Get your new nose NOW, with DIY cosmetic surgery - only $7.50

Nose too wide? Embarrassed by your cavernous nostrils? Well, not any more with 'CoCo – Beautiful New Look of Nose'. Once again, Texyt's team of investigative journalists embedded in Asia have searched high and low to bring you another amazing scientific breakthrough from the shelves of their local supermarket.

cleopatra nose clip close up

Just leave this dainty clip tightly clamped on your nose at all times, and watch your face become more beautiful every day until you ultimately attain a 'Cleopatra Nose'. Your transformation could take place within days, or even months.

Don't worry about it clashing with the rest of your wardrobe, because it's now available in both pink and blue!

cleopatra clothes peg pinkcleopatra_nose_clip_pack

CoCo – Beautiful New Look of Nose is available at discerning stores in Japan, Korea and Taiwan from only $7.50. Why spend more on expensive plastic surgery and fancy doctors when you can just 'do it yourself'?

What are they smoking?

Here's the back of the product package. We offer the translation (below) in the spirit of fun rather than strict accuracy.

cleopatra_nose_clip package back

1. "Hey my friend! You have a wide nose. Incidentally, I had a wide nose before, but thanks to 'CoCo – Beautiful New Look of Nose', my gargantuan proboscis is a thing of the past. Check it out!"

. "Awesome! I can watch this convenient mirror and see my nose slimming down even as I drive my car. Oops, sorry about your kid, lolz!"
3. "Just a few more months of this torture, and I'll I have a Cleopatra Nose like that big-haired famous lady on TV. Or perhaps the restricted blood flow will just make my nose drop off. Problem solved either way!"
. "By keeping this unobtrusive clip on while I sleep, I can accelerate the nose-altering process! I know I just need to persevere and my hitherto dreary life will be utterly transformed by my new petite schnozzer.

Gosh, I really hope I get my new nose before I suffer further brain damage from the oxygen starvation caused by my self-induced sleep apnea."

Quick, bring out some science

According to the science department at Texyt Labs, this product isn't quite as ridiculous as it seems. Actually, your face or body shape CAN be gradually altered by this kind of steady pressure. Anybody who has had an ear (or other appendage) pierced has experienced this – if you don't keep the hole open, it'll slowly close up.

But we dread to imagine what kind of misshapen nose you could end up with, if this gimcrack $7.50 contraption goes awry. Not to mention the embarrassment of constantly looking like a synchronized swimmer who forgot to take her nose clip off.

Hey, but if you do want to take the plunge, don't forget: there's nothing to prevent you applying this to other body parts you want reshaped


Cheaper than cosmetic surgery!

OK. My first thought was, that's gotta hurt, and my second thought was "I wonder if that would work on my nose?

Maybe I'm going to try it with a Clothes Pin

WHAT r ya'll thinking u

WHAT r ya'll thinking u were given a nose for a reason ur nose not a fake one's not a clip-on's not a clip-on's still YOUR nose, just different...*raises eyebrow in wonder*'s not a clip-on's not a clip-on's still YOUR nose, just smaller...unless you leave it on too long and it just pinches your nose right off your face. But it's okay if that happens, I hear they have a warehouse at neverland ranch.




yeah you do win, i have a problem with my car wonder it this thing will work on it this seems like a versatile car fixing thing too! multi functional?

aww, come on man the dude is

aww, come on man the dude is dead :(

He wasn't dead at the time

He wasn't dead at the time of their comment. :)

na a fake nose would be one

na a fake nose would be one like michael jacksons

I brought it online and

I brought it online and tried while I was driving, it hurts though. I thought you could adjust the width but NOOP.

I don't think it's going to work. Wear it while sleep, NO WAY...

so did it work?

so did it work?


Hello can u please tell me how did you get the CoCo beauty?
i live in England but this object they sale it in japan plz
i really do need it
Thank you!

Hi, I saw your comment on texyt website, and just want to help. I just got this nose clip thing, and it WORKS! im not kidding. well i got it from, for 8 dollars with the shipping. or you could try finiding it on, i saw one with a price of only 99 cents! but my mom wouldnt let me buy from ebay because she doesn't get how could it be so cheap? so its up to you. is the best. I ordered this like 2 days ago, and i just got it now!! im sooooo excited.. haha.. hope this helps

i got mine from

i got mine from , im still in use of mine i hope it works

CoCO noseclamp

I am from New Zealand and wanted to buy the CoCo nose clamp as soon as i heard about it. Generally we dont have many japanese products exported from japan so the best place to buy the nose clamp i on ( its the best website. I just bought it but it is still being sent from Japan. I hope this helps people in new zealand to know where to buy this product! (0_0) !!

nose up

you can get one of these contraptraptions on ebay if you type in nose up, they are really cheap, $0.99+ $0.99 postage (£1.98) so really cheap, i've ordered mine hasn't come yet but can't wait to get started!!! i have a bump on my nose that im hoping will shrink away!!!!

wholesale price

patrick G

Hello Sir I would like to wholesale these products can you let me know what is your wholesale price, and what is yor MOQ and your payment method. waiting for your reply


Haha yes good idea!

Haha yes good idea!

Good - No Need For Damaging Cosmetic Surgery

Anything that prevents one from having actual cosmetic surgery has got to be a good thing. The cost and risk of future complications can be high. Yes, it's a clothes peg, so what? It works apparently.

hey let us know if the

hey let us know if the clothespin does the trick ! or maybe it's not the same..

Nose clip

Michael Jackson could have saved a whole lot of money if he knew about this product!
Is this why he is so well liked in Asia?
Do they think his nose is so narrow because of this product???

Didn't his nose fall off?

There WAS a story that part of his nose fell off

And that story was untrue

And that story was untrue >>
Just like most the stories the media made up about him.
You can find that out if you do your homework... his FBI files and Coronary Reports are out on the internet now lol

nose clip

some of you girls must remember Amy from my childhood book: 'Little Women'. She put a clothes pin on her nose while her family laughed. In her defense, she did end up marrying Laurie, the rich next door neighbor and had a very happy life, so...there you are.

cosmetic nose clip

Lends a whole new light on "button your lip."

Where can I get this product

Where can I get this product from internet??? Any major shopping malls from Hongkong, Malaysia or SIngapore sell??

Nose Clips doesn't work...

I brought it online and tried while I was driving, it hurts though. I thought you could adjust the width but NOOP.

I don't think it's going to work. Wear it while sleep, NO WAY...

hey where I can order this nose clip

hey can you tell me where I can order this nose clip from the internet from?


Where can I get

Where can I get this product from internet??? Any major shopping malls from Hongkong, Malaysia or SIngapore sell??

i got it from one of the

i got it from one of the cosmetic shop near Ang Mo Kio very cheap less then $5sgd .now they came out with a smaller size $4.90 still using it like 20min a day blood clot on the skin surface of my nose.cant tell if it works..but my friend think my nose are in good use to be crooket to one side..hope this help


How much would a product like that cost? My Marketing teacher would laugh her ass off at that. Haha too funny, and i agree with you about Michael Jackson's nose, but he would have no nose, just a bump if he used that product


yeah...just so ya know it says how much it is up there...

um, $7.50 like it says in

um, $7.50 like it says in the article?

hey where can i purchase

hey where can i purchase this? please let me know.


Hello, id like to know how I can purchase this product or where? I live in los angeles

I want one

Does anyone know where I can order one? I really want to try it!

I want to buy.. where I can

I want to buy.. where I can buy from??

At last

I've used this technique several years ago already! I used to use nostril enlarging strips when I was doing sports (they help you breathe more easily when you have a narrow nose) and I had noticed how my nose was wider after using those for several hours of doing sports, and I thought the reverse would work as well... Only i used weak clothes pins. Sh**, I coulda been rich by now... Why don't nobody ask me for cool product ideas before someone actually manufactures it? Grr...


Do you know if this procedure makes your nose pointier???

nose clip

Sorry guys, it can`t possibly work, or else corsets would make you thin .

have you never seen those

have you never seen those people who use the corsets and have "beehive" waists? Honestly...

i likeyou

i likeyou

Lol, corset training does

Lol, corset training does alter your waist forever.

We are TALKING about Noses

We are TALKING about Noses (bone and Cartelidge) Not Fat, Numb Nuts!

Numb nuts - Corsets have

Numb nuts - Corsets have been known to shift frickin' body organs so stfu

HAHAHA I love this comment!

HAHAHA I love this comment!



Uh. Corsets can bend ribs

Uh. Corsets can bend ribs and have many times. Not just shift them, BEND them. Yes you can.

but this is cartilage.. not

but this is cartilage.. not fat.

cartilage CAN be reshaped.

cartilage CAN be reshaped. go google.

no is good

no is good

um, yeah

its just like chinese foot binding.
and im pretty sure that worked , although resulted in a deformed foot

however im sure that there are different circumstances, seeing as it is just cartilage that you are trying to reshape, and not the complete growth of the 26 bones in the foot.

One pill makes you larger, and one pill makes you small...

So what we have here is the inverse of the various pumps to enlarge various body parts? Put me in the "nose falls off, diction suffers" camp. Restricting blood flow is not a good idea!

i read that restricting

i read that restricting blood flow is actually how orthodontic braces work


If EVER see anyone like that,wearing one of those things, I will fall to the ground laughing my head off right in front of them.
Have come to this? Dear me...

well thats just mean!

well thats just mean!


you are so ignorant.

It's RM40 -RM50

In Malaysia, you can get it in Sasa. But it costs between forty to fifty.


sasa is what??? can u tell me?

Help me

The item for nose sell at??

Sasa is located at??

what brand sell the nose item?

Sasa is a shop. I bought a

Sasa is a shop. I bought a nose clip from Sasa in Mid Valley Megamall today, but it's a different brand, not Coco. Hope it works. It kind of hurts tho.

Nose Clip?

How can I get it if I'm in indonesia?

wer i can order?

i like this thing wer i can buy here in the philippines and how much? pls help me!

We have that here in the Philippines

You can buy it in isetann market (department store, cosmetic section), or any cosmetics store, for only Php20.00, its so cheap!!!

Nose Clip

HI sis, where can i get in metro manila besides isetan? Are there in watsons stores or hortaleza? I havent really seen any. Thanks in advance~!

Where is isetan?

Hey. I dont know where isetan is. Do you know other stores who has them? Thank you so much!

hi ma'am,

where can i find that c0co's clip on here in manila?what is the exact location?can u me as posible?i need your help..Thank you and Godbless!^_^

i know where,..

first, im not a maam, :) im a student who have been to isetan, its in recto, i dont know where you at, but, anyone knows a way to recto,.. you sure could ask anyone,.. :))))

i want order

How can i get it if im in malaysia,or direct buy online

It works...

My sister has one. She bought it from Chinatown at a salon named "Coco" and she only wore it at night. It made her nose less big. But she stopped and that's why she never got the nose she wanted. But it is visibly smaller xD

Chinatown in NYC?! cuase i

Chinatown in NYC?! cuase i have a big nose and i live in do you konw where in chinatown??

Nose Clips doesn't work...

I brought it online and tried while I was driving, it hurts though. I thought you could adjust the width but NOOP.

I don't think it's going to work. Wear it while sleep, NO WAY...

nose clip

what website did you get it from?

How long did it take before

How long did it take before there were visible results?

yeah ridiculously.. GENIUS! hehe (^_^)

OK so this thing is just a glorified clothes peg CLEARLY and it has hilarious packaging/marketing, but as crazy as it looks it should work in practice not just theory. It's ridiculousy genius actually. hehe. And yes restricting or constraining a body part for a long period of time will chnge its shape.

I read an article about a woman who went for a consultation to a plastic surgeon for liposuction, the price was way way WAY out of her budget so she just bought some heavy duty long leg girdles like that came down to her knees & up to her waist, a corsetted bodysuit/leotard and some surgical cloth thing that she used on her upper arms & her neck ( she apparently wrapped both her upper arms tightly and her neck - under her chin and around her head; like what people have on for a week post op after a face lift) she wore this whole restricting sucking tucking get up EVERY NIGHT for 3 entire months! then she went back to the plastic surgeon who had taken "before" photos of her at her initial consultation incase he was going to perform the liposuction, she proudly stripped down to show him her new body and he asked her why she had the procedure done elsewhere... she totally transformed her body and even an experienced plastic surgeon thought she had sculped & reduced her body through surgery!

He didnt believe her when she told him what she had done, she was 3 dress sizes smaller! so yeh it definitely works. after reading that i bought a but lifting sexy girdle off ebay & im wearing that every 2nd night, im going to start wearing a clothes peg at night now too ! lol. my nose is small but it wouldnt hurt to be smaller right???? lol

This is pathetic. Join a

This is pathetic.
Join a fucking gym.

You cannot reshape certain

You cannot reshape certain parts of your body by going to a gym.

I'm wearing one right now.

I'm wearing one right now. Got it on eBay. My nose seems to be the perfect candidate for this gizmo, because after wearing it for only about fifteen minutes the very first time I used it, my nose was perfectly thin and reshaped. That actually lasted for a couple of minutes!

The pressure/friction takes getting used to, but I'm going to experiment a little more by wearing it for increasingly longer periods at home and see if the effects will last longer. Then I can just use it for maintenance. At bedtime, I'll just put on my nose clip, then my retainer, Frownie and a few rollers in my hair, and with the scaffolding in place, go to bed.

One more reason why it's a good thing I live alone. :-/

hi can u please tell me if

hi can u please tell me if teh nose clip works...please..

where can i order this from

where can i order this from because i live in the uk?

order it

Here's a site where you can order it online: . But it on japanese :( Do anybody know it?

You can use Google

You can use Google Translate, just copy and paste the link on google translate (Japanese to English), here; I did it:

donde lo puedo conseguir aqui en la ciudad de mexico gracias!

me gustaria saber donde lo puedo conseguir en la cd de mexico

espero me puedan dar mas informacion


Can I get this in the UK

Anyone know if this is available in the UK? Also wouldn't a normal swimming nose clip do the same job?


This is such a cool tool for getting thinner nose. I wouldn't mind ordering one. But Really hope it work.

where can i buy or order it on internet?

Please. someone say me how and expecially where can i order this nose clipper to try it.

get me oneeeeeee

i want one.. can anyone tell me where i can get one. i live in Melbourne - Australia

co co nose clip

How do I order one email me th phone number than you .

go to its safe.

go to its safe.

Anyone tried this

Has anyone here tried this or anything like this - i'd be really interesed in hearing form you if so as i'm researching into these DIY methods at the moment.
Also even if you're just considering it - GET IN TOUCH - please!


hi pls help

hi can u pls provide me wit ur valuable research bout these methods as i have a deviated septum(i.e slightly tilted nose to my right) . if this method is useful i would wanna try it too. i would be really obliged as i m pretty satisfied wit rest of my face but nose is a big problem. pls help.

deviated septum - Nose Up

There is a company ( that makes the same product but they called it the 'Jiahe Nose up'. They also have a product they just call the 'Nose Up' which is supposed to straighten the bride of your nose. IF that works that may help someone with a deviated septum. You can find them on ebay for really cheap.

Oh and I've also run across a product called the Nose Roller which is 'supposed' to give you more control over what areas of your nose you want to slim down because instead of clipping it on and leaving it there you roll it up and down your nose (in the areas you want smaller) for a period of time (5-10 minutes is suggested) each day.

Check Ebay

Search for these on ebay using the keywords "JIAHE Nose Up" - there are lots of them - along with some other facial gadgets.



proved you wrong ;/ dont get mad

My dad was a biology proffessor at Harvard and now is the directer/leading scientist of a company. He's a doctor too.
My nose is buklky and he told me that the nose is made up of cartilage/soft bone and continuous pressure will actually elongate / slim the nose because cartilage, overtime, takes the shape of whatever you do to it, as long as you do it persistently for a VERY long period of time. so its not ALL BS
I thought this item was BS too until i used it religously and my nose looks really slim now. Not sure how long it will last tho

Cmon... A harvard biology

Cmon... A harvard biology professor versus a shitty makeup artist?

Ewww! I was a cosmetologist

Ewww! I was a cosmetologist too! And yes it does work1 This info is from a medical fact look it up in the internet, before you try to make yourself sound so stupid!! I took a cosmetic test and passed with 99.9% and let me tell you, it's nothing to brag about. You and i are no dermatologists hahahha how ignorant!

I've worked in your field

I've worked in your field and cosmetology, and you have nothing to offer in a way of advice, just by your attack alone, shows how ignorant you are. Let's face it. We are not any medical advisors, and this has not been out twenty years ago. don't s*** your stories out.

Ewww you were a professional

Ewww you were a professional what, color on the face with make-up and you think you are a rank to a nose surgeon? I did cosmetology same old thing, and i don't think i would use the 99.9% test pass to crap through my mouth with ignorant attitude like yours, It just shows that you are a liar. This clip just came out so how can yyou lie that you seen "anything" like this work? 19 years,,,tsk tsk, you are not a nose surgeon or anything close, chill out ,,,,liar

would this work on a bent

would this work on a bent nose. one that has a bump running down the middle.
kinda like a hook?
yes? no?

Nose clip

surely not, it isn't designed for that

Can anyone tell me if it

Can anyone tell me if it actually works?

You can get it in singapore

You can get it in singapore or Hong kong at SaSa, for about S$13.90 or HK$25. But it's currently out of stock (in spore). Sasa 'originated' from hk so it should be cheaper there.. I'm still waiting.....
But I have this fear that blood vessels in my nose will burst... Is it harmful?


AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA this is the stupidest thing i have ever heard in my entire life!
as if you idiots believe that a piece of plastic that clamps ur nose is actully going to make it smaller HAHAHA

get a life retards

Haven't you heard of chinese

Haven't you heard of chinese foot binding?

Or do you think that THAT "doesn't work"?

Maybe you should get a life, or at least, do some goddamn research.



lmao idiot thats like saying

lmao idiot thats like saying ear gages dont work...the things that make your peirings wider
clearly your body CAN change its shape.



u people are messed up

u guys need some serious help u might not like ur nose now but wait to hear what people are gunna say when they see u wearing that fugly nose clamp thing, are you sick? do u honestly believe that putting a clamp on ur nose is gunna fix ur face why not just go to home hardware and buy one there u will probably get more results industrial size it! get a life and stop slapping god in the face

What if you don't believe in

What if you don't believe in god?


You wear clothes? Do your

You wear clothes? Do your hair?

Stop slapping God in the face. And for all you know, God doesn't have a face.

once i thought 2 wear a peg

once i thought 2 wear a peg on my nose too. But if you havent realize that will cut of circulation of your nose and your nose might become black or something and start to rot... way disguisting..... dont do it...this is a cheap chinese product probably not clinically tested... i wouldnt trust it

It's Japanese, get it right.

It's Japanese, get it right.


Lol I bought 2 little plastic Thingies (u put it every day inside your nose and nobody can't tell u have it on) called NEW NOSE, it is suppose to make your nose taller and perkier now lets wait and see!

Yeah, I heard of something

Yeah, I heard of something like that and wanted to try it. I saw it on tv once, but i can't find it. Where did you buy it?

Well dat sounds interesting,

Well dat sounds interesting, tell us if it 'ave improved your nose shape. as far as i knoe, external pressure after growing up don't work to reshape your nose, it juzz works on newborn babies. i'm eager to knoe if it truely works. Goodluck.

is this product only

is this product only designed to thin your nose?wil it improve the symmetry of your face?

WOW i didn't know Michael

WOW i didn't know Michael Jackson was only popular in Asia. Hmmmpz didn't he get famous in the US? Wow you ignorant Americans are funny, when one of you goes coo coo mix him up with another race. Start going to school, and realize how uneducated you sound.

=( i think it's fake, these

=( i think it's fake, these external pressures juzz work on newborn babies, not for a grown up person, but wish it did. one said it true, it's not clinically proven dat it really works to reshape your nose. Ask a family doctor if it actually does something and post here, dat'll help ppl. neway, gudluck.

your big nose

Hey, this thing really work! I tried it in the pilipines but had to stop cuz my nose got two small i could not breathe. it come with fragrance two. i got mine in sampaguita,our national plower. it smell good.

Wow! dat sounds

Wow! dat sounds unbelievable! How long did it take to show results? Was it ruined again after u stopped using it? please share it if u dont mind.

hello from philippines

Where did you buy that here in philippines? What specific location you bought that thing, I wanna try if that really works. Thanks

hello kababayan! i wanna

hello kababayan! i wanna know where u bought this thing? i wanna try it.

Where get it

Hi you know where i get it in Taiwan? I want one. Here I use two chopsticks tie together but it not work well.I even try netsuke tie togther but it no work also. If anybody help welcome vely much.

I live in south Texas. We

I live in south Texas. We can not get it here. I even tried going across the river to Mexico.They dont have it either. I want one very bad.I want to look like Eva Longoria. She has pretty nose and pretty butt too. I tried clothespin but I dont want to look stupid when I go to shurch. Help me.

want to buy

Hi please help me i want buy CoCo – Beautiful New Look of Nose'

im sending from Muscat i want 2 from them how i can get?

'CoCo – Beautiful New Look of Nose

'CoCo – Beautiful New Look of Nose
How i can Get this prodect please send me through my email to send u money by
American Express or HTML or any other way

Help me

anybody help me?? i stay in malaysia..

how to get it? SASA is what?

nose clip

does this make your nose pointy??


thers another methd..if you put wine corks in both nostrils give it a week and youll visibly see your nose smaller......hi ritz

no dont do that

if u do that ur nose nostrils will become really wide and trust me u wont like it . But u should try this product its cheap and it seems cool enuff

no dont do that

if u do that ur nose nostrils will become really wide and trust me u wont like it . But u should try this product its cheap and it seems cool enuff


i'm from the Philippines. i would also like to know where can i buy this product. thank you.

buy in philippines

hey i used to live in phils
i bought this while i was on holiday there!
i got it for less dan 7 dollars though lol
ok..ammm i got in a marketplace maybe you can get it in quiapo or something
good luck! :D
also this product works! :P sooo HAH! :P

It works- results!

yes, i have actuallly tried this product, and ofcourse it worked. Yet, if you have a very wide nose, you will notice that unwanted lines will appear in between and it will full on look gross.

It actually really depends on the type of nose you have really, sometimes if you use this forceful thing it can actually turn out as something you don't want. I dunno, but, this thing does work.. =]

keep in mind that different results will appear on different noses aswell, and yes this genius simple design may sound funny, but I guess it can save you thousands, considering that so many people (nomally asian) have wide nostrils, and normally pay a few thousands just to get it fixed, and compared with this price it's only $7.50! So why not give it a go, even if it's funny, because you never know, it could actually turn out pretty hot, like on my nose :)


Wow! yu must be very lucky! could u please tell us, how long we shud kip wearing it evryday n since wen we can notice results? thanks!

Instead of wearing it for

Instead of wearing it for months...15-20 minutes a day should do.

The Plastic Things,

Wish I could hear more about those plastic things you are supposed to put inside your nose which will make it seem narrower/smaller,. It was mentioned a few comments back but I would really like to hear more about.. If it works and how it works + where you can get them,? Does anyone know about these?


Does anyone know if this is available in Canada or if it is sold online? If so what site/store/location???


Go to ebay.
There are many!

All second hand. Well used.

All second hand. Well used.

I see this product in our

I see this product in our grocery store (I'm in the Philippines), it's cheaper than $7. I thought it looked absolutely ridiculous. But I'd probably give it a try... I'll tell you guys what happens. I'm a real skeptic though. I'll take before and after shots.

before n after

Thanks Mina. Please post your photos. Im looking 4ward to seeing if has ne effect!

I want to see before and

I want to see before and after pictures before using this by the way I would like to know people from other places so this is my msn
xxx ......

coco nose clamp

can i buy one in uk please let me know asap thanks

i used a standard clothes

i used a standard clothes peg, it worked really wel

Go to ebay. The same

Go to ebay.
The same identical product can be found under the name of "JIAHE Nose Up".

I'm going to get one!!

wish they had one for my

wish they had one for my whole body xD

it works but....

Under your nostrils it will get very very very red and on the side of your nose the skin is going to get wrinkle! I just a rhinoplasty for $1200 and payments of $42.00 a month!


I have been using this (somthing similiar) but it is a pink color more shaped like a small peanuts; They work.

Of course first few nights were a effect of 'pressure-cushioned nose' but it gradually changed after few months. I have been using this product for about six months and I am extremely satisfied with it.

How long are going to keep

How long are going to keep trying it? Like, if yu stop wearing it, is dere any chance for da nose to get its previous shape again?

can i buy one in India

can i buy one in India, please let me know asap thanks

this product looks funny and

this product looks funny and stupid the first time u see it..
i actualy bought one in a shop in china because i have a fat nose, i've used it for about 1 month and it actually works.. weird.

after the first 2 weeks my boyfriend started noticing that my nose got thinner and smaller. i thought it would do it in like 2 days, it doesnt work over night but at least it works,, better then getting nose surgery for 10 thousand.

but yeah i thought i'd just let everyone know it actually works

What? really are you talking

What? really are you talking about the blue nose up clippy thing???
reply quick need to know!


i bought one off the internet about 6 months ago, ii UsED it for about 3 months because i have a thick nose, it actually does work. it doesnt work over night, u have to wear it for at leasst 2 weeks, my boyfriend told me my nose looked smaller and so did my friends.. it did make my nose smaller and thinner not bad i guess

but yea.. it actually does work, you have to use it regularly for 2 weeks..
i stopped using it for about 3 months and my nose is still small so i dont think ur nose goes back to being BIg if u stop using it

please reply

Hellow! Wow! yu must be real lucky hehe! I used it too n experienced difference! i'ave used it for months but can't kip it for too long, like, i can wear it for maximum 1 hour n thn had to open out ov suffocation. How long do yu use it evryday? Oh anoder query is, my nose isnt too wide but i want my tip to be more sharp, it's little fat! can you suggest any wearing technique dat wud work specially on my nose tip? Thank you.

if you want more sharper tip

if you want more sharper tip your going to have to clip it on to the tip of your nose so this way it pokes out more..

but yea cool product.

I have it too, and i noticed

I have it too, and i noticed it does hurt after the first few minutes. To those of you who says it works, how long do you have it on at a time, and how often during the day?

Two words people..... Chip

Two words people..... Chip Clip (it works!)

In Philippines I'll buy this 4 only 33 pesos+=)

in robinson east mall here in cainta metro manila i'll buy this 4 only 33+pesos=)

I'm near that area! Where

I'm near that area!
Where exactly did you buy it? What's the name of the boutique/shop?
I'd like to try it as well...

where in robinson

where in robinson east..whats boutique/shop?


Can you please help me buy one of these? I cant find it anywhere. Can I ask you to buy one for me in cainta, then ill pay you back when i get the product?

How many longer?

Yesterday, I have ordered this things and trys its.
Owhh...but its hurt.I can't breath n only at my mouth.
Are they wear its for 15-20 minutes per hour?! It is?! No way!

Hey everyone, how long you use for 1 day?
I wonder it is works for how many longer?

No, you only have to wear it

No, you only have to wear it for around 15-20 minutes per DAY. Usually it would show results in about a month.

will it make your nose more like a ski slope?

my nose is slightly wide at the bottom and thin at the top

also from the side it doesn't curve at all and it is kind of long.

will it work?

Guide me

Dear Sir/Madam,

Im from pakistan and i want to know that how can i get this clip. How much it
cost in Pakistani rupees and from where i can got it.
Please do help me.

Best Regards


Hey, have you found one in Pakistan? And for how much!

To the girl who said she

To the girl who said she used something for sports that made her nose wider, WHERE can I get some of those please???????!!!!

I have never understood why on earth people WANT narrow noses. I've always hated mine.

I think the cute wide noses like Asian and African American girls have are SOOO much more attractive.

I can never even seem to find makeup tips for making noses wider, only narrower, yuck!

whoa, I just noticed that

whoa, I just noticed that that ad says: get Cleopatra's nose, lmao!

Pictures on old coins and records available show that Cleopatra actually had a very large, bumpy hook nose! EW!

She also longed for varicose veins. o_O

Strange woman.


can i buy it here in philippines?



Guys, get a life.. Are you

Guys, get a life.. Are you srsly going to buy this? Don't make me laugh, what a joke.

héhé so funny, whoeva buy

héhé so funny, whoeva buy is brainless. wearing it while sleeping would help ya pass away into a high nose chick, good luck

I went to Japan last week

I went to Japan last week and bought this thing. I think it's a lot better than the Sasa one coz the Sasa one is really tight and hurts my nose, but the Coco one is much gentler. Can't wait to see results!!

P.S. Is there any way (besides surgery and makeup) to make your nose bridge higher? Like pinching or something?


does this really works?really?


please email me,im intrested in ordering this:)

hey thanx guys i was just bout to get surgery

hey thanx guys but i wanna try it now. but not sure if it works on a deviated septum(slightly tilted nose to my right) n also its a bit round at tip. pls guide me ASAP! i wud be highly obliged!

Basic Principle

Cartillage are very pliable and plastic they will bend and bend out of shape but returns to the same shape after sometime, but apply constant pressure at a constant position it will produce contractures thus retaining the new shape. Since the skin on top will return to normal the underlying structures will be kept deformed. Thus remodeling the skin above. This product I think hopes to do the same, to remodel the underlying structure to affect the skin above, and in effect a narrower nose.

Very much the same when you dont move your joints for a couple of weeks (total immobilization) it will retain that position permanently (joint contractures).

Case normally seen in post stroke victims. But take heed, constant prolonged pressure on a body part may produce ischemia or worst in some rare case cancer. 30 minutes of constant pressure will provoke skin sores, you need to at least rest it for 15minutes in interval.

We have that here in the Philippines

I brought one in ISETANN market in Recto for only P20.00, it's less than $1, so its more cheaper than $7. I think its on 3rd floor department store, cosmetics section in front of Generic Pharmacy, just make it fast!! because I think there's only 3-4 left.
But I'm sure there still in other supermarkets like SM.

And it's common here in Asian countries.
rarely in EUROPE or America, you really don't need it anyway, you have pointed nose already.

and no doubt its work to me, it makes my nose more smaller and firm than before.. ^^

Yes, this product works. As

Yes, this product works. As stated above the product is quite common in Asia but not so much in America. Why? My guess is that Americans are much more skeptical of the product working since they are so caught up in the "plastic surgery" craze. Only recently an american site "" started selling these but it's a bit personal opinion is that they are buying Asian nose clamps and selling them for more than double the price since they look EXACTLY the same!

Cartilage is 75% water so it's very malleable. It cannot be made smaller with pressure but it can be redistributed (that's how this product works). Wear it for as little as 15min a day and at most an hour a day for at least 2 weeks before you see results. If you are skeptic, go see a plastic surgeon and ask if these types of products will work. They will tell you the same thing.

where can i get one from in

where can i get one from in england?


Wow , finaly we got a product which will re shape the nose with out the need of a plastic surgery ,

I live in Dubai ,from where i can purchase it ? is this product available in the middle east ?


this is stupid. u can just pinch ur nose hold it there while u do somthing lk watch tv and it works ohh wow huh this dumb!! :)

I hope that this works, you

I hope that this works, you can get it on ebay just type in "JIAHE nose up". Many people on here have said it works so i'll give it a try and see what happens.

i am selling the coco nose

i am selling the coco nose clips for £25 each please contact me at i will send the product as soon as your cheque clears.
please do not send cash only cheque. usually takes 5 to ten days for delivery

LoLS! gooD Luck you guys!


gooD Luck you guys!

Happy with who you are

This should definitely work there is quite enough proof from people who have used it before and history of how the human body can be changed forcefully 'Corsets and Chinese foot-binding'.

However, you should be happy with who you are and it seems sometimes it may go wrong 'wrinkles, redness, bad skin, worse nose'.

I bought it

I bought it from ebay for 1.04$ shipping free but mine is different , it has three tube which are made of silicone which exerts the pressure on the nose , the problem it leaves a mark when you take it out :( but goes off after a few minutes , i am trying it 15 minutes a day , i just started now and will tell you if i get any results :D

How's it going?

Hi King Koopa and everyone else who has tried the nose clips

I'm researching these clips at the moment and trying to find out whether they really do work for a glossy magazine article. I'd really love to hear about the experiences of you guys who have tried it and hear whether it makes any difference at all - my email address is

Would love to hear from you!

Hi King Koopa can u please

Hi King Koopa can u please tell if this nose clip works

i found these at

i found these at NOSEHUGGIES[dot]COM

they have before and after pictures plus a lot of info on product
i bought one about a month ago it actually does work my nose is much thinner.. not bad for that price.

Hey, it would be sooo

Hey, it would be sooo awesome if you could show some before and after pictures, PLEASE!

Sure it works


Just search "nose up" on

Just search "nose up" on ebay.. (:

You can order it on Amazon

Here is the link to order this.

Be vegetarian to solve climate change, livestock production is the #1 cause.

Update after a week.

I've been using this for about a week now and there's a slight change, almost unnoticeable, but hey, it's all good. My nostril looks smaller when I look at the elevator mirror on top. I think I need to wear this for a couple of months to reach my ideal look.

P.S. I think I skipped a day. :(

I try to put in on for 15 min to 1 hr per day. I'll update my results again in a couple of weeks to let you guys know. Peacee!! Be Vegan To Stop Global Warming. (I"m an activist)

stop wearing it

if you stop wearing it, does your nose go back to normal...? if you got to a point where you're satisfied with the results-how do you keep it like that? because if you kept on wearing the product, wouldn't it just make it even more smaller & smaller...?


I think if you wear if long enough, your nostrils will be closed up.LOL Have you seen those UFC/MMA fighter's ear, it doesn't look like ears anymore, it looks like pork grinds. The cartilage is all deformed from the constant grinding on the ground during trainings and fights. I think if you apply enough constant pressure to the cartilage of the nose, it will also change shape. It's been a week so far and I see a tiny change, lets hope I'm consistant enough by not skipping

One more thing

Oh man, at this pace, I think it's going to take 3 months for me to achieve my ideal nose. I wish it was one of those miracle device where you see instant results.LOL Laters!


I want that nose clip? How to get theM? Can you reply me asap... my email is Its affordable yet i may try if its working. Reply me thanks! =)

I just started using. I will

I just started using. I will update.

Just got mine today

I got mine from amazon for under seven dollars. It is hard to breathe in it but when I took it off after the recommened 15 minutes it looked slimmer. Time will tell.

Hey where in New Zealand can you get it from.

I got a broad nose cause of my background I'm part Maori and Samoan and i got european az well. I always wanted to have that greek turk look. so i wonder where you can get it from in new zealand??

How much does it cost in

How much does it cost in Japan, in Japanese yens?
And where can I find it in Tokyo?

i tried a peg and that didnt

i tried a peg and that didnt work

Are These Available In

Are These Available In Maldives? And For How Much?

do u have ways of sending it

do u have ways of sending it to Rio, Brazil ?? please answerrr , thank you


Hello my name is fatos and i've just fount out that there is
an object that can accually get your nose higher. i just wanted
to ask that how will i able to get one of CoCo beauty for myself
because i need one and i live in Englan can anyone tell me please
i really need it
Thank you!

this would probably work when you're really young..

i don't know if this thing will have permanent results, but i bet if girls start using it before the age of 10 or so, it would really work and stay that way!

i have a friend whose mother was worried she would have an ugly nose, so when she was a BABY she would pinch her nose over and over every night for a few minutes. and it worked: my friend really has a cute, small and perky nose! cartiledge forms the most when you're young, but then again, it remains soft in asian noses for a long time. keep updating on the nose progress!

does anyone think the "nose roller" would work better than the nose clip?



do they sell them in Korea?

do they sell them in Korea?

Big nose people unite

All us big nose people we should be proud. Big nose power!!!

where can i buy it... the Philippines? please tell me. PLEEEASE.. :)

Does it really work??

I have read some reviews and alot seem skepticle with the odd yeah it works for me thrown in. Claims of fake before & after pics, that said I remember my step mum saying she adjusted her nose @ a young age by squeezing it everyday. I guess it might just work

So, I got one of these

So, I got one of these things from eBay for $1 a few mpnths ago. I tried wearing it to bed every night, but it was so painful I couldn't sleep with it on. I gave up pretty quickly, so no result yet. But i'm trying it again. The lovely little torture device is clamped on my nose right now...Can anyone tell me if it's worth the suffering????

yo listen ppl ths is true it

yo listen ppl ths is true it wrks i bought 1 because i broke my nose wen i was younger nd i wanted 2 c cud it help fix it nd it did nd made it smaller 2 yes it is painfull but wen u hv it on watch tv r read a book 2 distract urself frm it its well worth it


im crying right now.
i hate my nose so bad.
i live in the U.S (massachusetts)
and i have no idea how to get one of these nose clips.
i hate my nose and im only 14 i broke my nose at 11. worst day of my life.
i get made fun of all the time,whats a safe way to buy one of these online,or is their somewhere in MASSACHUSETTS i can buy one.?
message me at
thank you..

go to ebay- put Jiahe Nose

go to ebay- put Jiahe Nose up.
it costs a dollar or sth. hope dis help

large clothe pegs work

i use large, wide clothes pegs (for clipping clothes onto bamboo poles), not the tiny narrow ones (those will ruin your nose) and my nose is slimmer. like i got 5 of those for 1 Singapore dollars from a houseware shop called japan home.

is this available in anywhere in singapore other than sasa?

is this available in singapore other than sasa?i am desperately searching for it but in sasa it is always out of stock

just so you know. Cleopatra

just so you know. Cleopatra s nose was very big


doesn't it make you nose larger because I've been pinching my nose when I was young and it expanded.. or maybe I'm getting old


Definitly skeptical but after reading some of these things maybe it'd work..I would like my nose thinner, so I would try it since there seems like there's nothing to lose. The only thing is my nose tip droops a litter when i smile big. Would this make that worse?


I used Hanahana product very similar to coco products and it really helped me I put it for about 12 hours a day and I noticed the change in about 2 months.. :) this coco product isn't really accurate but the hanahana is far more better. You can buy it on eBay. I had a wide fat nose to a narrow slimmer beautiful nose I'm so thankful for the Japanese inventors.

It works

I did research on this product a few months ago. And most of the feedback i got from the "experts" were negative. Saying no chance it works etc- I understand that cause if everyone used this it would drastically affect the cosmetic surgery industry. But stubborn me decided to try it nonetheless. And 2 months later, after daily clamping, my nose is very noticeably thinner compared to before I used this product. It's evident when I look at the mirror and raise my chin up. It really looks different, way pointier and thinner.

I'm happy I used this product. And I can attest that it really works, though dedication is key here. You need to do it regularly. For me I clamped it twice a day. Fifteen minutes in the morning, and another fifteen before bed. Leave it too long and your nose gonna blacken cause of the blood not circulating I guess.

ANd before you buy, beware of the sites that advertise this using false pictures even. etc. They sell it for 20 dollars but it could be found on ebay for less than 5 dollars even. Just search "nose up" or "nose stretcher".

Hey, can you find these in Bejing, China? Where and for how many

Hey, can you find these in Bejing, China? Where and for how many yauns?
Thanks A Lot:)

i live in usa mn anyone know

i live in usa mn
anyone know where i can get one?

Amazon has them

They sell them at Amazon

Just click on the Amazon ad down at the bottom of this page

Believe all the comments - it really does work!

I bought my nose clip almost 3 or 4 months ago. I didn't use it regularly at first, but now I use it twice a day! I wear it in the shower and then before I go to bed. It really has made a noticeable difference! The base part of my nose is smaller, but I wish the edge of my nose was sharper. The rubber clamps are quite big, so when I clip it near the edge of my nose, it slides off after a few minutes lol. I have been pinching the edge to see if that helps. Does anyone have advice on what to do? I really wish there was something like this to give me a higher bridge. I guess so far the only option is plastic surgery!

Also, is it necessary to put the clip in the exact same spot everyday? I move it around to different spots (to make my whole nose smaller!) Does anyone else do this too?

I read this blog in the summer and was skeptical about the nose clip too. But hey, it's cheap and why not give it a shot? Better than expensive and dangerous surgery! It takes longer and it kind of hurts near the 15 minute mark (I think I've gotten used to it though) but it's well worth it. To anyone who's wondering, "Does this actually work? Is this a scam?" The answer is YES it works and NO it's not a scam! Just try it already!

Regarding the nose sliding

Regarding the nose sliding off it's fairly simple. Cut off a small piece of cloth (an unused T-Shirt will do) and wrap it on your nose before clamping- this really prevents the slippage problem. Secondly, do not put it on different parts of the nose. Consistency is key here as I posted awhile back, so clamp it on just one part till you get the desired results and move from there. Fifteen minutes upon waking up, and another fifteen before bed. If your nose darkens (darkening varies on different people I guess) use it just once a day. Too much/long clamping reduces blood circulation on the pressured part which makes your skin look dark and weird, more-so if you have a light complexion (which I have). People with dark complexions I guess would get away with clamping too long, but not on people like me.

Hope that helped and good luck to everyone. Again, do not buy from Nose Huggies website, their before and after photos are fake and they are horribly overpriced. Simply search Ebay and you can get it for even just 2 bucks.

Hello! To people in


To people in singapore who wanted to buy this go to They're selling it at $3 with free postage. I bought one about 2 months ago and I just recently ordered another one cuz I'm afraid it'll spoil soon (can't place must trust on durability of cheap stuff like that right)

Anyway, I've been using it for perhaps a little over 2 months and sadly I don't see a difference in the size of my nostrils or the width of my nose. However, the tip of my nose seems to have gotten higher! Cuz I'm asian and have a non-existent nose bridge, the tip of my nose is just one lump of cartilage and I wore the nose up there to squeeze my nostrils together to make them smaller. And nowadays when I slide my finger up and down the length I can feel the tip has gotten more pronounced (cuz it's like sliding on a slide now with my finger, the tip seems to have gone higher, so curve upwards).

I'm hoping my nose will become smaller in width and my nostrils less wide if I use it for a longer period of time! The comments above give me some motivation and hope. When I was researching online, everyone kept saying how it won't work and it's a scam blah blah blah. Especially the plastic surgeons commenting online saying it's a gimmick really made me feel so hopeless! And the ones that did say worked seemed to be just people planted in forums to sell the nose huggies product.

if you want one seriously DON'T buy it from, (apparently they don't send the pdt, they just take your money),, or!!!

Go ebay or something! And the one I bought off sglady, I SWEAR it looks EXACTLY the same as the ones on the nosehuggie websites. Even the shade of blue and small details are exactly the same.

Good luck to everyone! I personally know how terrible it is to have a huge nose (even my parents don't spare me from telling me how ugly my nose is. how comforting right?)

Please post all your "success stories" here!


Hi There,

Thanks for your information. That is really helpful. Initially, thought of getting from Huggies but now, nope. thanks for your info. I will try out the japanese one perhaps. but still shopping around.

where can i buy it

where can i buy this thing? what shops?

i just recently ordered this

i just recently ordered this and im waiting for it to arrive but i'm just wondering..
would it work to turn your nose up? like if your nose kinda hangs a bit how could you use it to kinda flatten out the hanging part? or make it smaller or w/e..if you get what i mean lmao
and what about the upper part of the nose where its almost under your eyes.. would it make that part smaller too or is that just bone and unshapable?

I had a real nose job two

I had a real nose job two years ago and I had a direct consultation with my surgeon and from what he told me, I think I can conclude that this nose clip does work.
Basically I did not mention about this nose clip to him and did not ask if it works. But before my nose job, he explained to me a lot about our nose structure and how cartilage changes. We all know cartilage means "soft bone". It also means the bone is bendable, and moldable. In other words, the shape of our cartilage WILL change if we deliberately do "something" to it without undergoing a surgery with the knives on. Actually the surgeon did say that if we squeeze our nose bridge very often as a habit, the shape of our nose DOES change. The only queston is, normally, nobody would do that tiny gesture so often.
I have one of these nose clips myself but I dun use it that regularly. Thats becuz I can't breathe when I have it on. Sometimes I really wanna use it but I usually can't stand how uncomfortable it is wearing it after a few minutes so i just take it off. So I can't ensure this nose clip works, but looks like from my surgeon's theory about cartilage, it just sounds sensible for the nose clip to work. However, its also obvious that it only works to slim down your bridge but not the sides if they're wide. Cuz your sides are meat, not cartilage. Your bridge, on the other hand, is supported and shaped by your cartilage. U see...But again, you only have so much cartilage. The same cartilage can change if you mold it, but if you want a longer nose tip, which means "more" cartilage to add to your tip, thats not possible. Thats why I had my nose job. I took out the cartilage from my ear and had it connected to my existing cartilage in my nose to make my tip longer. As for my sides, the surgeon scrapped away the meat from the inside, and as the wound recovered, it shrinked the size of my sides on the outside too.


I did this 13 years ago, except with my own hand, now I look like a sombie. I have dark circles due to staying up all night trying to hold my nose, my facial muscles are sagging, and I have a nose that changes everyday, depends on what mood i'm in. Never do this this will destroy you. But who knows, this product doesn't keep you up all night like it did me, because i used my hand. I never knew this existed. My God it does!

how to order

pls send me thru email on how to purchase this nose clip thing....... i live in the philippines



Warning to users

Yes, no matter how desperate you are to get your nose in the shape you want it,
no matter what- while you're using this product, DO NOT PINCH IT TO MAKE IT TIGHTER ON YOUR NOSE, & definitely DO NOT keep it on for over 15minutes. Why? Like the others said, it will darken your nose and the shape of your nose tip will look really round- I leaned that the hard way. ):

Other then that, usually when I used this after one session of 15minutes of wearing it my nose does get a little straighter, but it usually returns to its regular form after a few minutes on the first few days of use.
although even when I used it for a few days daily it does make my nose a little higher, (but I'm guessing it's from the blood circulation darkening my nose to make it look more "contour" like how one would apply make up to define the nose (highlight nose line with lighter colors) & use a darker shade to make your nose more straight & defined.


in philippines i bought......45 pesos only so cheap!!!!!!!!!COCO brand

hello! where can I buy this

hello! where can I buy this in the Philippines?

i got one

if you are in UAE you can buy this in DAISO

where can i purchase that

where can i purchase that product...i'm in Philippines

help me pls.?

everybody just be happy with

everybody just be happy with ur noses and thank god for what he gave you. look at your other positives i mean come on nobody has a perfect nose.

hello dumbers

u can get a cloth peg :HEHEHEHEHEE

does this work on the bridge

does this work on the bridge of your nose? (the hard part) i want my nose to be higher

Hi Does anyone know where

Does anyone know where can i get this? I live In Canada Vamcouver. ANd what age can you wear it on?

nose right

African tribes reshape their nose with no problem with these natural tools...i would love to learn how they did that. but anyway its now being sold in the United Sates, its called the nose right! i trust this one

I Want too

Hi... im in hong kong right now. where could I order this thing?

i believe it will work

ever since i was young my mother told me to hold my nostrils together and they will get smaller,btw i am half black and half indian.i have been doing this for over 18 years and yes it worked and still works if am very consistent because it takes a while to see results and sometimes i get lazy holding my nose in one position for mins at a i will be ordering the nose right cos i know it will work.

where in singapore can i get

where in singapore can i get it?

i've seen this nose up add

i've seen this nose up add before from a LENO only cost RM5.90 in malaysia....havent bought it yet tho....

what catalog it is?

Hey, you said you saw this from a LENO catalog and it only cost rm5.90 in malaysia.
I'm from Malaysia too. I would like to know where can I buy this? can u please reply me as soon as possible when u get this? I would really like to get it really quick. I can't get any from Amazon or Ebay because it doesn't send it to Malaysia. Thank you! :)

How to order DIY cosmetic surgery i am from india

i want order DIY cosmetic surgery i am from india

I'm in Western Australia

I'm in Western Australia right now. Where can I buy this product? I tried but got a message that they can't deliver it to the address I specified. :(



hy i'm brazilian and I want

hy i'm brazilian and I want the coco nose very much and I want to know if I have how to buy one,and if can to buy in my country and whre can I buy this product?and please do you can talk with me in my email?thanks


Can anybody tell me if this is available in the philippines and where? thank you!


Pennsylvania here.... HoW The FliP CaN I gEt ONe!! DX<

asking him/her

hi; myself amiya ranjan nayak belongs to India.i have a wide & flat nose .so tell me how i'll get that nose clip.


Will it work if the nose is slightly bent on one side? That's the only thing id like to change about my nose i mean iwouldnt mind it a little narrower but i dont expect any big changes in here i just want to straighten my nose cause it kinda goes on the left side i guess its my nasal septum... thank u in advance for the answer!

i have big nostriles and

i have big nostriles and HATE it so much and i was wondering if Coco's nose clip will make it smaller and make my nose sharper. im asain too. i appreciate your help!

give it a try for a month,

give it a try for a month, nothing beter than proving it to yourself I been trying it for about to weeks i do notice a slight change but being persistant is waht is important in reshaping the nose

takes a while, take the risk

takes a while, take the risk you have nothing to loose

i've been using this product

i've been using this product for about a week now for 15min. at a time, a couple of times a day. I have not seen any results. It does get a little thinner for a few min. but then bach to the same shape. My opinion is that cartelige if you try it is pretty thin, it is the fat tissue that makes nose wider so even if cartelige got thinner that would not make much difference, cause the fat is still there. I don't know, that is just my personal opinion.

from the Philippines

where can I buy that coco Beautiful New Look of Nose ?


Hi everyone..i have a big problem with my n0se shape..i think COCO's NOSE CLIP will help me solve it.. Can you please let me help if where i can i buy this?im here in manila,philippines.This is my long time dream...^_^

me too. i also want to buy

me too. i also want to buy it. i'm from philippines too. :)


My father works with noses and nasal surgery. and when I showed him the product he said, for those who want the nose should be bigger just buy this! because this is just a joke. stupid people who have used this.

is this any people who want a bigger nose? u can buy this on
By the way, if this product had worked, so people had been breathing problems and difficulty breathing.

i dont know why people spend the time on this..
its not anyway to get the nose smaller!! its one way and its: surgery
its not other ways, and! dont think about your nose if your not 18 years old or more..

I’ve been wondering about

I’ve been wondering about this COCO product nose clip if it is really would work. Though after a lot of checking and asking people who used it seems that it really does work and besides it is still out in the market and up to now many people are still interested in buying it. So I guessed I'll be trying this one and hope it will work on me too.

my nose not satisfied me

where should i get this thing at malaysia>??? i dunt have a credit card to use to buy it by shipping.!! besides, im also under age which means now im juz 16 years old.. please help me.. i tried already at sasa midvalley but found nothing..


I've been using this method for a months but other brand. Actually it's effective. I usually put this on every night before I sleep or if I have a small time. I leave it for half an hour or long. I leave in Philippines and usually Asians has narrow nose so i sorted to this method. Actually it's practical and less expensive. I'm still using it now because i want to achieve more beautiful that I aimed for. My brother also used this method and he got the shape he wanted. Even me was shocked when i see his nose. It takes a lot of patience and open mind to achieve your goal.


How mush these coco in peso? It is available here in Philippines? where could i find it? thank you.

Where can I buy it?

where can I buy that coco Beautiful New Look of Nose in Philippines??

Where can I buy it?

where can I buy that coco Beautiful New Look of Nose in Philippines??

Where can I buy it?

where can I buy that coco Beautiful New Look of Nose in Philippines??

from the Philippines

where can I buy in Philippines the coco Beautiful New Look of Nose ?

yes, cartilage can be

yes, cartilage can be reshaped. but if u clip it wrong.. thats not a good thing : P


hi guys im originalie from europe and for some reason wasent given the litle daintie tiny nose europeans are suposed to have. i have a thin bridge or the part that starts from the eyes and then my cartlidge is very thin then my tip. my tip is very round and makes my nose look wierd cuz it starts of skinie then gets big. i used a regular clip made from plastic and a pice of cloth and put it on my tip for 5 mins and had to take breaks till i reached 20 or so mins. and my nose stayed same for a few minuts. its my first day an i think this will work if you have a schedule an keep doing it

to buy nose huggies

Dear Mam


got one from ebay, trying it

got one from ebay, trying it out...

i'm fed up with my bulky

i'm fed up with my bulky nose. it makes me feel very akward before my friends. your product has came as hope to enhance my personality. i hope it will work on me. so please, will you give the details of coco..... and how can i buy this in india and its cost.

Is it still available in

Is it still available in isetann!??