Hackers in $2.7 million stock scam, SEC alleges

Updated April 27: Hackers made $2.7 million in one month by reading corporate press releases before they were published, US financial officials have charged. A single trade in stock of the security software vendor, Symantec, made more than $1 million in less than 12 hours, according to US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) documents.

Lawsuit over Wikipedia defamation

A Miami law firm faces a lawsuit after its internet connection was apparently used to make libelous comments on Wikipedia. Lawyers filed the suit on behalf of professional golfer Fuzzy Zoeller in a Miami court last week, the Miami Herald reports

Apple and Cisco to share 'iPhone'

Cisco and Apple have settled their dispute over the iPhone trademark, the two companies have announced in a press release. Both companies will use the name for their products. Other terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Google's MS Office challenge

Google is about to launch a new office package, Google Apps. It combines existing Google services that provide e-mail, instant messaging, calendars,  web design, word processing, and spreadsheets.

The writing and spreadsheet applications read and edit documents created with Microsoft Word and Excel, key planks in Microsoft's $11 billion-a-year Office suite. The subscription based service for businesses is expected to cost $50 per year for each user. More at NYT

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