioned

That the price is actually in Euros and not Dollars :P

Also my castle now has carpet in it :) And its made out of stone so no accidental fires for me.

pay for this game

I would rather pay 10euros for minecraft, a game developed primarily by one guy, than I would pay 60USD for some crappy EA game that will be reskinned and resold to you 100 times before they even attempt to do anything new. Also check out "Natural Selection 2" another good game by a small studio that isn't evil. Props on minecraft, I payed 9.95 euros 14.22 USD lol

i have to admit i download a

i have to admit i download a torrent of the game to test it out... then 2 days later i bought a legit copy, i wanted to help this guy in production of minecraft,
buy it

(i wanted to try it before i spent £10 :P)



LOL I tried classic on the

LOL I tried classic on the website, downloaded the torrent and then discovered it was 10 Euros ONCE, not per month... then I just paid for it.

Brilliant game, I even dream in 1m3 cubes now :-)

Even with the taxes he's

Even with the taxes he's still going to be doing way better off than I am



Wow! The man is getting rich

Wow! The man is getting rich by the hour. Well, I think he deserves it though. He made and fun game and I'm sure he worked hard on this game. His hard work payed off. Some people here are just jealous of how much money the guy is making. Sure hope the game gets better and better. The only thing I'm thinking of right is how much tax he has to pay for it. wow.

Best game ever.

Minecraft is hecka fun, i'm addicted. And really the graphics are cool, the game play is excellent... Ooo and im pretty sure the price is in Euros not USD, im not really sure tho...

Good on 'im

This guy has just made so much money. God, this guy is an inspiration to us all! Good on him for doing what he loves and getting (handsomely) rewarded for it. ;P


I have info from a very reliable source that there is already a Minecraft movie going into production very soon. Details are scarce but what it sounds like is a "based on a true story" type thing not unlike the social network. The story will follow notch on his journey from developing, to his success, documenting the viral spread of the game online, right up to the climax where he takes on Rick Astley and Gabe Newell to WIN THE INTERNET.

I can't wait.

This made me lol

This made me lol

This ruined it

This ruined it

Minecraft is stupid, and

Minecraft is stupid, and everyone who bought it was conned and mislead.

Like a bunch of lambs to the freakin slaughter. You people are too stupid to realise that there are far better games out there which will give you almost the exact same experience, only better. Seriously, minecraft is just one big virtual job. Digging freakin holes to build up your crappy little virtual buildings and that's it.

If you like that kind of thing, then why not buy a game like Tropico 3 instead? That way you get to build up your own creations, but at least it's far more involving and has far more depth, with various game modes, not to mention the incredible graphics. There are countless similar experiences out there in gaming, it's just sad that everyone followed the hype like sheep, and think they have come across something special when really it's just second rate compared to games that have been around for years.

Maybe if for one minute, you freakin lemmings put your Call of Duty 99 or whatever force fed mainstream crap it is you sheep play... you would have found that there is a whole world full of great games out there. I miss the days when gamers were actually gamers... and read magazines about games and discovered lesser known gems. You modern gamers have it easy with the freakin internet, and yet you are too dumb and lazy to even use it!!! It's incredible. You have the world at your finger tips and all people do is follow trends. The Sims, Call of Duty, World of Warcraft, Minecraft, Fallout 3, bleh.. Well you get what you deserve I suppose. Mediocrity. You could have far better but you don't deserve it anyway. You just want to sit there with your eyes closed and your mouths open to be force fed whatever the other helpless lambs are fed. So be it.

What if

What if we actually like minecraft? You can't tell us what to play, if we enjoy minecraft, what's the problem? so you can have your 1000 shelf of "quality" games, and we can enjoy our mediocre stupid games.






A guy built a full-sized Star trek enterprise on mc classic!
Go build that in tropico 3.

I discovered minecraft by chance and loved it.
PS: remember to actually try the game before you judge it

What are you talking about?

What are you talking about? Have you even tried the game! you can make your own game mode, if you haven't seen that you can make your own server. and personally i think the people who like minecraft are the creative ones, not the ones who have to play a game with the world mapped for them.

Nice sentence structure buddy, my Lit. Comp. Teacher would be proud

I hate people like you

I hate people like you

So you are saying that

So you are saying that Minecrarft is a mainstream game? Stupid...

Minecraft is a Great game!
CoD Sucks

In that case, what do you

In that case, what do you play, anon?
the only 'better alternative' game you actually mentioned namewise in your post was Tropico 3, and essentially it's only better due to it having "far more depth" (i haven't played trop3, I could be wrong, but I'd say minecraft with its massive world, always changing is deeper) and its "incredible graphics" (minecraft is famed not only because of its immensity but simple graphics that take players, especially older gamers, back to their childhood.). If you go on armorgames.com or any major game hoster, there are 8bit games with storylines so immersive and unique you compare it to things like the first super mario with much better gameplay. Oh and before I forget, there are plenty of alternatives to Tropico 3, i'm sure. It's definitely not the first of its kind, nor any of the first thousands. Have you seen a game that has 8 bit graphics, is 3D, shows the world in cubes, has original, novocal[you thus waste no thought on understanding vocal, it is then your choice to interpret the music and what it represents] music, has updates every week, has the creator[s] constantly posting and keeping you updated on literally everything and gosh knows what else i'm missing from the list.

And by the way, I don't play any of the COD franchise or etc. [Also, tropico 3 would be considered mainstream] When Minecraft was literally just released and nobody knew about it, would that be considered mainstream? The only way to have found out about minecraft were from friends or the internet of which you stated we do not use...
Minecraft was never a trend, if you go on the forums, if you go on google, look for any thread or any website or any post that has constant streams of dissapointment regarding the purchase of Minecraft. People who buy it are satisfied, nothing less.
I think you're the one settling with far less, and I also think you're the one who does not deserve to play.

To the above

We people are not lambs or sheep. I play what I want, not what people tell me to play, and, please, stop trolling.

how stupid are you, have you

how stupid are you, have you even played minecraft?

Wtf you talking about

Wtf you talking about Dombo.. We played Tropico 3 too....

I think things go mainstream

I think things go mainstream for a reason. And people do still read gamer magazines. The truth is, mainstream games are good because there is a wide player base, so it is easy to talk about and play with others. But i totally agree with you that minecraft is stupid. I don't even get the point of making little blocks and constructing things with no goal.It's like people are paying to play with virtual legos. Anyways, keep voicing your opinion.


Your a douchebag, just a faggot that is living in the past, grow up, minecraft is an awesome game, you have probably never even played it moron.


im srsly addicted to playing Minecraft. Probably have logged 100+ hours on it so far :Z fml


1. Work on game with shit for graphics
2. Make it into another sandbox-style online game
3. Rip off of Infiminer
4. throw in some features like "Crafting" and shitty physics
5. Make it run on Java (Which will make it run soo smoothly!
6. Throw in some features
7. ????
8. Profit

Return to Blockland

1. Make an original game with fair graphics
2. Make it easy to make buildings that aren't blocky
3. Make it easy as hell to mod the game
4. 100% Free
5. ????
5. Fail

This should downloadable on

This should downloadable on the Xbl marketplace and psn!

At above

That's because you can't play the game right.

Just a post, <__< if anyone even got this far down.. =.="

>.> I should be putting my .05$ into this "discussion.." <.< Since we have trolls and we have well, "players.." both disputing for a reason, that I'm not sure of yet..
First point...

<.< Seriously..
=.=" It's Euros... not dollars... >.> Lol.. are people that ... well, I don't want to offend anyone... but seriously.. >.> I think we all caught it the first time.. I mean, I had a laugh at how many people were talking to eachother as if the other person before them didn't post it... <.< well, nevermind.. =.=" that's going to end in me ranting... so anyways...
Well, There was one person in the posts before mine.. I read someone talk about "old-skool gamers" or "gamers who used to play 8-bit//16//32//64bit games" >.> and then later saying minecraft is terrible... well, here is my opinion, which based off my age (18..) isn't too old or too young and rather much in between//with all the other posters here...
>.> i've played games(and have collected over 700 games of all generations.. <__< but I'm missing the sega game gear and the Atari Jaguar... >.> and I'm missing a few things.. <.< like.. Megaman X3... >.> or.. <.< Castlevania: Dracula X... >.> while having all dragon quest (starting on NES...) while.. <.< equally having all fallouts and CODs.. <__< Just a little troll myself.. e.e Black ops.. well, is the second game I've ever sold.. <__< next to fall out3.. <__< {COD 2 and 4.. well, are absol. alot better.. =.="}) anyways... >__> I think i have enough "prestige//rank//experience" to say.. <__< minecraft is actually pretty decent..
=.=" I'm going to have to admit... <___< I was first skeptical about the game.. <__< since I've seen a few "things.." or "games.." out there that have attempted to come close to this sand box type game... but.. minecraft, simply takes the cake (atleast for the moment being.. =3= gosh, I'm rambling again..) >.> but.. seriously.. .__." I torrented this game.. (not like it's a confession that is going to save me from hell or anything.. <__< not like I believe in it...) but.. >.> at first (without watching videos.. or reading minecraft's wiki page..) I thought this was the most.. BS.. <_< i could ever imagine.. =3= and then the fact that I torrented it on my jank laptop....... >.> until I learned you can change a few settings.. <.< anyways..
<__< so I decided to deem this game a little.. <.< "out there..." but >__> I recalled that it was a game I didn't even take the chance to see others have a few "guides//intros//commentaries.." well, <.< alot of people named "famous youtubers" <__< that I've yet to ever hear of still.. =.=" but.. I came across a person named... **** =.=" I don't remember, but.. >.> in the search bar.. <__< type the "X001 adventures of X" and I'm sure you can follow from episode 1.. =.= and you'll see it's not bad.. >.> I mean, if you don't like the game... then hell.. >.> don't go to a "minecraft related site.." to troll.. =.=" hell, if you want to troll.. <.< troll on the US government and attempt to change the world's view over that.. <__< or something.. =.=" damn conspirist.. (<.< >.> <.< throw some ideas passed me... >.> I am one two.. <__< =.=" anyways.. ramble//rant rant rant..) hmh.. well.. :l I've played the torrented game for.. <__< about.. 70hrs gametime+ alone.. =.=" and then bought the game myself.. <.< and hell, ._.' dungeon mode and "zombie horde mode" are coming out.. =3= where zombies can break blocks... >.> I'm excited.. .__."

<.< but.. =3= I do admit... >.> i do lack the "perfect lifestyle.." .__.' more like.. <.< I don't take that mile jog every morning... >__> I don't do 100reps of 320 squats in my personal gym next to the garage that has my ferrari or anything..
<__< I'm just an average guy... =3= that can actually squat 325 a few times while weighing at 143lbs.. ;] >.> but.. seriously.. .__." it's not bad to play a game.. >.> especially since it's cheap (Compared to.. <__< a "map pack of 3maps.." that's 20$ <__< seriously..? e.e that's sad... but.. >.> anyways..)

=.=" Just play the game.
If you don't like it... .__.' don't troll... =.=" or atleast troll on a blog somewhere that hates minecraft... >__> or something..

Then again..
=3= I did play games//applications.. such as.. Byond.. or telnet games.. (; So I guess.. :PP I just like games..
=.=" and one more troll//comment.. <__< people living off of graphics... sadly to say... >__> you're ruining it for the rest of us.. >__> I'm seriously just going to sell all my games.. <__< and all my "newer gen" consoles... <__< if they produce even more... 99 crappy//mediocore games for every 100... <__< it's really.. =__=" bothering me.. <__< and a side note about COD:black ops.. =.=" I think i hate it.. cause.. <_< I've sniped on every call of duty.. <__< not that 360/720 no scope shit.. <__< that is all luck.. =.= anyways.. >.> <__< I have to take 2~3 shots with any of those snipers.. <__< while noticing i have no where to hide.. =.=" which is rather annoying... <__< i mean.. e.e hell, I still have a 1.87.. <__< but.. idk..
>__> =.=" I did try
Sleight of hand
Spas (silenced)
=.=" and I was pissing people off.. >.> and getting a chopper//dog//blackbird.. :l almost every second game... <__<
=.=" anyways..
=.=" ...
Minecraft isn't bad..
>__> seriously...

God damn...

It was so hard to get through your post.... I couldn't even finish it...

wtf is wrong with you?

wtf is wrong with you?

This is probably the most

This is probably the most annoying post I have ever read in my life.

with the cash he making the

with the cash he making the amount of work his accountant is doing he must be rich or underpaid...

Minecraft yawn....


With the cash he is making

With the cash he is making he should work on stabilizing the login servers!


the game is 15 ero.

the game is 15 ero.

I'm commander shepherd, and

I'm commander shepherd, and this is my favorite game on the citadel.

Wow, this is literally the

Wow, this is literally the worst game I have ever seen. All you do is build stuff. I'm going to go pwn @ halo 3.

This "game" is pure sh*t,

This "game" is pure sh*t, only ppl with no brain play it in 2011 !!!HEY WAKE UP NOOBS!!! Dude is just stealing your money from you and other mindless sheeps who keep playing it 24/07 GET A REAL LIFE AND PLAY SOME REAL GAME LIKE BATTLEFIELD 3