iPhone: Who's the real manufacturer? (It isn't Apple)

Who makes the iPhone? If you answered 'Apple', you're wrong. The iPhone is a global effort. Tens of thousands of people at more than 30 companies on 3 continents work together to make Apple's first phone possible.

Apple, of course, designs the product, and also created the single most important 'component' – the software that gives the iPhone its unique personality.

iPhone launch But, while Apple gets the credit, behind the scenes there are a host of other players, each of which has to build and deliver complex parts on schedule to make the iPhone possible.

Some of them are well known names, like US-based Intel, which supplies the NOR flash chips which hold the iPhone's updatable system software; and Korea's Samsung, which makes the video processor IC. Two famous names from consumer electronics, Japan's Sharp and Sanyo Epson, are among the suppliers of the phone's bright 3.5-inch display.

Unknown suppliers

Then there are the unknowns, each of which plays a small but vital role. Ever heard of Balda AG? Chinese factories owned by this German firm make the touch sensitive modules which are fixed onto the iPhone's LCD to make its innovative multi-touch control possible. It's also Balda's technology which allowed Apple to switch to a tough scratch-resistant glass screen, to avoid the complaints over scratching that tainted the iPod Nano launch.

Another low profile firm, the UK's Cambridge Silicon Radio (CSR), is the creator of the iPhone's Bluetooth module, in a deal that reportedly earns the integrated circuit design house $1.20 for each iPhone made.

You might have heard of the companies behind a few of the other iPhone chips – if you've ever wrestled with network driver installation on a PC. Marvell designs the WiFi chip, for example. Broadcom, best known for its networking chips, is the company behind the specialized interface chip that interprets the movement of your fingers on the multitouch screen.

While these chips are designed in Europe or the US, most of them aren't made there. Instead they are rolling off production lines in Asia, from companies like Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co (TSMC), undoubtedly the world's biggest unknown chip maker, or its slightly smaller rival, United Microelectronic Corp (UMC) – both companies are based in Taiwan.

The distinctive aluminum and stainless steel iPhone case is also made by a Taiwanese firm, Catcher Technology, according to analysts in Taiwan.

Final assembly mystery

No matter where the iPhone's myriad components are made, they all end up in one place: the factories of a lead contractor whose identity is now something of a mystery. Apple's iPod manufacturing partner, Taiwan's Foxconn, was long rumored to be the company that assembled the hundreds of components into a sleek iPhone. However, Foxconn's CEO recently surprised investors by telling them that these reports were incorrect, according to Reuters. Another likely Taiwanese candidate, Quanta, is rumored to be working on the iPhone, but only on the next generation, so-called 'iPhone 2.0'.

Analysts in Foxconn's home base of Taipei however, still confidently list Foxconn International Holdings as the iPhone's assembler, despite the company CEO's apparent denial. Whoever the assembler is, it is there that the chips are planted onto printed circuit boards supplied by Taiwan's Unimicron Technology Corp. Then all the components are fitted into the metal and plastic case to make a completed iPhone, ready for shipment to the US.

A second 3G iPhone?

During recent months, sources at a few of the component manufacturers named in this article have told regional media that Apple appears to be working on two different iPhone designs. The key feature attributed to 'iPhone 2.0' is 3G, as well as the GSM standard supported by the original iPhone. At least one of the smaller components suppliers has reportedly already delivered parts for this forthcoming product.

iPhone Primary Contractors  - a partial list
Software and design Apple USA
Assembly Foxconn?, Quanta, Unknown Taiwan
TFT-LCD Screen Sanyo Epson, Sharp, TMD Japan
Video processor chip Samsung Korea
Touch screen overlay Balda Germany
Bluetooth chip Cambridge Silicon Radio UK
Chip manufacture TSMC, UMC Taiwan
Baseband IC Infineon Technology Germany
WIFI Chip  Marvell USA
Touch screen control chip Broadcom USA
CMOS chip Micron USA
NOR Flash ICs Intel, SST USA
Display Driver chip National Semi, Novatek US, TW
Case, Mechanical parts Catcher, Foxconn Tech Taiwan
Camera lens Largan Precision Taiwan
Camera module Altus-Tech, Primax, Lite On Taiwan
Battery Charger Delta Electronics Taiwan
Timing Crystal TXC Taiwan
Passive components Cyntec Taiwan
Connector and cables Cheng Uei, Entery Taiwan

Note: This article is based on information supplied by KGI Securities, CLSA Asia-Pacific, published media reports, and other sources in Asia.

Update June 30: Some of the first iPhones sold have been dismantled, and more information about components is emerging. For example, iFixit identifies Samsung as the manufacturer of the main NAND flash chips, and SkyWorks as the designer of the mobile radio amplifier. Think Secret has also carried out an iPhone teardown - in the linked photo the large chip at the bottom of the shot is the Samsung flash chip.



Apple iPhone 3G and 3GS Wholesale

Apple iPhone 3G 8GB Factory Unlocked

10 ~ 49 units: $479 per unit
50 ~ 99 units: $469 per unit
100 ~ 299 units: $449 per unit
300+ units: $439 per unit

Apple iPhone 3G 16GB Factory Unlocked

10 ~ 49 units: $519 per unit
50 ~ 99 units: $509 per unit
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Apple iPhone 3G S 16GB Factory Unlocked & Euro Never Locked

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Apple iPhone 3G S 32GB Factory Unlocked & Euro Never Locked

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We accept Mastercard, Visa, American Express and T/T and (Escrow for larger orders). Please contact me for any questions. I look forward to hearing back from you.


Apple Iphone 3GS 16 and 32GB Euro neverlocked LEGIT Supplier

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We have strict terms and agreements for deals and we supply small and large quantitys through either Credit card(american express or Amex) or large quantities which can be shipped to an International Bonded facility near you for inspection with a 20% deposit up front.
We do not change any terms for anyone.
The phones are legit and genuine. as the distibutor gets them straight from Apple.
The prices will include international shipping (up to 7days) for credit card orders and the price is fixed for inspection orders.
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Apple Iphone 3G S 32GB Factory Unlocked In Stock For Sale

We Have Them in stock for Sale and we buy Them Directly from the manufacture and sell at a Wholesale price ..
We also have the 3G S 16GB and all Model of Apple Iphone Available in Stock.
They are new , Made in USA .
Please we do not sell Clone or Copy so don't contact if you want china .

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i want to buy iphone 3gs 32gb

i am looking for a legitimate supplier of factory authorized, unlocked 3g iphones (not fakes from China) that allow for any carrier to be used, additional applications to be downloaded.

Are you a registered supplier? If so, where are you located, and how much per phone? I will need to order samples to verify quality. How can I order securely from you? I need a supplier that I can get phones from on a regular basis. What do you need from me to get this process started?

Please contact me as soon as possible via email initially.


Bulk sales Only Pay Via (PayPal)

For further details on Iphone 3Gs, kindly get back to us via mail. If you are still Interested in Order you can Contact us ASAP.


Apple iPhone 3GS 16GB & 32GB

Hi, I'm looking for Apple iPhone 3GS 16GB & 32GB suppliers. I have a few specific things that I'm looking for in the supplier which is listed below. If your that supplier that I'm looking for please contact me.

* Must be 100% Original & Authentic
* Must be Located in the United States
* Must have reasonable prices
* Must be able to prove that you are legit
* Must provide full contact details
* Must accept secure payments. NO WESTERN UNION OR MONEY GRAMS!!!!

Basically I want a supplier who can provide legit products, no fakes. Also he/she must be located in the United States and have them available between the prices $350-$650. I will need full contact details, when I say prove your legit I mean submit proof of stock, imei numbers etc. The main thing I'm looking for in the supplier is secure payments. A few examples of secure payments are listed below along with my email address. If you match this list of requirements please contact me asap.

* Fly and Buy
* Escrow.com
* Escrow Attorney to Attorney
* American Express
* Bank Transfer (Must provide blank PO and written documents to secure transaction)




I AM NOT A SUPPLIER OR A BROKER. I do have access to the FEW though (and not on alibaba or craigslist or ebay)

If you are a BUYER looking to get in contact with a REAL SUPPLIER..contact me. You must have a business license OR VAT tax ID or Purchase order. IT SHOWS YOU HAVE PURCHASED AN ACTUAL PHONE AND YOU ARE NOT SOME SCAMMER BROKER OR BUYER FOR INVENTORY YOU CLEARLY DO NOT OWN AND CANNOT AFFORD.



And if you are OFFENDED by this...hey, show us your license, time marked inventory and references.



PS: Again I am not a broker or supplier. BUT I do have access to legitimate suppliers


Where are they located?


Hey Electric,

Various locations..throughout the world (Egypt, Europe, USA, . And there is also a HUGE MYTH around that every supplier from China is a SCAM.


Just like every other major import hub in the world, China has a few LEGITIMATE SUPPLIERS of phones. ALOT of scammers but FEW genuine suppliers.

Anyone who would like more information about my services simply leave your email.

Time to wise up guys/gals. Purchase the suppliers contact list...purchase inventory make profit. STOP GETTING SCAMMED!

A couple hundred bucks to ensure you are dealing with LEGITIMATE SUPPLIERS is certainly worth it. The COUPLE THOUSANDS lost from bad tracking numbers..empty boxes and empty promises ARE NOT WORTH IT.

Lets make the wireless business ETHICAL again.

*ps- What do you guys think will be the retail price of the APPLE 4G??

Your success is my success,



Hi friend, can you contact with me to jmga89@hotmail.com I am very interesting in buy Iphone 3gs. THANKS.

The real deal iPhone 3Gs

Hey, I found you on TEXYT and wanted to know how I can get my hands on Original US iPhone 3Gs? I've been looking around now for awhile and the only thing I find is the replicas, of china made ones. So if you yourself sell them, please let me know how much per one, and how many I need to get for that price?
Thanks for your time, and hope to hear from your soon!


i am interested in meeting real suppliers for genuine apple iphones... if you have information please contact me... thank you for your help...




please mail me at silverwing.123@gmail.com I want to buy bulk phones...I will buy about 2000 a month minimum..But i need a genuine supplier...scammers please ignore this...thank you.

interested to buy iphones 3gs unlocked

please contact me at tonette83@yahoo.com will be interested in buying 20 - 30 per week

Apple Iphones

I am looking for real Apple Iphones not Chinese copies. I can pay by Paypal. Please contact me at boxr76@cox.net


We are Lithuania company looking to sell the Apple i phon e3gs 16gb. We are looking for a supplier of this product. They must be brand new sealed, unlocked.Please can you advise a price for one unit including delivery, packaging. We preffer only PAYPAL money transfer!

kindest regards


Buy iPhone

reallt messed up this forum now if there any real seller of these phones contact me please,everybody is fukcing around even from fukcing north pole wtf :D

my email adress is lazboarder53@live.nl

i am up in to real business so mail or reply please :D


I just wanted to give all you people heads up. Sellers using the following phone numbers are nigerian scammers posing as legit businesses selling you iphones at chockingly low prices: +447035926239 and +2348028105550. The first number is a forwarded number so dont let the country code +44 fool you. There are many scam artists operating under the phone numbers. If you come across this number on any occasion it is most likely a scam. So please all buyers out there beware, even though they have paypal as one of their payment processors dont let that fool you.

PS if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is, take it from someone that has gone through all of this.

Buyer of Iphone 3gs 16g, 32… and 3G 8g

Greetings, I need to know if me 3gs can facilitate a list of prices of the Iphone 32g and 16
and 3g of 8g.

Please, to send information and email of contact to marckmaching@gmail.com
Anticipated thanks!

High Volume, Long Term iPhone Buyers Needed

We are a high volume supplier of Apple iPhones. We can do any quantities between 5,000 to 20,000 units per month and are looking for long term contracts. We buy DIRECTLY from the Apple manufacturer in India. Before buying from anyone who says they buy directly from an Apple manufacturer, please make sure that they are certified. We had to put over $3 million USD to Apple just for credit.

Anyone who can offer iPhones below $500 dollars is more or less scamming you, unless they are re-manufactured. Anyone who says they will get them for you under $400, is just plain nuts and just wants your money without any desire to deliver you a phone.

Our terms are direct Fly and Buy, NO upfront payments. What we require is your company name and address, type of business, and how long you have been in business, AND the amount of iPhones you need. We then have our lawyer make sure that your business is legitimate and we can then order your phones.

You then fly to our warehouse in India and do a full inspection of the phones BEFORE making any payment. Once you inspect the iPhone order and are satisfied, you make payment via wire transfer and the phones are yours. This is for your protection and ours. After this initial purchase, we can then pre-order and have the phones shipped to your warehouse.

We have orders for over 300,000 per month from different customers. If you are interested in high volumes, and a long term contract, please e-mail me at buymyway@yahoo.com



I need the handsets in bulk quantity and how many you can provide me,on which price?
I Phone from Apple not copy, 32 GB / 3GS brand new. Please confirm the available version?

Please provide the above mentioned required information.

Take care,

Unlocked Genuine iPhones - Not FAKES!

Prices in U.S Dollars

1/ iPhone 32gb 3 G S sealed unlocked is $850
2/ iPhone 16gb 3 G S sealed unlocked is $700

If you see them for $350 each then obviously they are scamming you (fake iphones or other scams)

Shipment is $30 per unit same day of cleared funds.

We can provide you with a ongoing supply.

We receive payment into our Citibank Account.

Please advise if you want to proceed.

Dominic Holyfield – 00 1 786 371 1895.


i have a more then enough iphones to satisfy anyone who needs a large amount...these are not the china versions these are straight from apple and can be jailbroke or unlocked at your request....i do business with cellphones on ebay my ebay id name is webwatch2 but i have to limit high dollar sales on there because of the pain paypal has become...this month alone i had to refund almost 12,000 because of them...anyway if i can help supply anyone please let me know my email is cellphonesplusmore@yahyoo.com a example of my prices is around 500 per phone for a 3gs 32gb....thanks James



Im looking to buy original

Im looking to buy original genuine Iphones cell phones
Iphone 3gs 32gb or 16
I will only deal with company from USA or Canada.
Email me razmir_a@yahoo.com


All potential buyers, beware of the scammer who calls himself Phil Bury. This person has email addresses that usually starts with buryphoneshop@... This guy is a nigerian scammer, who tried to scam me through paypal. You have been warned so be careful guys.



My company is looking to buy original apple iphones 3gs 32GB for the UK market. Cash is ready to be used just waiting for an original supplier now!!! if you have iphones in store at a good price email me and we get business going.. like i said only interested in originals no fakes or replicas!!!!

waiting to hear back soon


Looking for 100% original iPhones - PayPal payment

I'm interested in original iPhones from authorized dealer.
We are looking for a long term relationship and ready to buy 3-6 iPhones weekly but we can pay with PayPal or credit card only.

If your iPhones are indeed 100% original you have nothing to be afraid of.
I have verified PayPal account.

If you can provide me with 100% original unlocked iPhones please contact me at mussor@comcast.net and tell me your price for unlocked 8MB and 16MB 3G iPhones and 16/32 MB 3GS iPhones including shipping to USA or Russia.

Thank you.

email me at

email me at cellphonesplusmore@yahoo.com ...maybe we can do business or anyone needing iphones

Iphone 3g 16gb

I am looking for overstock of the iphone 3g 16gb phones and was wondering if you can get them at a reasonable price. Of course I will need to first order One or two phones to verify they are apple phones and then 20 per month. Let me know if you can get them.


Price list

Iam interested in buying about 20 iphone, different ones. could I get a price list please.

I am looking for a iPhone,

I am looking for a iPhone, Nokia, Blackberry suplier who can send/deliver iphones in Holland. We also looking for other brands. Send us full detail.

Contact me at: jimmi52@hotmail.com

Hello, If any one want


If any one want iphone 3gs 32gb factory unlocked i can offer the price of 770 USD

the phones are original, brand new and Factory unlocked

Please contact me via email


thanks, waiting for replies on email

Original US iPhone 3Gs

Hello, I'm looking for someone who can sell me the Original AT&T Apple iPhone 3Gs, and for a great prices? Not the fake china ones, the real deal. And someone that is in the US please. Let me know if your a whole seller, and what you charger per phone? How many I need to buy to get them at that price? Please email me your price sheet and contact information to mindolapindo@yahoo.com
Thanks for your time, and hope we can do business!

Looking for Appel iPhone G3S 32GB


I am looking for long rearm seller for Apple iPhone G2S 32GB.
Please send me your price to: yoroga@gmail.com

Thank you.

apple products

Where can I purchase Apple products at wholesale prices? Unlock factory iphones and etc.

all these fake suppliers are

all these fake suppliers are scammers dont waste yall time ive been searcing for a legit supplier for 3 years

Im getting Crazy.... How can you tell if an Iphone is authentic?

We are a serious company based in USA and we export mainly to Mexico. Our clients are demanding Iphones 3GS 16gb and 32gb. We are looking to buy around 100 pieces per month, but we need a serious supplier to provide AUTHENTIC IPHONES!!! Not copies, not clones or whatsoever!!! How can tell if an Iphone is 100 Authentic or not? We have contacted some suppliers but their products aren't real. Please be kind to contact in order to have a serios and long partnership. email:mickytovar@yahoo.com.mx

legitimate supplier apply please


We are open for application to all genuine suppliers who can handle and supply us in the high demand voluume Apple Authentic Iphone Factory unlocked for 3GS 16 GB and 32GB.

Keep in mind... only genuine sellers response. We don't mind that you have business license or individual who try to make income for a living. We understand that. As long as, you can prove us your real and your product authenticity. We can make a solid long term business.

Please get back to me with your best quote with as much as details you have. I believe we both wish not to wasting time on emailing back and forth too much. So, please response back with your best offer. Please note, You must have the option of fly and buy included.

SCAMMERS, Please Don't waste each other's time, not even bother to send email. If you still do, we will track you down, hunt you, and definitely put you in jail. We have done that before. If you want to try. Be my guest.







[Mobile Phones] Looking 4 High Volume Buyers

All products are 100% original and authentic. Each product has its own MOQ, sample orders available.

Brands Available:


The payment method is based on the amount of units purchased, below is a list of payment methods.

PayPal: Used for 1-25 units
Bank Transfer: Used for 26-99 units
Attorney Escrow: Used for 100+ units

I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

Phone: 267-600-2123 (Text Message Only)
Email: supermobilezone@hotmail.com

We offer wholesale

Hello. I was researching ( texyt.com ) and read your requests for a legitimate supplier. I work for Cell Phone City. We are an upcoming wholesaler and cell phone repair shop in Dade City, Fl. Located in the central Florida region. I setup wholesale accounts for business entities who are interested in the resale of iPhones and Blackberry's. All phones are brand new and include a 1 year manufacturers warranty. All Blackberry's are locked to At&t. All iPhones are factory unlocked at version 3.1.2. All iPhones are original Apple. iPhones are not clones, copies, or refurbished. To help you learn more about us, here is a list of products along with their prices. If your interested to move forward or have any questions, email or give us a call.
Thank You.

Nabil Sarah
Cell Phone City Sales Representative

Yusef Kurdi
Cell Phone City Sales Representative

another example of the SCAMS

another example of the SCAMS you folks fall for. Hey supermobilezone,I am going to email you and unless you provide:

Purchase order

Business license


Shipping FOB documents

If you cannot, then it means you like the many others on this site are a fraud. It amazes me how you folks would send thousands to an unverified source. I am pretty sure you all know who I am and what my company does..and heres a hint..we inspect physical stock, contact the references and put together a database.

And to those who STILL cannot find a supplier and I have offered my services to you..best of luck. Chances are you will cave in and get SCAMMED again.

Wise up..stop wasting time and money..invest in doing busienss right. IF IT SOUNDS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE..IT PROBABLY IS!

supplier needed for 10 k and more


Would you be able to supply 10K and more? pleae email me back to my personal email if you are interested to supply iphone to me.


10k? I seriously doubt you

10k? I seriously doubt you have the purchasing power for that many phones. That is close to 7 million dollars.

7 million and so ? I will

7 million and so ? I will not looking for supplier if I don't have demanding.

7 million given to an

7 million given to an unreliable suppliers is no small amount..that was all I was implying. But if you are SERIOUS about purchasing real unlocked phones..Leave your email address



I am replying you back. I

I am replying you back.

I am a supplier and also a buyer as well since I have this hugh demand. If you said you know suplier who are not on this board. That would be terrific. I hope you writing me back. This deal is genunine and is not the sort of crap you see over here. I want to see your offer soon. Write back at ann_ross111@yahoo.com. Thank you.

example is techmob213@ any

example is techmob213@ any of the emails around i know first handed



can you help me find a supplier for iphones?

Need Iphone 3G S 32MB and 16MB In Bulk

Looking for long term relationship with a reputable supplier (please no B.S.) for athentic Iphones. Please send comprehensive price list for up to 4000 untis.
Time is a factor to close the deal. To start making arrangements please e-mail me a.s.a.p. @ leonedger@gmail.com


For the record. Over 50% of the people on here are scammers. So please be careful. The only way you can get your phones is to fly to their location and get their phones in your hand. I took the time to type this because it is real. And scammers who ever took my money. I am coming for you.............

Genuine IPhone 3GS 32gb

I am a business registered in United Kingdom.
I am only seeking to purchase GENUINE REAL 1PHONE suitable for British / European Market with full warranty/guarantee and unlocked to work on British European Mobile Carriers only.
I want to test the handset for as sample purchase, I am prepared to pay via paypal or even escrow for one piece 32gb.
Please conact me only genuine wholesale, suppliers of AUTHENTICATED I PHONE suppliers from Europe or North America, any other regions will be disqualified and mails not answered.
My mail is: famatex@supanet.com
Sype: fizasheikh
Fone: 00 44 786 1235188
Mobile: 00 44 7050-613456

Best Regards,
Fiza Safdar Sheikh
Famatex Group London

Apple iphones

Hi there,

If youre seeking genuine authentic apple iphones 3gs 16gb and 32 gb then I am able to supply genuine products with serial numbers that can be authenticated on the Apple Site.
Payment only by paypal for buyer and seller protection. Full paper trail and clear invoicing (none of this meeting in Starbucks car park or using Western Union crap!!) UK based but can provide worldwide service.
Clear competitive pricing and focused customer service
Mail me at Higgins1611@live.co.uk for more info

many thanks

new unlocked iphone

i want to sell my apple iphone 3gs 32gb and sony ericsson aino. contact me if you want to buy.


in need of iphone supplier to the UK or in the UK

I'm in need of a genuine supplier of iphone 3gs 16gb, 32 gb to supply me at wholesale good price. No copies or anything else just genuine new supplies that a customer would expect. Can anyone provide for the UK or are in the UK to provide. please let me know looking for 10 - 20 units
email : barg4you@aol.com


Iphone supplier

Hi there, would appreciate the opportunity to quote for your iphone requirment. I can supply the genuine article with serial numbers that can be verified on the apple site. Send me a mail to higgins1611@live.co.uk if of interest. many thanks

Hi, we are serious selles in

Hi, we are serious selles in our country and we are searching for good Apple iphones and other phones supplier.
If you want to deal with us, you should:

* accept paypal money transfer
* after read this letter, please check your iphones boxes and send us few serial numbers of your iphones. We will call for Apple company and ask them about these phones. Does they are original and other information.
* You should work fast. Because we have to give for our buyers faster service.
* Give for us your skype and your company information (in you have)
* You should accept dropshipping. And ship to all over the world. (Send as your shipping costs list)
* You should accept sample order at first, before making a big order.

If you can do all these things, you should be very happy, because you're going to ear a lot of money from us.
By the way - If you are scamers or your bank account is in Nigeria - PLEASE GO AWAY AND DONT WASTE OUR TIME. Because before we will do money transfer for you via paypal, we will check your information everywhere we can. Like: police, FTB, internet police, all over the internet and so on. We are not STUPID AT THIS BUSSINES! thanks.
Waiting for ASAP your answer.

apple iphone,MACBOOK

Hello I am doing phone sales Apple,macbook

apple iphone 3 gs 32 gb - 500 $ + free shipping

pay-pal(verified) bank transfer

write me kanfiskat@hotmail.com

Officical Apple Iphone Supplier


I am located in New York City, united states. I can provide 100% authentic apple iphones/us and euro spec 16gb and 32gb. Please advise what you need and how many.

moq 20 pcs max 1000 pcs

payment- 100% bankwire in advance of shipment or PayPal.

shipping-3-4 days after payment and contract are done.

proof of stock- I can provide serial numbers/imei numbers to each and every iphone

I can provide references

16gb $475.00
32gb $550.00

Brand new sealed authentic iphones.

Paul Angelo

i need iphones

if you are in NY we can come directly to your office and pick them up from you
we will give no advance no paypal or any thing just if you have ready stock
we shall visit our selves inpect pay and pick
if you are ready tell me



i need iphones

hello ,

i am from Saudi Arabia, i need 50iphones 3GS per week. all factory unlock
i can offer only fly and buy anywhere in the USA or London or UAE and Saudi Arabia
else sorry. donot waste yours and my time
anybody with ready stock preferable in Chicago,NY,NJ,Arizona or any part of UAE and SAUDIA please contact me by replying here


fahad leave your email. I

fahad leave your email. I will get you in contact with a supplier i know of. AND HE IS NOT ON TEXYT.COM

IPhone 4

Hello, I'm Deandre currently a new dealer who is looking for a legit iPhone 4 sale supplier. Looking to get in large quantity, every week and wholesale prices per phone. So if you supply I can buy and we both can make a lot of money. Hopefully, we can go by business meeting Face-Face, then go on in both continue being successful. If your able to supply apple iPhone 4 original authentic. Please get back to me asap with an email or drop your number I will respond within 24 hours. Thank you, Deandre

Authentic iphone 3gs 16gb/32gb

hello i live in australia and i am a reseller and i am looking for a genuine supplier for the iphone and i am ready to pay around 430$ for the unit i would like to buy 10 units and up
please do contact me on ibrahimchamas112@gmail.com asap
Please scammers stay away!!!Only seriouse buyers that has proof of their genuine iphone supported with pictures and serial number

How much u sell the new

How much u sell the new itouch 32GB if I buy more than 10?!

Price List Wanted (Need Legit Supplier)

I'm a broker looking for legit suppliers. I have read some comments here on this website and some people don't think this is a good place to find legit suppliers. For those who say this isn't where to find suppliers please tell me where to find them.

I'm looking for a supplier who can provide documents about their business, also you must include at least 2 business references. You must be able to provide proof of stock for the products that you are selling. I'm not looking to do business with suppliers who has super high prices, with those price no one can make a profit. I understand that some of the prices people are asking for are not reasonable but I'm not looking for the price super cheap, I just want the prices to be affordable and reasonable. If you sell any of the following brands please contact me so we can discuss business.


PS: I have several clients who are waiting to do business, also I want to sign an commission agreement with your business. I rather do business with suppliers who has a sellers permit or business license. If you can provide everything I'm asking for please include this info in the first email along with a price list, if you have a website its a big plus.



Authentic iphones for sale @ best rate


I can supply 3GS 16 & 32 GB for any quantity of orders.
All iphones are brand new,unlocked,international warranty and 100% authentic.

Price for 3GS 16GB $500 and 3GS 32GB $625.
Payment methods: Paypal/Moneybookers

serious buyers contact me.
For serious buyers,I can provide you serials no of iphones which I sold already.
You will get good discount for orders more than 3 quantities.

Best Regards,

apple iphone 3 gs 32 gb

I am engaged in selling Apple iphone 3 gs 32 GB

I have a shop on ebay, I have a 1300 rating on ebay

Apple ayphone 3 gs 32 GB -600 uSD

minimum order 3 phones

who are interested give my nickname on ebay, shop and vote on a pay-pal


apple iphone

Hello from france..are you able to get the phone in mass..EU version? where you are located?
we don`t find you in ebay, sorry..can you give to us an actual article number, perhaps its more easy..our phone office: 0033 243331083

Large Quantity

I'm searching for a supplier who can provide large qty of Apple iPhone 3GS 16GB and 32GB at wholesale prices.

Looking for 100-500 units.

If you can provide this qty please contact me at supermobilezone@hotmail.com

No western union or money gram scammers!!!

You must offer 2 out 4 or all of these payment methods.

Fly and Buy
Escrow Attorney
Bank Wire
Credit Card

iphone 3 gs 32 gb factory unlocked

i need cooperation with you
i need about 100 pieces every month IPHONE 3 gs 32 gb
i need factory unlocked, original
at first part i will buy about 10-20 iphones
what will be your price?
Do you accept payment by PAYPAl?
give me your contacts pls

Vyshenskiy Vladimir
Kazakhstan, Almaty
skype russian013
mobile phone +7 700 41 666 11

Iphone and other cell phones

Looking to buy Iphones, smartphones and just about any cellphones!!
Please do not waste my time, anything you try(in terms of scamming) I
probably seen or heard of!!!!
please just serious wholesalers who can be verified!!

Please contact me at tthomas488@hotmail.com

I will only deal with US residents.


looking for authentic I phone 3gs

who can recommend a seller for authentic apple i phones to ship to europe? no western union payment only legit sellers?pls email inti_23@hotmail.com


I look for 10 iphone 3gs 32gb faktory unlocked please that am important!
I pay only with paypal.

@SAMKEV - I can supply 10

@SAMKEV - I can supply 10 units with Paypal.

James Young (cellphonesplusmore@yahoo.com) is a scammer beware!

People beware, the person who calls himself James Young and has the following email address: cellphonesplusmore@yahoo.com is a scammer. He recently stole money from me, so watch out for this guy so you don't get scammed too.

iPhone 3GS 32 GB BLACK

I Live in sweden and i'm intersted buying Iphones.
Only iPhone 3GS 32GB black.....
Can you send me a pricelist to my email. Is it possible to send them to Sweden ?
Does the Iphones have swedish language?


Hello, I can give you iphone


I can give you iphone 3gs 32gb 3.1.2 network locked can be unlocked
price is 620 USD

and i accept paypal

let me know on shoaibahmad99@gmail.com

Brand New Unlocked 100% Authentic iPhone 3GS 32GB Black & Whit

1. Complete accessories(Well packed and sealed in original company box)
2. Unlocked / sim free.
3. Brand new (original manufacturer) box
4. All phones have English language as default
5. All material (software, manual) – car chargers – home chargers – usb data cables -holsters/belt clips – wireless
headsets(bluetooth) -leather and non-leather carrying cases – batteries. upgrade it freelly on iTune

This is a 100% absolute guaranteed secure deal.




I am a business registered in United Kingdom.
I am only seeking to purchase GENUINE REAL 1PHONE suitable for British / European Market with full warranty/guarantee and unlocked to work on British European Mobile Carriers only.
I want to test the handset for as sample purchase, I am prepared to pay via paypal or even escrow for one piece 32gb.
Please conact me only genuine wholesale, suppliers of AUTHENTICATED I PHONE suppliers from Europe or North America, any other regions will be disqualified and mails not answered.
My mail is: famatex@supanet.com
Sype: fizasheikh
Fone: 00 44 786 1235188
Mobile: 00 44 7050-613456

Best Regards,
Fiza Safdar Sheikh
Famatex Group London

Apple iPhone 3GS 16GB & 32GB Locked

These products have and MOQ of 20 units.

Apple iPhone 3GS 16GB Locked

20+ @ $575
5K @ $540
10K @ $525

Apple iPhone 3GS 32GB Locked

20+ @ $625
5K @ $590
10K @ $575

If you want more information or wish to purchase contact me at


I'm located in the United States and accept only secure payment methods. We have the Euro Never Locked available also.

I'll buy iphones!

Looking to buy 20-30 factory unlocked 3GS Iphones! first time only face to face transaction! i'll pay $680-700 for euro 3GS 16GB. Please only serious sellers. i buy up to 100-130 a month. Do not reply if we can't meet in person. I'm in NY, but can meet in any state. please send your offer

347 295-67-90

Genuine Iphone supplier needed, if its you contact me!

I am looking for a genuine iphone supplier who can supply me the 32GB 3GS black preferably the EURO spec model, but I am open to other suggestions as well.

All scammers don't even bother contacting me I know all of your tricks. So don't waste my time trying to steal my money.

I will only deal with secure payment methods that will protect both buyer and seller such as paypal, escrow, moneybookers, fly and buy and other methods that offers security for both of us. If we deal with paypal your account needs to have been verified and active for at least a year.

FYI I am situated in Europe.

If you think that you can live up to my demands send me an email at: lien_847@hotmail.com, then this could be the start of a long and healthy business relationship. Talk soon!

iphone part wholesaler

i'm currently looking for a iphone supplier. i need parts and phones in the miami area. feel free to call Joe @ 305 206 8694

Hello serious sellers (Apple

Hello serious sellers (Apple iphones unlocked authentic),

I have very genuine buyer for Authentic Apple iphones 3GS 16GB , 32GB and 3G iphones from India.My buyer will buy minimum 500 units in a month.

Even if our relations goes fine, I will bring you more buyers also.

Iphones should be factory unlocked and support all networks in the world and there should not be any carrier symbol(At&t)

Our preferred rate will be

3GS 16GB – 425USD
3GS 32GB – 525USD.

Rate includes shipping. My buyer will clear the customs formalities.

Preferred payment options: COD (Cash on Delivery) by shipping company like Fedex or DHL/ or Bank clearance(L/C)

If you are agreeing for the above terms and conditions, we will confirm the order for 5 units of 16GB and 5 units of 32GB immediately as sample.

contact me here, mobilebusiness2009@hotmail.com


hi there im looking to purchase 10 apple iphone 3gs 32gb factory unlocked original made by apple withe a full warranty if any one has this information please let me know i only use pay pal no scams im sick of them and no time waster .thanks

*~New Stock~*

**New Stock**

Apple iPhone 3GS 16GB Factory Unlocked @ $625
(500 units total, 400 Black & 100 White)
MOQ: 20 Units

Blackberry 9700 Onyx @ $475
(60 units total)
MOQ: 20 units

Blackberry 8520 @ $350
(100 units total)
MOQ: 20 units

Even though these products have an MOQ, one unit can be purchased as sample.

I accept credit card and paypal. If you have an questions or wish to purchase please contact me.


Buy Iphone 3gs 16or 32gb near San jose


Is there any authentic supplier near san jose? i would to meet to verify the products. thanks

Email: abusado_m69@yahoo.com

Fake Products

Don't get trapped in a transaction with a fake company that is selling fake products. If your looking to purchase mobile phones at wholesale price I can be your supplier. The products that I sell is 100% original and authentic, each product can be purchased up to 5000 units. We sell Apple iPhones, Blackberry and many other products. Stop looking for really cheap prices because chance are you will get scammed. I know there are a lot of buyers on this website that is looking for a legit supplier and it may seem like all hope is lost. If your tired of getting scammed and dealing with suppliers who make stupid excuses don't wait contact me now!

International Clients Welcome!


Looking for apple iphones

I have a few kiosks in malls and have started sold many iphone but I am looking for a new supplier. Please if you have stock and supply email me your pricelist at min number bought and so on. Preferably looking for another company in the U.S! Easier for my time constraints from work to make first purchase in person!
Email me at Free_skiing@yahoo.com. Located in Utah will need price for shipping, 16 and 32g 3gs iphones, 5-50 quantity buying pricelist and your contact information.
Thank You


sell Apple products

apple iphone 3gs 16/32 gb and apple maccbok pro/air

apple iphone 3 gs 32 gb - 600$(european speccc)min order 3 phones

all safe method of payment and delivery(pay-pal/bank/kontakt escrow service)


Reliable Escrow Brokers?

Who can recommend some good escrow services?

Apple Iphone 3GS 32GB

I am looking for a GENUINE apple iphone 32GB 3GS supplier who can supply me with them shipped to the UK using paypal. I am sick of speaking to scammers- please if anyone is genuine and can give me prices for a sample product then 5 pieces, 10 pieces and 20 pieces i would be very gratefull. If you think you can help me please email me on jteasdale2@hotmail.co.uk

WTS Apple iphone 3gs 32gb, Blackberry bold, Nokia n97 32gb

We sell all sort of Brand New, Unlocked, Original, Full accessories and come with
1 yr International waranty from the Manufacturer phones.
just send us an email on the type or brand of your choice
Nokia,Samsung, Apple iphone,Dopod,Blackberry Etc....granbyphonesltd@googlemail.com

Contatc Phone Number:+447404541331

Apple iPhone 3GS 16GB & 32GB AT&T Locked or Factory Unlocked

Super Mobile Zone is a business devoted to connecting with suppliers and clients all over the world. We are in direct contact with suppliers who has stock on hand. Most of the products we sell are mobile phones, they come with two carriers which are AT&T and T-Mobile. They also come unlocked, these products are brand new sealed in the box.

Best Selling Products -

Locked AT&T Apple iPhone 3GS 16GB @ $550
Apple iPhone 3GS 16GB Factory Unlocked @ $650
Locked AT&T Apple iPhone 3GS 32GB @ $650
Apple iPhone 3GS 32GB Factory Unlocked @ $725

Contact me via email or telephone for more information, currently the only payment method available for the Apple iPhones is Bank Wire. You will be required to sign a purchase order prior to your order.

Super Mobile Zone
Email: sales@supermobilezone.mybigcommerce.com
Telephone: 267-266-8132
Website: www.supermobilezone.mybigcommerce.com

Buy iPad International?

Who is shipping iPads internationally outside of USA? Have small quantity buyers in Asia, Middle East and Europe. Please state price, MOQ, etc


I welcome. I will buy IPHONE 3 GS UNLOCKED. I am a company and I want to pay for goods cash on delivery. I ask for offers of companies rather than swindlers.

meil: lukaszm997@interia.pl


We sell all sort of Brand New, Unlocked, Original, Full accessories and come with
1 yr International waranty from the Manufacturer phones.
just send us an email on the type or brand of your choice
Nokia,Samsung, Apple iphone,Dopod,Blackberry Etc....granbyphonesltd@googlemail.com



We sell all brands of mobile phone...they are all brand new original and unlocked,factory sealed and never opened....we are located in London/UK anyone interested should please contact us...thanks


Who can supply some of Apple IPAD for me? Located in Hong Kong

I sell iphone

I sell iphone 3gs 16gb for 550€ or 3gs 32gb for 600€ in the colors black or white . Faktory Unlocked. Original packs 100% Apple Iphone. Stock is limited for the moment with 100pc. I am registered also in the Ebay.
who interest has can to me announce itself. I accept paypal. tyuksln(at)hotmail.com (thats not my Ebay registed mail)


I sell new 100% Apple Iphone Original packs.In the colors black or white.Faktory Unlocked.
Offer is valid for 4 meets.
3gs 16gb for $600 included shipping
3gs 32gb for $650 included shipping

iPhone3GS 32GB Black Orginal unlocked with warrenty

Looking for some honest supplier (if there is any left out there).
Send me some prices and shippingcost please.
Payment will be done with Paypal.

who can supply me with iphone 3gs unlock, IPAD , and 3g origin

need this qualifications :

* Must be 100% Original & Authentic
* Must be Located in the United States
* Must have reasonable prices
* Must be able to prove that you are legit
* Must provide full contact details
* Must accept secure payments. NO WESTERN UNION OR MONEY GRAMS

money transfer must be :
* Fly and Buy
* Escrow.com
* Escrow Attorney to Attorney
* American Express
* Bank Transfer (Must provide blank PO and written documents to secure transaction)

if you can supply all this then contact me


3gs iphones supplier needed


I am broker for iphones. I have lot of buyers for iphones. I have demand for more than 3000 units of factory unlocked 3GS iphones.

Expected price
Factory unlocked 3GS 16GB- 390 to 415USD
Factory unlocked 3GS 32GB- 475 to 500USD

Payment methods
1. fly and buy
2. COD
3. escrow.com

my commission will be 25 USD per phone.

Orders are sure,
if you are authentic seller of apple iphones. reply me in aaa1982@gmail.com

Hi! I'm interest to import


I'm interest to import IPhones to Switzerland. Give me your offers and I'll study all ones.

My e-mail: jem_carlo@hotmail.com

Thank you, Jérémy



I have a problem to unlock my IPHONE 3G version 3.1.3 modem firmware05.12.01 what is the problem???
I want to use my phone, what is this phone??
It’s a very bad product wan I update a product it's totally unlocked 10x for this bad iphone version and very bad [/sites/details/apple.com apple] phone

Architect Faraj Elias
My email Elias _architecture@hotmail.com

(Legit Supplier) Apple iPhone 3GS

I can supply mobile phones, I'm in direct contact with a supplier who has these products in stock. I would rather deal with an end buyer but if you a broker you welcome to do business with me also. Here is the prices, for more information contact me via email or phone.

Apple iPhone 3GS 16GB US Spec (Locked)
Sample: 10 Units
MOQ: 25 Units
Price: $625

Apple iPhone 3GS 16GB Euro Spec (Factory Unlocked)
Sample: 10 Units
MOQ: 25 Units
Price: $690

Apple iPhone 3GS 32GB US Spec (Locked)
Sample: 10 Units
MOQ: 25 Units
Price: $675

Apple iPhone 3GS 32GB Euro Spec (Factory Unlocked)
Sample: 10 Units
MOQ: 25 Units
Price: $750

There is a price break discount for large bulk orders. Please don't expect to get great prices for sample or MOQ orders. The discounts are applied to bulk orders which is 100+ units. I can supply up to 1000 units, if you think you can get the iPhones for $250-$400 then you shouldn't even be selling iPhones. I'm current only accepting bank transfer for Apple iPhone transactions. Buyers will be required to sign a PO and submit Proof of Funds or Proof of Intent to Purchase

I can supply other mobile phones as well, these can be paid via Credit Card or Debit Card. I'm accepting Visa, Master Card and Discover Cards, just inquire about mobile phone you desire.

Super Mobile Zone
United States

Apple Iphones

We are a wholesale distribution company with many dealers and customers worldwide and we are currently selling a lot of original brand new Apple Iphones 3GS 16GB and 32GB. We are looking for brand new factory unlocked Iphones 3GS 16GB and 32GB with a MOQ of 500 units per month or more. Please email your contact info to sales@techmediagroup.net.

Thank you,

Iphones 32 Gb


I am from vancouver,canada and looking for orginal iphones 32 gb (Unlocked)....I need a reliable supplier who can send me phones on time in bulk lets say 10 units......NO SCAMMERS PLS ....i dont have time to waste on them......Pls email me payal_sadana2000@yahoo.co.in


I phone 3G 16GB and 32GB

Hello Every one
i need used unlocked apple i phone 3G 16GB to 32GB my busniess in pakistan we are supplier in our country of used i phone and laptop so pls give me best i phone FOB Price,1st we purchase 2 to 3 i phone for checking than we done more big busniess at monthly basis,my email address is


Used I phone 3G 16GB to 32Gb Original

Every one iam importer of used i phone and used laptop so i need used i phone 3G 16Gb to 32Gb unlocked used but good condition my reprentative in malaysia and singapore so if any one have i phone and laptop so give me Best FOB price my reprentative will come to you and check this goods and pay on the deliver time but 1st we buy 2 to 3 i phone for our checking purpase if ur phone is original and ok so we can do good busniess and we order at monthly basis,our busniess in pakistan we are supplier of holsaller in our country,
my e mail is


Apple iPhone 3GS 16GB Euro Spec (Factory Unlocked)

There is a Fly and Buy located in Dallas TX for 100 units of the Apple iPhone 3GS 16GB Euro Spec (Factory Unlocked) for $650. This is a take all offer, if your interested contact me.

They will be sold before Monday so act fast!!!


Apple iPhone 3GS Sample Orders (10 units) via PayPal


Euro Spec(Factory Unlocked) Apple iPhone 3GS 16GB - $655
Euro Spec(Factory Unlocked) Apple iPhone 3GS 32GB - $675

Payment & Terms:

Sample Orders is 10 Units
Payment via PayPal
Shipping is 4-7 business days

Sample Order Instructions:

1. Visit my supplier Facebook page
2. Click "Shop Now" tab
3. Select "Authentic Phones" under Category
4. Add product to shopping cart
5. Checkout via PayPal


Sample orders can only be purchase by visiting my supplier Facebook page!

Contact me for the Facebook Link. Make sure you state your Full Name when contacting.


Apple Iphones 3GS

Mail me if you need Authentic Apple iphones 3GS.. 1year international warranty.. Minimum order: above 20 units .. schandra_divi@yahoo.com ...



i am from a company in singapore

i am looking for authentic iphone 3gs. 8gb,16gb and 32gb.

Let me know the MOQ.

Someone who quote me. No SCAM!

Euro Spec Apple iPhone 3GS 16GB & 32GB Factory Unlocked

This is non-negotiable as these are the requirements of our Distributor. Please do not call or email us asking us to change these terms. It's either you can abide by them or you can't. If you DO NOT want to follow our terms, then please find a different supplier to accept YOUR terms.

Sample Orders (10 units) - Your order must be paid in full by credit card before your it can be submitted. Invoices under $10,000 may be arranged to be paid by Paypal - Ask before using this method as it has to be completed a certain way.

Regular Orders (11-99 units) - For orders between 11-99 units there is a Initial deposit of 30% of total Invoice is paid via wire transfer or credit card. Sign a Purchase Agreement which is a legally binding contract for the sale.

Large Orders (100 units+) - Orders for 100 units or more can be paid via escrow. Requires proof of funds in escrow account. The prices are different for escrow orders, view the prices below.

Manufacturer ships the units to our address or a bonded facility if you paid a deposit only. If you paid in full, your shipment will be delivered to you directly. You will have your tracking number to follow your products at all times and you may pickup in person. Typical shipping time is 5-7 days. It could take up to 10-14 days depending on availability of stock especially on large orders of 500+ units.


Euro Spec Apple iPhone 3GS 16GB Factory Unlocked - $655
Euro Spec Apple iPhone 3GS 32GB Factory Unlocked - $675

Escrow prices are 16GB at $675 and 32GB at $699.



i seell apple

i seell apple macbook/iphone

i am gold seller tradekey.com / alibaba.com

i am verified seller pay-pal.com

I have my online store

apple iphone 3 gs 32 gb 650$

apple ipad 64 gb wi-fi - 750 $


100% Authentic U.S Specs Apple Iphones in Bulk.

Hi we have a large quantity of Apple Iphone 3GS AT&T U.S Specs Available for sale. we are located in the New Jersey/New York Area.

Apple Iphone 3GS AT&T U.S Specs =$565.00 USD

Our MOQ IS 25 Units

this price includes all shipping charges etc...

Payment: 100% bankwire in advance.

We encourage fly & buys on large orders.

Shipping: you will recieve tracking numbers via FedEx ASAP. Shipment dependning on where you located 4-8 days.

Please ask to see our POS. We are in this to make long business relations.
email anytime at prominentmobilegroup@yahoo.com

Hi, I can supply original


I can supply original apple iphones

3gs 32gb for $499 comes with warranty from apple
200-300 units per month only

paypal is preferred as payment..

contact me at "swagid.malley@gmail.com"

I Phone 3gs (WHITE BODY)

Brand New, Unlocked Apple iphone 3gs ( White Colour)

Sir i am traders from Pakistan and time to time visited Singapore, I want to purchase 10 set iphone 3gs (white color) for trail, but must be original not Chinese. I need grantee from your company which one is real sale point in Singapore, Write me full address and Phone numbers, before my visit i will call them and settle the meeting time. Later i will purchase time to time. I need wholesalers price + warranty. I will pay at the moment then i will visit your sale point in Singapore. Kindly also include your company name, contact details for future long-term business.

Best Regards



Anyone telling you that can provide you with legitimate iphones and is not an authorized apple dealer or at the very least apple, they are not real iphones that will have a warranty.

ONLY APPLE sells iphones.

Fly & Buy Offer

I have a fly & buy for the following products. There is no minimum order quantity for any of these products, you can buy 1 unit if you want!

Euro Spec Apple iPhone 3GS 16GB @ $680

3rd Gen Apple iPod Touch 8GB @ $185
3rd Gen Apple iPod Touch 32GB @ $280
3rd Gen Apple iPod Touch 64GB @ $355

Blackberry Javelin 8900 @ $450
Blackberry Bold Onyx 9700 @ $550

If you interested contact me at supermobilezone@live.com


You are required to sign a Purchase Order only.

apple iphones and ipad and samsung led tv


We are a company in Belgium and surch after a trustfull company who can supplie us from mobilephones nokia, samsung htc, blackberry, lg etc... Also very important apple iphones and ipad's, and samsung led tv's, and also game consoles.

All must be 100% original and new, not refurbished or copies!

We surch now a long time, and till now we have lost a lot of money at company's in the uk and china who have cheating us!

so this time we will be sure that we deal with a real and honest company, that can show us the necessary certifications.

And no western union payments anymore, only by banktransfer or paypal!

We have a lot of clients and we can do a lot of business on honest way!

You can contact us by email: info@compu-electrodeals.be

Many thanks.

Best regards,

I'm a broker looking for

I'm a broker looking for legit suppliers. I have read some comments here on this website and some people don't think this is a good place to find legit suppliers. For those who say this isn't where to find suppliers please tell me where to find them.
I'm looking for a supplier who can provide documents about their business, also you must include at least 2 business references. You must be able to provide proof of stock for the products that you are selling. I'm not looking to do business with suppliers who has super high prices, with those price no one can make a profit. I understand that some of the prices people are asking for are not reasonable but I'm not looking for the price super cheap, I just want the prices to be affordable and reasonable. If you sell any of the following brands please contact me so we can discuss business.
PS: I have several clients who are waiting to do business, also I want to sign an commission agreement with your business. I rather do business with suppliers who has a sellers permit or business license. If you can provide everything I'm asking for please include this info in the first email along with a price list, if you have a website its a big plus.

E-mail- Thomaslee1028@yahoo.com

Thank you Global-Wire

Italian Iphones

Dear Sir, Madam

My name is Flavien Font. I am purchasing executive at TRIAX SRL. We are based in Milan. Our company has been created in 2002.

We are currently looking for new supplier of Iphones able to export their stock in Italy. We need a supplier able to ship the stock from its warehouse to our warehouse directly using UPS, FEDEX or any other carriers.

We buy every week between 250 and 500 Iphones.

Please can you give your phone number and your MSN contact if you have some stock of Iphones to discuss about it?

I am looking forward to hearing from you and to starting a business relationship.

Best regards

Flavien Font

looking for Original Apple iphones 3GS 32GB asap

I'm searching for a supplier who can provide large qty of Original Apple iPhone 32GB at wholesale prices.

Looking for 100-500 units.

If you can provide this qty please contact me at topquality_retailer@yahoo.com

No western union or money gram scammers!!!

Fly and Buy
Escrow Attorney
Bank Wire
We are Uk based please contact us only if your are serious and Genuine supplier(Pls No Scammers)

Wholesale Unloced GSM phones and tablets

Looking for buyers. Many suppliers. And yes, there are many brokers who claim to have stock or merchandise and they do not. THEY ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO!

That is like asking a real estate agent if they OWN the mansion they are selling. Obviously the agent has some connection to get you the mansion..they do not need to OWN it to help you PURCHASE it.

It is all about connections. If you are looking for a FREE way to purchase legitimate phones..well just respond to the many "suppliers" above with their ridiculous offers. IF you wish to deal with professionals who can get you to the right Distributor from Asia to the UK to Africa to here, US..then contact me.

And NO I DO NOT NOR DOES ANY OF THE BROKERS I KNOW OF CHARGE AN UPFRONT FEE. However I do require a CONTRACT efore I can put you in contact. I won't have you getting our resources and running amok just stinking up our name. They WILL ask where you got their name from.

BUYING WHOLESALE IPHONES/IPADS/BLACKBERRY IS NOT A GET-RICH QUICK BUSINESS. You must have international contacts, a reliable website, a thorough staff and a great accountant to know when you selling at a lost and how to prevent from selling at a lost.

Rookie buyers especially who are looking at going wholesale YOU NEED A BROKER. So if you are through wasting time emailing back and forth...you know what to do.

And please no rude emails or scam-ridden emails. We have been SCAMMED many times BUT we learned. This is NOT an easy business. But with the right brokers..a buyer can navigate well and make profit


I need help getting wholesale prices on iPhones. Please help.. Email asap

Looking for Apple Supplier

Hello, I am looking for a Authentic and LEGIT Apple Supplier who can provide all things Apple. Iphones, Ipods and Macbook Pro's are what I am mainly interested in. I am looking to only deal with a supplier who accepts Escrow.com or C.O.D. Please send me an email at tuba5342@gmail.com if you can ACTUALLY SUPPLY!!! I am only looking to deal with suppliers OR brokers who have ACTUALLY SEEN PRODUCTS FROM THEIR SUPPLIER!!! Please do not contact me if you cannot supply. Please do not contact me if you have never dealt with your "supplier". Please do not respond to this comment on this post or I will not see it. Please email me directly.



Is HASSAN AMUDHAN-iTrade Limited is Scam?

Is HASSAN AMUDHAN-iTrade Limited UK is Scam?
Pls reply....





apple iphones

Is there anybody out there who can provide genuine apple iphones to Australia? I've been conned by Tradekey.com companies and am reluctant to buy anything from China!

I don't want copies/fakes/replicas/i9/i68 or any other such rubbish - genuine apple only!

Please help

iphone 3GS 32gb


I am interested in buying/pick-up 6 units of The Apple iphone 3GS 32gb, I will be in Singapore on July 7 - 9, 2010. is there anyone who can meet-up for such purchases? Please e-mail me at jhenomie@yahoo.com.


I am looking to purchase

I am looking to purchase several Apple Iphones. Only genuine phones - no fakes! I am soooo tired of dealing with scammers online. I will make payment by PAYPAL only, and will require 1 sample to inspect before following through with larger order. Must be willing to ship to Canada. If you can help, please contact me at crystal_9_2001@Hotmail.com

Iphone 3GS & 4 for sale

I am not here to waste time. I have iphones for sale. I don't like to play around too much. If you would like to inquire about the price, please do.

We also have Nokias, Blackberry's, etc...

Hope to hear from someone soon.

Hi, I am looking for a quick

Hi, I am looking for a quick supplier of Original, Authentic, Genuine Apple iPhone 4G 16GB & 32GB EU spec. If you can agree to the following, please contact me immediately:

1. Accept purchase by Fly & Buy, COD (cash on delivery) only!

2. Have plenty of supply in hand for both 16GB & 32GB

3. Handle orders weekly ranging from 10 - 100 phones

I have orders pending and i am ready to Fly and Buy today.

If you DON´T accept my payment method, DON´T waste my time and DON´T contact me! Thanks!

Please feel free to contact me ( hurricane01.01@googlemail.com ) with your price list if you're interested.




Serious buyer looking for serious seller only!

Super Deals - SuperMobileZone

(Euro Spec)Apple iPhone 3GS 16GB - $575ea
(Euro Spec)Apple iPhone 3GS 32GB - $650ea

Apple iPad 16GB Wi-Fi + 3G - $685ea
Apple iPad 32GB Wi-Fi + 3G - $785ea
Apple iPad 64GB Wi-Fi + 3G - $885ea

(Euro Spec)Blackberry Bold 9700 - $499ea

iPhone 4G is currently sold out

**MOQ: 50 UNITS**


Bank Wire Transfer|Cash on Delivery|Credit Card|Escrow.com|Fly n Buy|Letter of Credit



important information :

i have gone through few of the post here and found many scammer inside. so all the genuine buyer pls be carefull. Do not just order from the people who offer you cheap price.. you are bound to get scammed. i previously posted about few website to stay away, specially from the chinese supplier (i was mean to specify that). there are people from usa and uk also who promised you unexpected price. dont trust them. trust me, Apple is most greedy company and they keep the most so the wholesale price is also high.

have a safe supplier hunting.

(NOTE: never pay upfront, only deal with escrow payment option)

thank you


iphones and ipods

Looking for a fair wholesale price on iphones and itouch. Please contact me at alberttietjen@hotmail.com.

I am in Miami,Florida USA

Apple iPhones/iPads


Looking to purchase up to 20 iPhones and iPads on a weekly basis. Serious sellers, resellers please. I will only use Credit cards, Escrow.com, fly & Buy, cash as my first payments with a new company. After everything checks out I will have no problem doing other forms. Please inform me on price and any business information you may have. Again, looking to buy consistently. Flaphoneguy@yahoo.com

Thank you.

Apple i phone 4G

where are can find Apple iphone original good price except ?? e-bay????
do you someone anything???

is there someone to have bought from a supplier and be happy????



OF $2,000.00 RECENTLY.


is there a buyer on this

is there a buyer on this site who has purchased electronics from a supplier and actually got with they paid for?? please contact me with any leads you may have - thanks jessejamesjr313@yahoo.com

stay away from anything called bestbuystoreltd

i have seen an sell offer in ebay.com.my a apple laptop selling in rm 2500 which is $800 but the configaration shows its CPU is i5. i cantact the buyer as his payment option was bank transfer only where all genuine seller sell through paypal to get buyer and seller protection. and the location of the item was in malaysia. i thought i will pick it up myself and pay . i mailed him telling about the pick up. he replyed to my mail to my mail that he is from uk. i refused him and told him that i will use paypal only through ebay.

then he started telling me that he need help. i asked him what help do he need. he want me to promote him in different website but i refused as i suspected his as scam. then he offered me to give me iphone . then i asked him te price and it was as attractive as scammer can provide $500 /units . i told him i need 10 units as pick up or L\C. he refused L\C but agreed with pick up. then i started thinking that scammer can never offer pick you. then i asked him to give me his address so that i can prepair a proper PO but he refused to give and told me just to send him mail at bestbuystoreltd@yahoo.com . i have send him the mail .then he asked me to send my detail so that he can do the lebeling and packageing. i have send him detail . then he started asking me to pay upfront for pick up. first he asked $1000 then droped to $500 . i refused and was sure that he was scammer. cause in this site many people know me . i deal sale only through L\C, pick up, escrow.com or paypal through ebay.com . none of the transaction scammer can do . if any suppler cant offer you any of this transaction pls tell them to stop irritating you.

do anyone know how to attach the email here as a prove . i would like to attach the email.

if anyone deal with that person named "Thomos Daniel" and he proved to be genuine then pls mail me. i will ask him sorry for this post.

thank you


want to buy only original apple iphones

I want to buy only original apple iphone3 and iphone4,
dont want to get in contact with scam or freud companies,
contact me if you can supply me with these on

looking for iphone416/32 gb and 3gs 16/32 gb

Hi,I am interested in purchasing a yet unknown quantity of original unlocked Apple iphone4 and/or 3gs 16/32 GB.NO FAKES.Ipods and Ipads also welcome.I am trying to find a reliable seller(meaning no f***ing scammer) that has fair prices in the United States.I would appreciate all the detailed information on your product incl. shipping details to Dutch West Indies.I only deal with someone who is willing to use paypal/escrow or direct personal payment. Will do a trial order first. The trial order would not be more than 1 piece to verify the authenticity.Look forward to hearing from you soon,


Hello, We are a company from Oman in Gulf;owned by U.S & Gulf citizens,with interests in Mobile phone, electonics and computer business. We are regular buyers from U.S based wholesalers and B2B companies. We are vey interested in the whole range of Apple iPhones and iPods. Ofcourse,we do agree with you about the pricing of authentic iPhones; but would you elaborate as to the origin of iPhones supplied by you when you say " Our Apple product is NOT a china version " do you mean they are MADE IN U.S.A or are they ONLY "ASSEMBLED" in China, Taiwan, Malaysia, singapore etc with ORIGNAL components? Please do let us know if you have any client references or bankers refeences. This is just an introductory mail and would, most certainly, deal with you; should we get a positive response from you, The trial orders would not be more than 1 piece to verify the authenticity of the set sent and we hope you do appreciate taht.
Look forward to hearing from you soon,
Moosa.( Mr )

Iphones 4 G 32 GB


I'm searching for a supplier which can provide me 1000 pcs of Iphone 4G 32 GB compatible with the french network.

I'm waiting for the better price the most secure.

Thanks for your answer

Looking for serious BUYER for iphones and ipods

I am looking for anyone who is interested in buying the following:

iphone 4 32G
iphone 4 16G
iphone 3GS 32G
iphone 3GS 16G
ipod touch 64G (4th & 3rd Generation)
ipod touch 32G (4th & 3rd Generation)

Please contact me via email.


wholesale prices for iphone

Hi, i am a reseller in kuwait, i need to buy iphone for a wholesale prices, i need the price list for i phone. see u in having a long business terms. no scam.

contact: 965 97139641


ipod touch


where are u located?..how much for the 32G...i would want one sample n will only agree to escrow or fly n buy...awaiting response

Regular purchase of iphone 3gs and iphone 4

Hi there, i'm very interested in setting up regular purchase, please contact me to have a chat. I'm based in the UK 01612267583 or mobile 07528111402

Brand New Apple Iphone 4 32GB & Blackberry 9800 Torch

Brand New Apple Iphone 4 32GB & Blackberry 9800 Torch Phone comes in ORIGINAL retail box with all the Original Accessories. Apple iPhone 4G 32GB Unlocked Apple Earphones with Remote and Mic Dock Connector to USB Cable Wall Charger Car Charger USB Power Adapter Documentation Plastic Pouch CD Rom SIM eject tool 1yr Apple Warranty Card Apple Iphone 4 16GB = 400$USD Apple Iphone 4 32GB= 450$USD BlackBerry 9800 slider = 400$USD
All Price Inlucde shipping and Tax.
Buy 2 get 1 free Buy 5 get 2 free Buy 10 get 4 free
We Ship Via FedEx Express/ UPS Courier Company and the estimated time for delivery is 24hours, Door Step Delivery.

Our Products Are Brand New
Unlocked Factory
Comes With Complete casing and accessories
12 Months Manufacturer warranty.


The new iPhone 4 introduces Face Time, which makes video calling as effortless as one tap of the finger, and Apple iPhone 4’s new Retina display brings about outstanding text, images and video quality.

Buy 2 Get 1 Free Units / 5 Get 2 Free Units
DELIVERY: 2 / 3 working days.

Package Contents:

4 iPhone 16GB or 32GB flash drive

White or black

iPhone 4 Dock
Apple Dock Connector to VGA Adapter
Apple Component AV Cable
Apple Composite AV Cable
Nike + iPod Sensor
World Travel Adapter Kit
Apple Earphones with Remote and Mic
Dock Connector to USB Cable
USB Power Adapter

Apple I-phone 4G 32GB @ 300 EUR
Blackberry torch 9800 @ 350 EUR
Apple iPhone 3GS 32GB @ 200 EUR
Blackberry Bold 9700 @ 200 EUR
Nokia N8 @ 250 EUR
Apple iPad 3G Wi-Fi 16GB / 32GB / 64GB
HTC Nexus One at 203 EUR
Cdj mixer,
Nikon camera

Contact E-Mail:

MSN CHAT ID:buzzmobileltd@hotmail.com

Apple Iphone Supplier.

I sell factory unlocked Apple Iphone 4G 32GB Canada Model. MOQ is 5 units.

I ship worldwide from my warehouse in New York, NY. If you are interested in making a purchase with me please email me at: a p p l e_w h o l e s a l e @ y m a i l.c o m

Price is negotiable at $700USD each MOQ is 5 units, Max i can accommodate is 15 units per month.

I accept PayPal verified address, Bank-wire , Money Order. Which ever payment is easiest for the buyer.

I ship next day USPS Priority Mail after full payment has been received and tracking numbers will be given out ASAP.

Thank You for your time.

Apple iphone 4

Hello ,

We are interested to buy some Apple iPhone 4 32GB Black Unlocked.

We need to know :
If you have the iphones with the software 4.0.1 iso ? or which version do you have in stock ?
Is the warranty work overseas ?
Which term of payment do you accept , we would like to use PayPal .
If we will purchase around 30 phones per month , are you able to cover this order ?
And which is the best price you can give to us ?
We awaiting answer from you and hope to have long term business with your company.

Best regards

Did you find a supplier? im

Did you find a supplier? im also looking

apple iphones

has anyone found a reliable supplier for apple iphones off of here yet? i am looking for a reliable supplier, with good prices. Iphones has to be sealed,authentic and come with apple warranty,I will buy a sample lot first, then will buy alot more. You can reply on here or email me at angelandbuttrfly@aol.com
I only pay with paypal, google checkout or COD or creditcard, I need safe payment, I have been scammed and I am not going that route again.

Iphone Scammers !!!

there is no f,ucking real iphone supplier. If someone really has that much of iphones instead of selling u stupits on $400 they can sell it all in ebay in 1 week on $650-700. If they really have that stocks, they would not be looking for customer in form sites. There would be big f.ucking line on their stores door (: Do not be stupit. I know its attrackting you alot, u are making plans in your mind, if i can get iphone 4Gs at $400 i can sell it those at least $700 each and make $300 on each iphones. So, if i can get like 1000 units im gonna make $30.000 profit without moving my ass. Yooow Yoow Hold on! that is not working like that, u got a little money in ur hand dont let the scammers get it from you.! All the uk companies that sells iphones are scammer. Check : wck2.companieshouse.gov.uk check their companys name, and find the real phone number, and call them to check it. Dont forget no Iphone suppliers would use a mail adress such as yahoo.com , hotmail.com , gmail.com , live.com Juar Be careful guys.

Your words are sadly true,

Your words are sadly true, but not all companies or commodity brokers that sell iphones are scammers - there are good guys around too but finding them is trial and error (it has taken me over 2 years, a lot of heartache and a lot of money to find them)!!
As mentioned, you are not gunna ever make $300 profit on the sale of one of these things - it simply does not happen. EVER..yes you can make a profit whilst trading safely but it is modest and realistic.
Do not let the idiots and scammers get your hard earned cash, they will try everything possible.

If you want sources that are reliable and trustworthy with realistic pricing then mail me - daveadams1@live.co.uk
Drive these scammers out of the market, they belong in the gutter - and its only our greed and the thought of that 'secret supplier' that is keeping them going.
food for thought - the wholesale apple iphone market does not exist! It is governed and controlled by Apple very very tightly. If anyone wants to dispute this fact with me please feel free.
There are suppliers out there that can supply to the likes of me and you, it can be done - but these people do not advertise, they have no need to. Contacts are everything.

Warning scammers have posted offers here

I was given this link by a verified supplier of iPhones. After 20 minutes I had to post in order to warn those viewing these offers that there are a few alleged scammers who have posted on this thread. You must use caution if you are trying to buy using info found on this thread. The only one who would have a chance on delivering iPhones is the one MidwestGSM member I know who posted. I gave him the suppliers I use so he should be able to deliver genuine Apple product. Trade safely!

Thank you,
Glenn A. Kirk
Purchasing Manager
Missouri License LC1009862
Nixa, MO 65714 USA
Direct: +1.417.851.7834
Skype: midwestgsm
Email: gkirk@midwestgsm.com

Looking for iPhone 4, 3GS UNLOCKED & Authentic

I am looking for a LONG-TERM supplier of iPhones. I am a small reseller so I only require small orders at first. I will first place an order of ONE phone so I can verify authenticity and functionally.

I am only looking to buy OFFICIAL Apple Products. If the first order goes well, I look forward to a long-standing healthy business relationship.

Please include the Maximum order number you can fullfil only a weekly basis!

Thank you.

Chinese sellers need not apply, in my experience you are mostly all scammers and it's not worth the trouble.

Apple product

I like to offer you , our product :
Iphone 3GS :
- 16 GB = US$ 350
- 32 GB = US$ 475
Colour : Black and White
Warrenty : 1 Year
Status : Brand new in Box
Factory Unlock
Singapore Set
Ipad :
- 16 Gb = US$ 425
- 32 Gb = US$ 515
- 64 Gb = US$ 600
Wifi + 3G - 16 Gb = US$ 499
- 32 Gb = US$ 599
- 64 Gb = US$ 690
Argos Case leather US$ 35 (Availble colour : Black, Red , Pink, White)
Ultra Slider US$ 20
Skin for Ipad US$ 10
Iphone 4 :
- 16 Gb = US$ 515
- 32 Gb = US$ 645
Status : Brand new in Box
Factory unlock
Singapore / Hongkong / Australia set
Colour : Black
SGP Case _ Vintage / Argos / Valencia = US$ 35

If you intrested , please let us know at luvmacshop@yahoo.com

saudi arabia shipping!!!

i'm interested to buy about 10 units of iphone 4 16gb and 10 units of iphone 4 32gb. how is the payment is arranged, and the shipment procedure is going to be processed. plz contact me urgently!!


apple iphone 4

we are looking for supplier of the apple iphone 4 for export, so if you can deliver it on qwnt, pls, inform us for more details.




You thought you could buy 4

You thought you could buy 4 genuine and new iPhone 4 units for $800???? You have to be kidding me. At the time of your post you could buy one at wholesale for $800. That scammer saw you coming and profited big time. I was in China last year so I know that $800 will last a while. That is likely more than your seller makes in two months.

Thank you,
Glenn A. Kirk
Purchasing Manager
Missouri License LC1009862
Nixa, MO 65714 USA
Direct: +1.417.851.7834
Skype: midwestgsm
Email: gkirk@midwestgsm.com

iPhone 4 16gb - 32gb

I can provied up to 200 units of 16gb and 32gb iPhone 4.

Asutralian customers only.

Contact me direct.

0433 010 879

I am interested in buying

I am interested in buying iphone 4 32GB how much for each and where is location

Please email me details. I

Please email me details. I am interested to buy 200 phones. Please email me @ jennifer@alidaniservices.com

Apple iphone Supplier IPHONE 4 32GB BLACK


EMAIL ME AT miitronics@yahoo.com


iphone 4 supplier

I sell Apple Iphones 4G 32GB USA Model
Colour : Black
Warrenty : 1 Year
Status : Brand new in Box
I ship worldwide.
If you are interested in making a purchase with me please email me at:MIITRONICS@YAHOO.COM

IPhone 4

Anybody that are selling iPhone 4 wholesale prices good deals email me or call 7739879399. Looking to buy 50 a week.

Looking for supplier of iPhone 4

Looking to buy Original Apple iPhone 4, must be 100% new, factory unlocked and sealed. We will be dealing with PayPal ONLY for sample order purchase. More to come if you come through. Contact me at sales@my-digital-source.ca Subject title: iPhone 4 Supplier Thanks.

Looking for wholeseller prices of iphone 4

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am looking to purchase original, brand new, sim-free Apple IPhone 4 and IPad in bulk.

If you have the items in stock, please send me your price list at noheen.kiran@yahoo.co.uk

hi iam interesting to buy iphone 4g 3g 3gs for wholeprice

hello every one any one can tell me fron where can i buy the iphones from USA

Looking for wholesaler iphone4

I am reseller in australia, looking for long term business and purchasing iphone4 please contact me if u r selling original, authentic with apple care one year. tina.vang@live.com.au or 0430950820. Paypal payment only. Please no scammers

iphone 4s wanted

im looking for iphone 4s 16/32 i need 10 now! and if everything is good will take 50+ mth im in canada need price in cdn$ and shipping rate to toronto

Looking for authentic apple iphone supplier

I'm looking for a apple supplier.....iphones, ipads, ipod, etc.....Write me an email and give me details....paypal transfers only!....FTRACKDISTRIBUTION@GMAIL.COM...Looking forward to doing business

Re: Apple Iphones

HEllo, I understand it is hard to find a legitment source that can really offer you authentic Apple Iphones, however I currently have Fly Buy in the States upto 5k units of the 4g/32gb, we can supply you 5k every week and the good thing about this offer is that it is a fly buy offer, if you are interested plse contact me at

Thank you


What are your prices and minimum order quantity? Can items be viewed to verify stock prior to any purchase?

i phone 16 gb black

Dear Sir ,

Sweet day to you , hope you can help me .I found through website of WILI ELEC CHINA , and I send money to buy i phone 4 16 gb black he told me he
will sent within one day but he didnot even answer my mail and he already get the money if you donot mind I need help can you advise me please ,
The name of the man I send money to Mr . Zhong Du address ( Putian,fujian,China ) Zip code 351100 .
I send $500 US DO .so now I donot know waht to do please advice me .
there website www.wikielec.com and his email sales@wikielec.com .

Best Regards,

hilda lugo

hilda lugo (kittyhil94@yahoo.com) couldn't even fill 10 units order, don't trust her with 5000 units !

iphone supplier only creditcards payments accepted


I am a supplier of genuine and authentic iphones with warranty from apple inc at reasonable price..
I can supply iphones 4g 16 gb and 32gb

only creditcard payments accepted..

contact me at::;



i sell apple iphone

hELLO!!! i sell apple iphone 4 16/32 gb sim FREE FRANCE
MACbook/mac PRO payment: credit of letter


Supply Factory Unlocked iPhones to California

I am based in Singapore and can supply factory unlocked versions of iPhones 4 to California, USA. Monthly quantity 50-100 units.

Prices start from USD760 for 16GB and USD890 for 32GB, depending on quantity ordered. Payment will be COD through my contact in USA.

Please contact me if interested:

Thanks, Winson

iPhones Buyers in San Diego/California

Hi, I am based in Singapore and can supply factory unlocked iPhones to California. 50-100 units monthly. Prices start from USD760 (16GB) and USD890 (32GB). COD via my contact in USA. Please contact me if interested.

Coliseum Marketing Services

I am broker who has business with Apple legit supplier in USA

I know how frustrated it will be when you are trying to find the legitimate broker or supplier for iphone. I have been there and even been scamed before. No need to say how 's feel. However, business comes with risk. If you are not going to risk, then you would never have business going.

After been trial and reserched I have met with this legit supplier. We can supply the Iphones 4, 3GS for all spec. Euro ( facetory unlocked) and US spec. Plus, IPAD wifi and wifi 3G.

About the order.. The Minimum order quantity is 10 piece. Only accept with Credit card ( Visa and Master) We DO NOT deal with money order NOR western union! please understand that we are here for the clean business and are not into any of tricks!

If you are interested in doing business with legit supplier, you can contact me at hitech_resell@yahoo.com.. I will get back to you and we can start it from there.


i need phones

hello everybody,

i'm working with france and eastern europe (kosovo, albania,serbia...),
i'm searching an iphone blackberry and nokia seller who can export them directly,
i begin with a little quantity for the first command (10-50 pieces)
please if someone can do contact me by my email alban.apple@hotmail.com with a prices list and sort of cellular tha he have.

thank you


Has anyone heard of PTB

Has anyone heard of PTB Mobile Networld?

iPhone 4 Supplier

Hi there, I am interested in Purchasing Iphone 4's 32GB and 16GB in Wholesale lot quantities, I am Canadian and would like a canadian supplier preferably in Ontario. No SCAM, NO MONEY ORDER, NO BULLSHIT! Legit authentic Apple product and we can do business.

Thanks I can be reached at,

416 824 6328

Re: 4G Apple iPhone 32GB For Sale

We have have the iPhone 4 ,3Gs? 16GB and 32GB, in stock for sale at affordable prices.

iPhone 3G 8GB Cost........US$250
iPhone 3G 16GB Cost.......US$300
iPhone 3Gs 16GB Cost......US$350
iPhone 3Gs 32GB Cost......US$500
iPhone 4G 32GB Cost.......US$600

Contact us for the Full details.and for other mobile phones in stock.

1. Complete accessories(Well packed and sealed in original company box)
2. Unlocked / sim free.
3. Brand new (original manufacturer) box – no copies
4. All phones have English language as default
5. All material (software, manual) – car chargers – home chargers – usb data cables -holsters/belt clips – wireless headsets(bluetooth) -leather and non-leather carrying cases – batteries.



Contact us Via: lms414@gmail.com

I am interested in the

I am interested in the original IPHONE 4 unlocked and to be used in Dubai. I tried to e-mail you at the e-mail address listed above but it did not go through. I am interested in purchasing 100 to 200 units a month or even more. can you please send me a quote at my e-mail address for 100 Iphone4 32GB.

apple products

hello i am a company from sweden that is growing fast we are specialising in electronic produkt selling we are looking for a serious wholesale distributor that can provide original apple products for us in bulk ammounts and for a good price please reply to me. my e mail adress is andre_191@live.se

Iphone 4

Hey everyone,

Ok heres what i need.

1 black iphone 4 32gb

1 white iphone 4 32gb

I need a good price!

And scammers im not stupid so please dont try to contact me, thanks.

Anyway if anyone can help please email me at:

Plus i need FAST shipping!

If i recieved these phones without a hassel i will buy more.


Bonita :)


I work for mPort Global, a Los Angeles, California based, trading company specializing in electronics and commodities.

I can supply Apple iPhone 4G 16GB and 32GB phone models to serious buyers. I can support quantities in excess 100 units a month on a continuous basis. We can provide verifiable stock including fly and buy options. All purchases can be conducted with a proof of merchandise at our warehouse or a fulfillment house of your choosing and upon satisfaction payment will be conducted through (T/T) or LC methods.

If you are interested please contact us at the following:



IPhones for sale

Those of you interested in buying large quantities of iphones, please shoot me an email with all the info at roberto__dangelo@hotmail.com (2 underscores)

I will come back to you with a quote shortly after

thank you


Apple Products

I am interested in buying all kinds of apple products , i only want to deal with serious suppliers since im a serious buyer. I will ask for proof of stock. and i will need all your information before purchasing.

I will NOT pay threw Western Union , I will pay threw Letter of Credit or Escrow.

if you are serious and have stock in hand. please contact me ASAP to sag.abbott@gmail.com

looking for iphone 4 , Ipads , ipods , macbooks , ect


THANKS !!!!!!

Unlocked Iphone 4 32gb suppiler (ORIGINAL)

Hello everyone,
I Hope all is well.
My name is Magnus Ukonu,
I supply Apple iphone 4g 32gb in single or bulk orders. I'm located in the southwest USA.. I encourage all potential bulk buyers to start off with one unit to be assured that you are receiving an original iphone 4g 32gb that you can take to any apple store to confirm first. I only accept paypal for customer protection, Bank wire, and Western union as well. It has the normal apple warranty. Send me an email to For further details and/or to request my direct phone number here in Tucson, Arizona.


*Please read the note at the bottom*

I have had experiences with fraud and I have personally been scammed for thousands, Its not fun. No one has money to give away for nothing or knock offs. These people are immoral and do not care about you. Please report them to the FBI. Tips from the FBI at http://www.fbi.gov/scams-safety/fraud/internet_fraud/internet_fraud , the business alliance fraud report form https://reporting.bsa.org/usa/report/add.aspx?cmpid=eggus000354 ,

I aim to satisfy your needs to bring you joy and to provide you with unmatched customer service and fast shipping worldwide.

Quantity 1x Original Apple iphone 4g 32gb $700 **Shipping rates vary**
Quantity 50x Original Apple iphone 4g 32gb $665 **Shipping rates vary**
Quantity 100 or more **Please contact for discounted rates**

**Please note**
capitalization to emphasis

*****Magnus Ukonu - DO NOT CONTACT IF YOUR INTERESTED IN KNOCK OFFS. YOU WILL NOT FIND AN ORIGINAL APPLE IPHONE 4G 32GB IN THE PRICE RANGE OF $300-600 BUCKS, THEY ARE SCAMS. Maybe in the $600 range if you buy 500 units. I'm able to sale them under retail because I buy a lot of the so i don't pay as much as other sellers who buy say 100-500 units. I'M NOT A COMPANY I'M AN INDIVIDUAL SELLER. I'M BASED IN THE united states of America, Tucson, ARIZONA. FEEL FREE TO CONTACT ME AT ANYTIME I'M HERE FOR YOU.******


apple products

My name is Danielle Saunders and I am after brand new apple products for my new online store if anyone has move information my email address is dsaunders180@googlemail.com thank you.

Good page really helped with

Good page really helped with my homework on transnational corportations and globalisation.



just want to ask the price of apple iphone 3g and iphone 4g pls send me the price in my email albores.anne@yahoo.com ,,and also how much is the shipping fair..if u ship that product from ur country to here in phillipines..thank you ..

i am intested in your product..god bless

Find US suppliers of Apple production

Good afternoon!
My company located in Russia,Moscow.We interested to find US supliers of original Apple production for long time cooperation. Please contact me by e-mail tatyana_viktorovna@rambler.ru

If anybody can get iPhones

If anybody can get iPhones any generation wholesale prices contact me at 7739879399 or @ dowens36@yahoo.com

Buying iPhone from manufacturer

Can iPhone be purchased directly from manufacturer?

we want to order 20000 pcs for Ipad wifi 3G,16GB and iphone 4 16

Dear All,

We want to order 20000 pcs for Ipad wifi 3G,16GB and iphone 4 16GB.

who can deal with this order? please contact me.


Hello, i would like to buy

i would like to buy an iphone could you please suggest one for me to buy.

contact me at 5550129

iphone 4 euro spec

I am selling 100 iphones 4 16gb $700...fly and buy accepted. minimum order 100 units..stock location is in California. I also accepts bank transfer...email d1trackstar@gmail.com...hurry stock wont last for long..

Import iPhones

I want to import iPhones to South Africa.

Who do I need to contact and what do I require?

brand new apple ipad

We have a lot of mobile phones and Ipods in stock, all of them are brand new,
the phones are unlocked / with complete accessories. If you buy 3 units of any phone or goods from us you will get 1 free and if you buy 5 units you get 2 free.

All the phones and goods we sell are all brand new with the complete accessories in original factory sealed box 100% original and comes with 12 months international warranty and 6 month good return policy..

( Store Promotional Sales Offer Buy 2 Units And Get 1 Unit


Apple Iphone 4 32GB/32G 32GB Unlocked

Apple IPhone (4 32 gigabytes) (Apple iPhone 3GS 32gigabytes) is unlocked, brand new, sealed box, comes with complete accessories, comes with one year international warranty from the manufacture and the phone will work with any network or SIM card.

Price: Apple iPhone 3GS 32 gigabytes: $ 250 USD .
Transport costs to any country: $ 50
Cost 2X Apple iPhone 3GS 32 gigabytes + shipping $ 600 USD

Price: Apple iPhone 4 32 gigabytes: $ 300 USD
Transport costs to any country: $ 50
Cost 2X Apple iPhone 4 32 gigabytes + shipping $ 700 USD

All original accessories are included.
32 gigabytes Factory Unlock the Apple iPhone 3GS + Warranty & Return Policy USA.

iPhone package (package contents)

1 Apple iPhone 3G With 32 gigabytes (unlocked)
1 Standard Battery Battery
1 Charger
A USB data cable
1 Stereo Handsfree
One cables Headset / handset
1 User’s Guide
A USB power adapter
1 Documentation
A cleaning / polishing cloth
A SIM eject tools.
* FREE Screen Protector
* FREE Case Silcone
FREE * Crystal hard Case
1 instructions.

Buy 3 unit and get 1 unit free.
Buy 5 units and get 2 unit FREE including shipping.
Buy 10 units and get 4 free, including shipping.

NOTE: These phones are 100% unlocked and can be used with any SIM card. No activation required (check carrier frequency requirements) Insert the SIM card and start using the phone.

Shipping Method: FedEx / DHL AND UPS.

Delivery Time: within two working days

Apple Tablet iPad:

Apple Tablet iPad 64GB (Wi-Fi + 3G) …..$450usd
Apple Tablet iPad 32GB (Wi-Fi + 3G) ….$320usd
Apple Tablet iPad 16GB (Wi-Fi + 3G)…..$270usd

Apple iphone (3GS) 32GB at $400USD
Apple iphone (3GS) 16GB at $350USD
Apple iphone (3GS) 8GB at $300USD
Apple iphone 3G 16GB $280USD
Apple iphone 3G 8GB $260USD
and many more in store


Blackberry Bold 9000 at $300USD
BlackBerry 8830 $250USD
Blackberry Curve 8350i at $270USD
Blackberry Storm 9500 Touch Screen at $290USD
Blackberry Storm 9530 at $400USD
BlackBerry Javelin 8900 at $280USD
Blackberry Thunder 9500 at $350USd
and many more in store


Nokia n900 at $400usd
Nokia E90 Commnuicator at $270USD
Nokia N95 Black 8GB at $290USD
Nokia N82 black at $220USD
Nokia N81 8GB at $200USD
Nokia N78 at $200USD
Nokia N96 16GB at $330USD
Nokia N97 32GB at $360USD
Nokia 8800 Sirocco at $260USD
Nokia 5800 XpressMusic at $280USD
and many more in store

NOTE: These phones is 100% UNLOCKED and can be used with any SIM card. No activation required (check carrier frequency requirements) Insert Your SIM CARD and start using the phone.

Shipping Method: FedEx / DHL, Delivery time: within 2 working days

Please contact us for more information and purchase inquiries


collins lopez

Need 10 or more iPhone 4

Hello, if you're an iPhone distributor from USA only please contact me with your price list for your items. I would like to start a business relation with you. Please e-mail me with your business information and product list and price at (bdhotbloodz@hotmail.com). I will be ordering 50 or more per week if your iphones are legit. Also, you must accept PayPal in order to get my business.

Looking for a legit Iphone 4 supplier

I need to set up an iphone 4 supply channel to Russia and surrounding areas. I would like to work with serious wholesale suppliers of factory quality. Scammers will be punished.

Need legitimate supplier

Serious inquiry only.

I need to purchase 600 iphone 4 factory unlocked. They must be factory sealed and brand new. Please include shipping in the prices. Below is my requirements, please get back to me ASAP. Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.

We need to Quote the following items

Iphone _4_32GB - 300 Pcs___________ $
Iphone_4_16GB_300 Pcs___________ $

1)_The product need to be ready for shipping before the 04/20/2011
2)_please email all quotes to cas08aa@gmail.com
3)_Each Phone need to be in Retail Box-Or Bundle Package

Carson Serino

apple iphone

i am interested in buy apple iphone original but sample purchase first and pay via paypal


Apple products

Hello, i sell Iphone 4, ipad and ipad 2 and other apple products.

The minimum order required 10 pieces.We DO NOT offer western union or money order! Delivery perious takes 6-8 Business days once you have submit your order and payment.
if you are really serious in business and want to have the items delivered to you for real and no more bullcrap from fake products or scammer ... contact me

After 2-3 order , i can accept COD, only when i will be sure you are a serious buyer because i'm a dropshipper !
I accept Paypal & wire transfer only US bank account to US bank account for safety again.
If you are interessted, reply to me !
Thank you 
64gb wi fi ipad 2 : 800USD
32gb wi fi ipad 2 : 690USD
16gb wi fi ipad 2 : 580USD
64gb 3g ipad 2 : 1000USD
32gb 3g ipad 2 : 890USD
16gb 3g ipad 2 : 780USD
Iphone 4 32gb : 600USD
Iphone 4 16gb : 550USD

N.B : Product NEW, ask me for USED products ( price different ), Order under 10pcs per product add 100USD because not wholesale price
PS : I accept fly and Buy, pick up local to Paris ( France ).
As i'm dropshipper, you just have to pay shipping before and you can pick up after.

MORE INFORMATION CONTACT ME AT :pro.grossiste.net@gmail.com

Best discount about 200pcs

Iphones and various other phones

Hello, I have access to stock. I do not want to waste anyone's time. If you would like to do fly and buys for stock, please let me know and we can work together. Please keep price expectation reasonable.

Iphone 4 16gb and 32gb

Looking to buy OEM Iphones 4 16gb and 32gb in wholesale min order 10 must accept Paypal

Hi we are looking for

Hi we are looking for reliable supplier of Apple products

Interested in Iphone 4 16 and 32 gbs

We are ready to purchase up to 10 000 units a month.

Only authentic products with apple wattanty.

Please contact donaubw@aol.com

We are interesting to buy Iphone 4 never lock in bulk

Payment only escrow!
We are interesting t buy 50-100 pcs in week!
Write to me if you can offer price 400-500$ for pcs!

selling in bulk apple iphone 4 16/32 gb:(www.escrow.com)

Apple is now selling an unlocked iPhone 4 in the United States. Those who want an iPhone
4 without a two-year service contract, or who travel internationally and want an Apple
smartphone that works with local carriers, can now pay $649 or $749, respectively, for
the 16GB and 32GB versions.

I have been selling in bulk apple iphone 4 16/32 gb:


5- 49 units this price:

Apple iphone 4 16 gb - 350 euro (MC603IP/L OR MC605IP/L)
Apple iphone 4 32 gb - 390 euro (MC603FB/L OR MC605FB/L)

Apple iPad2 Wi-Fi+3G 64GB 570EUR
Apple iPad2 Wi-Fi+3G 32GB 510EUR
Apple iPad2 Wi-Fi+3G 16GB 440EUR
Apple iPad2 Wi-Fi 64GB 470EUR
Apple iPad2 Wi-Fi 32GB 410EUR
Apple iPad2 Wi-Fi 16GB 370EUR

50 - 200 units this price:

Apple iphone 4 16 gb - 330 euro (MC603IP/L OR MC605IP/L)
Apple iphone 4 32 gb - 360 euro (MC603FB/L OR MC605FB/L)

Apple iPad2 Wi-Fi+3G 64GB 540EUR
Apple iPad2 Wi-Fi+3G 32GB 480EUR
Apple iPad2 Wi-Fi+3G 16GB 410EUR
Apple iPad2 Wi-Fi 64GB 440EUR
Apple iPad2 Wi-Fi 32GB 370EUR
Apple iPad2 Wi-Fi 16GB 340EUR



Here is an actual verified supplier

If you need a legitimate supplier contact the one below. I have been over all the posts on this site and I doubt you will find any real suppliers on here. Contact Pinnacle below and if you need more let me know. My goal in life is safe trading for all. Thank you for your time.

Apple Ipad 2 - 16gb Black Wifi-Only
Apple Ipad 2 - 16gb White Wifi- Only
Apple Ipad 2 - 32gb Black Wifi-Only
Apple Ipad 2 - 32gb White Wifi-Only
Apple Ipad 2 - 64gb Black Wifi- Only
Apple Ipad 2 - 16gb White At&t 3G
Apple Ipad 2 - 32gb Black At&t 3G
Apple Ipad 2 - 64gb Black At&t 3G
Apple Ipad 2 - 64gb White At&t 3G
Apple Ipad 2 - 32gb Black Verizon 3G
Apple Ipad 2 - 32gb White Verizon 3G
Apple Ipad 2 - 64gb White Verizon 3G
Blackberry 9650 Bold Sprint
Blackberry 9650 Bold Sprint - NO Camera
COB Blackberry 9650 Bold sprint
Samsung Seek Blue Sprint
Blackberry 9700 Tmobile
HTC HD2 T-mobile/ OEM
LG Optimus 2 - G2X Tmobile
Samsung Exhibit 4G Tmobile
Samsung Galaxy TAB Tmobile
Apple Iphone 32gb 4G Black Verizon
Apple Iphone 32gb 4G White Verizon
Blackberry 9650 Bold Verizon
Blackberry 9650 Bold Verizon - NO Camera
Blackberry 9550 Verizon
COB HTC Incredible Verizon
Motorola Droid X Verizon
COB Motorola Droid X Verizon
Motorola Droid X-2 Verizon
Motorola Droid 2 Verizon
Motorola Droid 2 Global Verizon
Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY 3G Verizon
Samsung Droid CHARGE Verizon
HP Pavilion DV7 Notebook PC
Sony Playstation 3 160GB Slim
Microsoft Xbox 360 Kinect 4GB
Microsft Xbox 360 Kinect 250gb No Kinect
Microsoft Xbox 360 Kinect 250 GB Blk

Pinnacle Worldwide Inc.
3873 Schaefer Ave Suite A
Chino, CA 91710
P: (909) 628-2200
F: (909) 628-2202

iPhone 4

There are no iPhone 4 32GB never locked non-US market phones for $550, or even $650. They do not exist. Prices for new never locked Apple iPhone 4 32GB Asia spec are about $745. So when that guy with the hotmail address says he can get you as many as you need at $550 you need to RUN AWAY and DELETE his email.

Thank you,
Glenn A. Kirk
Purchasing Manager
Missouri License LC1009862
Nixa, MO 65714 USA
Direct: +1.417.851.7834
Skype: midwestgsm
Email: gkirk@midwestgsm.com

Where the real Apple iPhone 4 wholesale suppliers are located

I have been reselling phones for 11 years and I have never met a legitimate supplier on a site like this one. Alibaba, AGRHood, ECPlaza, and blogs like this do not have real suppliers. Why? Real suppliers network at trade shows and via word of mouth between friends. If you have a registered business then you need to attend CES, CPAS, or CTIA in the US. I have never been scammed by a supplier that I met at a trade show. Basically because scammers do not have the $3000 or more to exhibit at a trade show! No matter where you live there is likely a cellular trade show in your country. Find out where the show is and wait to make your awesome iPhone purchase after the show. In the meantime STOP Googling for iPhones because you will NOT FIND THEM! The real suppliers already have their buyers and they do not advertise or even have the time to spend on sites like this one. If you need help locating a supplier who is genuine or any questions regarding this industry contact me. I deal in truth so you know the answers I give will be correct. Search my full name in quotes and you will find my details.

Thank you,
Glenn A. Kirk
Purchasing Manager
Missouri License LC1009862
Nixa, MO 65714 USA
Direct: +1.417.851.7834
Skype: midwestgsm
Email: gkirk@midwestgsm.com

Letter of credit

A letter of credit is talked about as a secure way of making payment for items. Many Apple offers that seem legitimate say they will accept a letter of credit as payment. But are these safe?

From the FBI website:
"Payment on a letter of credit generally requires that the paying bank receive documentation certifying that the goods ordered have been shipped and are en route to their intended destination."

From The Wholesale Forums:
Compared with West Union or T/T, L/C payment is much safer. But, there is no 100% secure payment. Consult with your local bank; you will be surprised to learn some professional scammers use L/C ripped people off. It is rare though.

Notice they said nothing about if you received what you ordered or that the goods were inspected prior to releasing payment.

A letter of credit or LC is an obligation taken on by a bank to ensure payment if certain criteria are met during the sale. Once these criteria are met the bank releases the funds to the seller. First the buyer chooses the issuing bank that will issue the LC. You usually have to purchase the letter of credit and then send it to the seller before the end of the transaction. The beneficiary of a letter of credit does not have to be the actual seller and it can be another person or group like a broker. So be careful who the LC is payable to. Does your LC pay the actual supplier or someone else?

If you have a revocable LC the issuing bank can cancel or alter the LC at ANY TIME BEFORE PAYMENT. Even if the goods have been shipped to the buyer this LC can be changed.

An ILOC or irrevocable letter of credit is a letter of credit that CANNOT BE CANCELLED. It guarantees that a payment from the buyer to the seller WILL BE RECEIVED at a particular time for a specified amount. This ILOC cannot be changed WITHOUT THE CONSENT OF THE SELLER or all parties involved if more than one beneficiary. It is similar to sending someone money via wire.

A LC payable at sight means that payment will be made to the seller once they present the correct documents to the bank. They will have their money regardless of what you receive.

It is to your benefit to at least have these points mentioned in your LC:
1. Delivery date of goods.
2. Product specifications.
3. When the bank will receive specific documents.
4. Anything else the buyer can think of that will ease the transaction.
Agree on these with your seller BEFORE YOU OPEN A LC.

What risks do you have as a buyer when using a LC?
1. Bank errors.
2. Not receiving goods.
3. Not receiving entire number of goods.
4. Damaged goods possibly caused by shipping company.
5. Poor quality goods.

The only guaranty in this industry is to ACTUALLY KNOW WHO YOU ARE DEALING WITH. If you have never met them and you plan on doing $50,000 (or more) worth of business with them then you may be in for a bad surprise. I have attached a document for download on specific ways sellers will steal from you via a letter of credit.

Thank you,
Glenn A. Kirk
Purchasing Manager
Missouri License LC1009862
Nixa, MO 65714 USA
Direct: +1.417.851.7834
Skype: midwestgsm
Email: gkirk@midwestgsm.com

The newest iPhone 4S for

The newest iPhone 4S for sale $900 16 GB MOQ 50 units

L/C available contact gigahandy@aol.com

wholesale prices

We are wholesaler of consumer electronics from UA. Want to start business of wholasales of Iphone 4S in Ukraine. Pls, send me 1000pcs and 100pcs quatations for Iphone 4S (sim free, non locked, correct work in GSM europe).
We are looking for powerfull wholesaler supplier with best price and after sale service!
Also we are interested in Ipad2 and MacBook.

Dmitriy, evibox@ukr.net

iphones 4 for sale ?


I wana buy original iphones 4 32gb ? If anyone in the UK can supply i can pay on collection .

Business must be honest . Apple iphone and ipad

when i come this webiste , i now just know it so many scamers in the forigen . But when our company come to here , everything weill be chagnge , Iphone, ipad, Apple products ,etc, welcome contact with us . When i view this website , i just know so many scamers in the forigen country ,business must be honest ,can't western people know it?? oh, my god. want to do the honest business , pls leave ur email messages , i will contact with u .


Hello, we are looking for reliable supplier of Apple products in Europe.

Interested in Iphone 4 16Gb and 32Gb
Iphone 4S 16Gb and 32Gb

We are searching for long business relationship and going to buy 300-500 pcs/week.
Send your offers to us with follow:
1. Name of the company
2. Contact number and address
3. Price

We accept only Bank Wire, Fly and Buy, Internetgirot, Credit card payment on the place.
Before the first buy we want meet you and go through all terms and conditions.
We are VAT registered and searching for seriously supplier of original apple product.

If you are interested contact:


want to buy 10 iphones 4g and 4s

My name is Kumar.I am from South Australia.
I am interested to buy Iphone 4 16GB, 32 GB
And Iphone 4S if there is possibilty. Please get back to me with best prices and minimum order quantity .Also the phone you supply are they all
factory unlocked and branded by apple or Chinese .if there is any warranty let me know.
call +61433274028

Iphone Bulk 4S and 4

Im selling Bulk Iphone 4S and 4. I can also sell them 1 by 1. if you want a sample or one to test, I can send one but its NOT FREE.

Iphone 4S White/Black-$650
Iphone 4 (WHITE COLOR IS LIMITED) - $400

only serious people please, no scammers or tests or anything. I get Iphones in every week, im not looking to waste my time.


Realtalk467 @ yahoo . com


Bulk Iphone 4S

Contact me Realtalk467 @ yahoo.com for bulk Iphone 4s and 4.

Iphone 4S - $650
Iphone 4 - $400

ONLY serious people with cash ready contact me

Apple iPhone Supplier - USA Seller

Please contact me at the e-mail address below, we have Factory Unlocked Genuine Apple iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and iPad 2 for sale.
I only deal with company, if you are individuel please dont contact me.
please provide your company info when you contact me.
there are way too many scammer out there.
Thank you.

i want to buy an i phone 4 or 3GS

Please if you have some information about I-phone 4 or 3GS contact me?
I am an italian acquirent but i think that this I-phone can't be used from italy. There are Problem about?

Please contact if you sell an i-phone because i am interested to buy it.

Many thanks

Andrea Barbetta



who makes most of the apps for the iphone ?
and will there be a iphone 5 and 6?

Iphone in Russia


I am interested in wholesale supply of apple in Russia. do dropshipping in Russia. I have many clients who want to buy iPhones and other products in apple. Several times already caught by fraudsters, but managed to stop in time before they paid off the money. I will work only on paypal and escrow. If there are firms that are willing to send my clients to consider COD any price.


suppliers of phone cases

Hello . . .
we are from Fremont, California, United States and make all kinds of professional and individual Pre-Ink and Self Inking Rubber stamps including Notary, signature and custom text stamps. we also sell different varities of cases for all phones.
please do let me know if you have any such requirements.
Thanks . . .